Medaille "Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42" (Ostmedaille)

The Eastern Winter 1941/1942 Campaign Medal (Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/1942 medaille/East Front Medal) is instituted on 26-05-1942, to reward those who had taken part in the first winter campaign in Russia between 15-11-1941 and 15-04-1942. This medal is designed by SS-Unterscharfführer Ernst Kraus and could be awarded to military personal as well as to civilians who were working for the Army, as long as they qualified for one the criteria. Because of this the Eastern Winter 1941/1942 Campaign Medal is one of the most awarded German awards. By the order of the OKW (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht) the awarding of this medal ceased on 04-09-1944.

The Eastern Winter 1941/1942 Campaign Medal is made from bunt metal or out of zinc. The medal has a round shape with a diameter of 36mm. The obverse is slightly concave and the reverse convex. At the outer edge of the medal, is a 1,5mm width flat rim, with at the inside a 1mm high lip. At the top of the medal is a stick grenade horizontally placed, with on top of that a steel German Wehrmacht helm. On the top of the helm is a small eyelet placed to accommodate the ring for the ribbon. The height measures from the top of the eyelet to the bottom of the medal 44,5mm. The image on the obverse shows a typical Wehrmacht eagle with folded wings, that in clutching a swastika in its claws. Behind the swastika is a branch of laurel leaves placed. This branch is placed diagonally and only half visible. The image on the reverse exists of the text: WINTERSCHLACHT IM OSTEN 1941/1942 with underneath another branch of laurel leaves, which is crossed by a broad sword. The medal has a gunmetal colour with the outer rim and helm being bright silver. The medal is suspended by a broad red ribbon, with in the centre a black stripe, which is flanked by two smaller white one’s. Its foundation decree stated that the red represented the bloodshed, the white stood for snow and the black for those who had fallen. Some know manufacturers are: (3) Wilhelm Deumer from Lüdenscheid, (4) Steinahuser & Lück from Lüdenscheid, (5) Hermann Wernstein from Jena-Löbstadt, (6) Fritz Zimmermann from Stuttgart, (7) Paul Meybauer from Berlin, (10) Foerster & Barth from Pforzheim, (11) Grossmann & Co from Vienna, (13) Gustav Brehmer from Markneukirchen, (15) Friedrich Orth from Vienna, (19) E. Ferdinand Wiedmann from Frankfurt, (20) C.F. Zimmermann from Pforzheim, (25) Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Hanauer Silberschmiede, (30) Hauptmünzamt from Vienna, (39) Rudolf Berge from Gablonz, (55) J.E. Hammer & Söhne from Geringswalde, (60) Katz & Deyhle from Pforzheim, (65) Klein & Quenzer from Idar-Oberstein, (73) Franz Möhnert from Gablonz, (76) Ernst Müller from Pforzheim, (80) G.H. Osang from Dresden, (88) Werner Redo from Saarlautern, (92) Josef Rückert & Sohn from Gablonz,
(93) Richard Simm & Söhne from Gablonz, (100) Rudolf Wächtler & Lange from Mittweida, (107) Carl Wild from Hamburg, (110) Otto Zappe from Gablonz,
(127) Moritz Hausch from Pforzheim, (L/55) Rudolf Wächtler & Lange from Mittweida and (L/57) B. Boerger & Co from Berlin. The most of these medal are not marked, those who are have the maker mark stamped in the ring of the ribbon.

The Eastern Winter 1941/1942 Campaign Medal was awarded in a blue, red or buff coloured paper bag, with the name of the award printed on it. It was awarded with a standard award document and conferment of the award was entered in the Soldbuch.

On official occasions or military parades the medal was worn suspended from its ribbon or as part of a group. During active duty only the ribbon was worn through the second buttonhole or as part of a ribbon bar. When it was worn through the buttonhole, it was put behind the ribbon of the Iron Cross 2 (Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse) or The War Merit Cross second class (Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse) but among combat troops it is often seen after the last because of the higher prestige of the Eastern Winter 1941/1942 Campaign Medal.

The criteria for receiving this award were:

That the recipient had been engaged in combat for at least 2 weeks.
That the recipient spent at least 60 days in the operation area.
That the recipient inflicted a wound during combat.
When the recipient suffered serious frostbite for which the Wounded Badge 1939 in Black (Verwundetenabzeichen 1939 in Schwarz) was awarded. Because of this the Eastern Winter 1941/1942 Campaign Medal was also know as the “Frozen Meat Order.” (Gefreierfleischorden)

For Luftwaffe personal was the criteria, that they had flown at least 30 days above enemy territory.

Abel, Adolf Wilhelm* October 18th, 1914
† August 26th, 1944

Abel, Alfred* December 31st, 1920
† January 2nd, 1943
Plot: 10 Row: 12 Grave: 1058

Abel, Josef* January 3rd, 1914
† December 1st, 1984

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Baade, Ernst-Günther20-08-189708-05-1945more 
Baar, Rudolf14-07-1912 more 
Baas, Ivan Hugo18-10-191500-00-1943 
Bach, Albert29-11-191022-07-2003more 
Bachelin, Helmuth21-06-190021-08-1975more 
Bachler, Hans 09-03-1945more 
Bachmann, Friedrich "Fritz"08-02-192227-12-2003more 
Bachmeier, Johann00-00-191405-11-1942 
Back, Hans-Ulrich26-08-189614-02-1976more 
Badenhop, Karl01-08-1898  
Bader, Friedrich Wilhelm "Fritz"21-06-190816-05-1997more 
Bader, Hans01-07-191708-08-1944more 
Badinski, Kurt17-05-189027-02-1966more 
Badstübner, Hans-Heinz06-06-191412-02-2006 
Baer, Karl08-10-189413-01-1944more 
Baeßler, Johannes "Hans"03-05-189208-11-1944more 
Bahr, Artur14-11-192027-11-1944more 
Baier, Albrecht28-07-189317-01-1953more 
Baier, Karl04-04-191623-11-1970more 
Bakke, Jørgen   
Bakken, Knut Trygve09-06-1924  
Bakker, Joseph R. P. 00-00-1944 
Baldauf, Horst24-05-192010-06-1944more 
Balla, Erich15-03-188511-08-1943more 
Ballegooij, van, Wilhelmus Johannes01-07-191900-00-1944 
Baller, Carl-Philipp22-08-1916 more 
Balzert, Jakob00-00-1918  
Banaski, Helmut08-06-192115-01-2011more 
Bandl, Hugo  more 
Bar, Otto07-04-191624-06-1942more 
Barde, Konrad13-11-189704-05-1945more 
Barnreiter, Ferdinand14-05-1921  
Bartels, Hans-Werner28-01-191002-12-1991more 
Barten, Ernst27-05-1913  
Barth, Joachim (Panzerjäger-Abteilung 13)20-04-191301-02-2002more 
Barth, Ludwig04-02-190725-11-1942more 
Barth, Otto18-06-189103-05-1963more 
Barthle, Hans05-02-191427-04-1987more 
Bartholdt, Hanns   
Barths, Karl-Ludwig13-05-192018-09-2018 
Bartl, Leopold31-03-190204-04-1980 
Bartsch, Günter22-04-192006-03-1990 
Basse, von, Hans-Dieter16-06-191616-04-1945more 
Bassewitz-Behr, von, Graf Georg-Henning21-03-190031-01-1949more 
Bassewitz-Levtzow, Graf von, Werner07-06-189420-08-1964 
Baudler, Kurt16-12-191204-12-2010 
Bauer Dr. jur., Heinz14-04-191402-11-1944 
Bauer, Hans12-03-191930-03-1983 
Bauer, Ludwig (Grenadier-Regiment 117)24-07-191226-10-1944more 
Bauer, Ludwig (WH-Panzer)16-02-1923 more 
Bauer, Oskar13-03-190020-01-1975more 
Bauer, Peter29-11-1915 more 
Bauer, Robert27-03-190718-04-1996more 
Bauer, Viktor19-09-191513-12-1969more 
Bauer, von, Georg-Alexander22-08-1918  
Bauernfeind, Hans18-01-1915 more 
Baum, Adolf28-10-191604-12-1942 
Baum, Otto15-11-191118-06-1998more 
Baumann, Kurt18-10-1913  
Baumgartner, Max02-07-191620-12-1944 
Baunach, Gregor12-01-191101-05-1945more 
Baur, Eugen21-07-189410-05-1981more 
Baurmeister, Hans-Joachim28-10-189812-02-1950more 
Bausch, Richard10-08-191022-03-1974more 
Baxmann, Ernst-August   
Bayer, Anton30-05-191407-07-1996more 
Bayer, Franz03-02-192028-04-2014more 
Bayer, Heinz08-08-189912-08-1986 
Bayer, Rudolf10-03-191714-07-1944more 
Beaulieu-Marconnay, Freiherr von, Sigurt-Horstmar31-12-190008-10-1953 
Becher, Karl15-09-191610-05-2007 
Beck, Johann18-03-1907  
Beck, Karl (WH-Grenadier/GR280)20-09-191117-01-1945more 
Beck-Broichsitter, Helmut30-08-191425-09-2000more 
Becker, Anton30-05-191513-08-1995more 
Becker, Emil22-03-191517-11-1975more 
Becker, Felix08-11-189329-12-1979 
Becker, Fritz (370. Infanterie-Division)07-03-189211-06-1967more 
Becker, Hanns19-04-190416-08-1965 
Becker, Hans (Infanterie-Regiment 116)30-05-191415-01-2004 
Becker, Heinrich (Grenadier-Regiment 529)24-02-191617-03-1986 
Becker, Heinrich (Panzer-Regiment 31)23-01-191417-02-1960more 
Becker, Hellmut27-11-1917 more 
Becker, Helmuth (SS-Totenkopf-Division)12-08-190228-02-1953more 
Becker, Paul21-03-191829-11-1992more 
Becker, Werner   
Beckmann, Ivo Georg Josef13-01-192231-12-1943 
Beckmann, Josef (Füsilier-Regiment 39)04-05-192006-12-2001more 
Beckmann, Julius09-05-191028-08-1944more 
Behnke, Gerhard23-12-191009-05-1962more 
Behnke, Heinz01-10-191917-02-2002more 
Behnken, Hans28-04-191005-10-1944more 
Behrend, Otto   
Behrens, Heinz (SS-Schützen-Bataillon 6)04-02-192107-01-1945 
Behschnitt, Walter13-08-188522-10-1970 
Bellec, jean   
Bellinger, Hans-Joachim05-06-191712-02-1996 
Below, Erwin  more 
Belz, Bruno05-06-191608-02-1991more 
Benack, Gerhard23-06-191509-12-1994more 
Bender, Hugo29-03-1894  
Benicke, Fritz11-08-189414-03-1975more 
Benoit, Wilhelm26-06-1901  
Bense, Heinrich05-11-1910 more 
Bentin, Kurt23-03-191401-04-1992more 
Benz, Heinz15-03-1917  
Benzin, Otto23-11-191029-06-1944more 
Berberschlager, Josef 10-07-1944 
Berding, Franz24-06-1913 more 
Berendsen, Friedrich15-03-1904  
Berendsen, Hendrik Fredrik16-04-190900-00-1944 
Berg, Anton28-10-190717-01-1984more 
Berg, Martin04-04-190502-04-1969more 
Bergen, Hans05-03-189017-02-1957more 
Bergengruen, Hellmut20-06-1908  
Berger, Franz (Infanterie-Regiment 130)06-08-191629-12-1942 
Berger, Herbert24-11-191216-12-2000more 
Berger, Robert20-02-191410-06-1982more 
Bergerhoff, Günther12-12-191206-05-1991more 
Berghofer, Leonhard05-11-1911 more 
Bergler, Ritter von, Eduard15-02-192017-08-1943more 
Bering, Rolf20-06-191202-08-1993more 
Berkenbusch, Wilhelm26-06-191823-10-2002more 
Bernau, Hans-Günter30-03-191716-09-1996more 
Bernauer, Sebastian01-11-1914 more 
Bernd, Karl21-06-191411-09-1944more 
Berner, Erhard12-09-189425-07-1960more 
Berngeher, Mathäus13-11-191908-03-1944 
Bernhard, Alfred29-03-191903-05-1987more 
Bernhard, Hans22-01-191823-06-1972 
Bernhardt, Heinrich02-06-191928-03-1998 
Bernuth, von, Hans-Otto29-12-189724-08-1944more 
Bertele, Josef31-10-1914 more 
Bertens, Gerard24-01-192400-00-1944 
Bertram, Karl-Eric20-10-190326-03-1945more 
Bertram, Ludwig08-01-191730-06-2006more 
Beschnidt, Werner29-07-191810-12-1994 
Besslein, Georg-Robert14-12-191127-04-1993more 
Betka, Erich   
Beutelspacher, Ernst21-07-192022-07-1944more 
Beutner, Manfred23-05-191408-11-2002more 
Beuttel, Wilhelm Julius22-07-190125-03-1945more 
Bidermann, Gottlob-Herbert00-00-1920 more 
Biedermann, Hans-Georg14-03-1915 more 
Biegon, Horst31-05-1918 more 
Bieler, Bruno18-06-188822-03-1966more 
Billau, Friedrich07-11-1920 more 
Bischoff, Bernard10-04-192400-00-1944 
Bischoff, Walter10-07-1914 more 
Blancbois, Gustav-Adolf13-09-191715-01-1993more 
Blaurock, Edmund12-10-189925-01-1966 
Bleckwenn, Wilhelm21-10-190610-05-1989more 
Bleher, Georg04-02-191925-02-2013more 
Bleischwitz, Max06-02-1915 more 
Block, Johannes17-11-189426-01-1945 
Blumenroth, Willi19-07-191917-06-1942 
Blumentritt, Günther10-02-189212-10-1967more 
Blümke, Friedrich18-02-189814-09-1944 
Blümm, Oskar26-06-188412-12-1951more 
Bochmann, Georg18-09-191308-06-1973more 
Bock, Wilhelm09-03-191713-07-1943more 
Bode, Helmuth15-10-190713-04-1985 
Bodendörfer, Kurt31-03-191407-12-1991more 
Boeckh-Behrens, Hans27-11-189813-02-1955more 
Boehringer, Gustav07-07-189220-02-1945more 
Boer, de, Johannes "Johann"05-09-189714-03-1986 
Boeselager, Freiherr von, Georg25-08-191527-08-1944more 
Boeselager, Freiherr von, Philipp06-09-191701-05-2008more 
Bohlen and Halbach, von, Berthold Ernst August12-11-191300-00-1987 
Bohlen and Halbach, von, Harald Georg Wilhelm30-05-191606-11-1983 
Bohlken, Erwin09-07-191906-11-1954more 
Bohlmann-Combrinck, Theodor18-11-189118-11-1956 
Bohnstedt, Wilhelm05-10-188811-08-1947 
Bois, du, Hans-Horst  more 
Boje, Johannes23-06-190126-06-1944more 
Bol, Evert10-04-192400-00-1944 
Bollack, Berthold16-01-1915  
Bollmann, Ewald  more 
Bondzio, Erich13-02-1916  
Bonner, Richard   
Boosfeld, Joachim01-06-192219-06-2015more 
Bordellé, Walter09-07-191822-01-1984more 
Bormann, Ernst05-11-189701-08-1960more 
Born, Klaus  more 
Bornheim, Johannes "Hanns"04-09-191516-01-1944more 
Borowietz, Willibald17-09-189301-07-1945more 
Bose, Georg20-10-192126-09-2011more 
Bose, von, Jobst-Hilmar21-09-189726-03-1949more 
Bostell, von, Wolfgang Hans Heiner Paul25-02-191710-05-1991more 
Both, Paul03-03-191112-08-1944 
Both, von, Kuno-Hans09-04-188422-05-1955more 
Botsch, Walter27-02-189707-01-1969more 
Bottler, Alfred07-04-191701-06-1996more 
Bourg, René00-00-1925  
Boxberg, von, Albrecht04-05-191312-09-1985more 
Braake, Günter10-04-192121-05-2016more 
Bracher, Dr., Hermann28-09-189529-10-1974more 
Brakat, Otto15-01-191631-01-1978more 
Braken, Konrad11-10-191030-08-1943 
Braml, Johann16-12-192106-08-1943 
Brandenberger, Erich15-07-189221-06-1955more 
Brandl, Ali 12-01-1944 
Brandl, Georg00-00-191307-11-1944 
Brandl, Georg (WH-Sturmgeschütz) 07-11-1944 
Brandner, Josef Wilhelm "Sepp"01-09-191506-06-1996more 
Brassert, Karl02-03-189912-02-1976more 
Brauer, Johannes-Oskar11-03-189515-11-1980 
Brax, Alfons  more 
Breese, Werner06-04-191317-02-1995more 
Bregenzer, Josef30-06-190916-07-1944more 
Brehmer, Rudolf05-01-188703-11-1967more 
Breith, Hermann07-05-189203-09-1964more 
Breitner, Klaus  more 
Bremer, Gerhard "Gerd"25-07-191729-10-1989more 
Brennecke, Kurt16-12-189130-12-1982more 
Bretschneider, Heinz26-03-191316-03-1971more 
Briel, Wilhelm06-01-189518-08-1988more 
Brill, Herman Helmut20-04-1910  
Brock, Kurt04-06-191919-01-1945more 
Brodmann, Johannes09-03-192127-03-2008more 
Brosow, Siegfried10-12-191818-11-2008more 
Bruck, Viktor  more 
Bruckbauer, Alois 24-03-1944 
Bruhn, Hans31-12-191004-04-1952more 
Bruhn, Johannes10-07-189820-11-1955 
Bruins, Derk Elsko20-03-192305-02-1986 
Brunbauer, Rudolf 06-08-1944 
Brune, Josef  more 
Brunk, Edgar22-05-192131-08-2007more 
Brunn, Walter 23-08-1944 
Brunner, Josef06-06-1920 more 
Bruns, Diedrich17-03-189729-10-1988more 
Bruns, Rolf   
Brübach, Ernst  more 
Brück, Heinz07-07-1918  
Brücker, Otto-Hermann17-10-189912-12-1964more 
Brühl, Ferdinand09-11-189609-04-1968more 
Bründel, Carl26-12-188812-09-1957more 
Brüning, Joseph18-10-189303-02-1969 
Brüning, Walter02-04-191501-03-1971more 
Brzoska, Kurt11-01-1914  
Bräundle-Schmidt, Kai19-06-191714-08-1991more 
Bröxges, Johannes19-12-1914  
Bubendey, Hermann05-12-191428-01-2005more 
Buchbach, Alfred24-10-1920  
Buchberger, Michael10-04-190310-05-1943 
Buchheim, Rudolf Kurt02-06-191221-02-1944more 
Buchner, Hermann30-10-191901-12-2005more 
Buchner, Hermann (Waffen-SS)16-01-191717-11-1944more 
Buck, Albert23-01-189506-09-1942more 
Buck, Friedrich30-01-192225-09-2015more 
Buckel, Karl12-06-192002-09-1997more 
Buddenbrock, Freiherr von , Hans-Jobst12-06-189530-08-1957 
Buhmann, Herbert   
Buik, Simon00-00-191700-00-1943 
Bullinger, Herbert17-07-191830-01-2004more 
Bumen, Robert12-10-191825-07-1944 
Bundt, Walter   
Bunk, Hans31-08-1918  
Burchard, Heinrich Johann26-10-1912 more 
Burdach, Karl28-07-189130-12-1976more 
Burgholte, August25-09-191414-07-1982more 
Burkhardt, Karl07-06-191213-03-1945more 
Bursche, Gustav-Adolf27-09-191804-07-2005more 
Busch, Ernst06-07-188517-07-1945more 
Busch, Hans Konrad05-03-191513-04-1998more 
Busch, Wilhelm (Pionier-Bataillon 30)16-03-1914 more 
Buschbeck, Kurt25-08-1912 more 
Buschek, Alexander04-10-1917  
Buschmann, Wilhelm11-03-1914 more 
Buss, Wilhelm06-12-191811-07-1991more 
Busse, Hans "Harry"   
Busse, Theodor15-12-188721-10-1986more 
Butkus, Zanis29-07-190615-05-1999more 
Büdeker, Herbert07-06-1918 more 
Bühler, Karl-Heinz07-08-191206-07-1984more 
Bülowius, Karl02-03-189027-03-1945more 
Bünau, von, Rudolf (WH-General der Infanterie)19-08-189014-01-1962more 
Bünning, Hans26-11-191219-11-1996more 
Bürcky, Heinz23-07-189504-08-1973more 
Bürker, Ulrich21-11-190320-10-1983 
Büsing, Otto22-08-189608-03-1944more 
Büssemeier, Josef26-10-1906  
Bütterich, Herbert22-01-192003-10-1997more 
Büttner, Alfred  more 
Bäke, Franz28-02-189812-12-1978more 
Bär, Martin Robert16-12-1918  
Bärenfänger, Erich12-01-191501-05-1945more 
Bärthlein, Hans13-10-191815-08-1944 
Bäuchl, Johann (Geb. Baichl)28-08-191803-05-1994more 
Bäuerle, Emil10-05-191716-03-2007more 
Bäumler, Gottfried31-07-192126-01-1945more 
Böckmann, von, Herbert24-07-188610-03-1974more 
Böhlke, Hellmuth07-02-189308-04-1956more 
Böhmke, Reinhold25-08-191112-11-2001more 
Bölter, Johannes29-02-191516-09-1987more 
Böttcher, Hans-Walther04-11-191606-06-1943