Medaille "Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42" (Ostmedaille)

The Eastern Winter 1941/1942 Campaign Medal (Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/1942 medaille/East Front Medal) is instituted on 26-05-1942, to reward those who had taken part in the first winter campaign in Russia between 15-11-1941 and 15-04-1942. This medal is designed by SS-Unterscharfführer Ernst Kraus and could be awarded to military personal as well as to civilians who were working for the Army, as long as they qualified for one the criteria. Because of this the Eastern Winter 1941/1942 Campaign Medal is one of the most awarded German awards. By the order of the OKW (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht) the awarding of this medal ceased on 04-09-1944.

The Eastern Winter 1941/1942 Campaign Medal is made from bunt metal or out of zinc. The medal has a round shape with a diameter of 36mm. The obverse is slightly concave and the reverse convex. At the outer edge of the medal, is a 1,5mm width flat rim, with at the inside a 1mm high lip. At the top of the medal is a stick grenade horizontally placed, with on top of that a steel German Wehrmacht helm. On the top of the helm is a small eyelet placed to accommodate the ring for the ribbon. The height measures from the top of the eyelet to the bottom of the medal 44,5mm. The image on the obverse shows a typical Wehrmacht eagle with folded wings, that in clutching a swastika in its claws. Behind the swastika is a branch of laurel leaves placed. This branch is placed diagonally and only half visible. The image on the reverse exists of the text: WINTERSCHLACHT IM OSTEN 1941/1942 with underneath another branch of laurel leaves, which is crossed by a broad sword. The medal has a gunmetal colour with the outer rim and helm being bright silver. The medal is suspended by a broad red ribbon, with in the centre a black stripe, which is flanked by two smaller white one’s. Its foundation decree stated that the red represented the bloodshed, the white stood for snow and the black for those who had fallen. Some know manufacturers are: (3) Wilhelm Deumer from Lüdenscheid, (4) Steinahuser & Lück from Lüdenscheid, (5) Hermann Wernstein from Jena-Löbstadt, (6) Fritz Zimmermann from Stuttgart, (7) Paul Meybauer from Berlin, (10) Foerster & Barth from Pforzheim, (11) Grossmann & Co from Vienna, (13) Gustav Brehmer from Markneukirchen, (15) Friedrich Orth from Vienna, (19) E. Ferdinand Wiedmann from Frankfurt, (20) C.F. Zimmermann from Pforzheim, (25) Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Hanauer Silberschmiede, (30) Hauptmünzamt from Vienna, (39) Rudolf Berge from Gablonz, (55) J.E. Hammer & Söhne from Geringswalde, (60) Katz & Deyhle from Pforzheim, (65) Klein & Quenzer from Idar-Oberstein, (73) Franz Möhnert from Gablonz, (76) Ernst Müller from Pforzheim, (80) G.H. Osang from Dresden, (88) Werner Redo from Saarlautern, (92) Josef Rückert & Sohn from Gablonz,
(93) Richard Simm & Söhne from Gablonz, (100) Rudolf Wächtler & Lange from Mittweida, (107) Carl Wild from Hamburg, (110) Otto Zappe from Gablonz,
(127) Moritz Hausch from Pforzheim, (L/55) Rudolf Wächtler & Lange from Mittweida and (L/57) B. Boerger & Co from Berlin. The most of these medal are not marked, those who are have the maker mark stamped in the ring of the ribbon.

The Eastern Winter 1941/1942 Campaign Medal was awarded in a blue, red or buff coloured paper bag, with the name of the award printed on it. It was awarded with a standard award document and conferment of the award was entered in the Soldbuch.

On official occasions or military parades the medal was worn suspended from its ribbon or as part of a group. During active duty only the ribbon was worn through the second buttonhole or as part of a ribbon bar. When it was worn through the buttonhole, it was put behind the ribbon of the Iron Cross 2 (Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse) or The War Merit Cross second class (Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse) but among combat troops it is often seen after the last because of the higher prestige of the Eastern Winter 1941/1942 Campaign Medal.

The criteria for receiving this award were:

That the recipient had been engaged in combat for at least 2 weeks.
That the recipient spent at least 60 days in the operation area.
That the recipient inflicted a wound during combat.
When the recipient suffered serious frostbite for which the Wounded Badge 1939 in Black (Verwundetenabzeichen 1939 in Schwarz) was awarded. Because of this the Eastern Winter 1941/1942 Campaign Medal was also know as the “Frozen Meat Order.” (Gefreierfleischorden)

For Luftwaffe personal was the criteria, that they had flown at least 30 days above enemy territory.

Abel, Adolf Wilhelm* October 18th, 1914
† August 26th, 1944

Abel, Alfred* December 31st, 1920
† January 2nd, 1943
Plot: 10 Row: 12 Grave: 1058

Abel, Josef* January 3rd, 1914
† December 1st, 1984

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Saalbach, Rudolf18-03-191100-05-1945more 
Sachs, Günther04-05-190315-07-1962more 
Sailer, Adalbert02-01-192023-07-1944 
Sailer, Hans14-02-1917 more 
Sailer, Johann23-12-192112-11-2005more 
Saldern-Wilsnack, von, Burghardt09-03-191606-10-2002more 
Salengre-Drabbe, de, Hans21-10-189425-08-1944more 
Saller, Konrad  more 
Salzer, Eduard26-09-192018-06-1944more 
Sammler, Franz  more 
Samwer, Ernst-Friedrich26-09-191714-10-2002more 
Sander, Joachim Martin Constantin07-08-189803-11-1944more 
Sander, Werner23-08-192216-12-1943 
Sandig, Rudolf  more 
Sann, Fritz29-07-191331-05-1972more 
Sartor, Bernhard28-02-191309-02-1975more 
Sassenberg, Willi10-06-1921  
Sauerbrei, Rudolf18-05-191922-07-2007more 
Sauter, Josef11-06-192209-03-1944more 
Saück, Helmut   
Sborowski, Richard24-05-191412-10-1943more 
Scappini, Hans28-04-191208-06-1944more 
Schaab, Karl  more 
Schaal, Ferdinand  more 
Schaal, Kurt29-02-1892 more 
Schacht, Gerhard "Eule"06-04-191607-02-1972 
Schack, Friedrich August27-03-189224-07-1968more 
Schack, Günther12-11-191714-06-2003more 
Schacke, Hans26-12-1894 more 
Schaewen, von, Erich28-12-188803-03-1947 
Schafmayr, Hermann02-04-1915  
Schalburg, von, Christian Frederik15-04-190602-06-1942 
Scharlow, Dr., Ulrich29-03-1898 more 
Schartner, Peter05-06-191319-08-1943 
Schatz, Jürgen   
Scheibert, Horst29-09-191808-03-2010more 
Scheibler, Josef07-10-191915-09-1944more 
Schellhorn, Burkhard   
Schendel, Dieter07-09-1915 more 
Schenk, Hans20-09-191615-05-1944 
Scherf, Walter21-02-191707-04-2003more 
Schibau, Hans-Joachim17-11-191522-07-1985more 
Schieber, Wolfgang06-05-1918 more 
Schiel, Hans-Dietrich18-04-1915 more 
Schierloh, Wilhelm   
Schiffczyk, Emil01-09-1918 more 
Schimmelmann von Lindenburg, Graf, Theodor03-03-189619-11-1970more 
Schimpf, Richard16-05-189730-12-1972more 
Schirloh, Wilhelm   
Schirmer, Gerhart09-01-191305-09-2004more 
Schirmer, Heinz   
Schlechta, Raimund10-01-1917  
Schlee, Rudolf10-11-191319-06-1979more 
Schlegtendal, Friedrich-Wilhelm09-02-1917  
Schlenker, Rudolf18-06-1915 more 
Schlick, Franz   
Schlittenbauer, Hans07-01-191431-08-1944more 
Schlotter, Hans25-08-1921  
Schmahl, Adolf06-01-191614-03-2004more 
Schmalz, Wilhelm01-03-190114-03-1983more 
Schmeermann, Heinrich02-02-1914 more 
Schmid, Bruno02-06-1909 more 
Schmid, Karl14-01-1920 more 
Schmidbauer, Lorenz21-12-1913 more 
Schmidhuber, August08-05-190119-02-1947more 
Schmidhuber, Gerhard09-04-189411-02-1945more 
Schmidt, Alfred   
Schmidt, Friedrich (WH-Infanterie)25-02-1914 more 
Schmidt, Gerhard (Grenadier-Regiment 422)22-04-1918 more 
Schmidt, Hans (IX. Armeekorps)28-04-188705-06-1948more 
Schmidt, Heinz (WL-Jagdgeschwader 52)20-04-192005-09-1943more 
Schmidt, Helmut (Schützen-Regiment 112)11-01-1917  
Schmidt, Hermann (WH-Gren.Rgt. 88)01-05-1898  
Schmidt, Hugo  more 
Schmidt, Otto10-06-189529-06-1965more 
Schmidt, Wilhelm (Panzerjäger-Abteilung 22)   
Schmidt-Ott, Gustav-Albrecht20-06-189626-08-1944more 
Schmied, Josef16-02-191312-12-1972more 
Schmiterlöw, von, Bertram  more 
Schmittka, Alfred22-12-191200-00-1996more 
Schmitz, Franz12-10-191811-06-1985 
Schmitz, Gustav  more 
Schmitz, Johannes22-02-191923-06-1944 
Schmitz, Nikolaus00-00-189500-00-1979more 
Schmitz, Wilhelm (Korps-Nachrichten-Abteilung 48)08-08-190618-03-1988more 
Schnappauf, Georg28-09-1906 more 
Schneider, Erich (14. Infanterie-Division)12-08-189403-08-1980more 
Schneider, Hans (WH-Gren.Rgt. 253)25-09-1916 more 
Schneider, Josef (WH-Inf.Rgt. 521)07-08-191227-01-2004more 
Schnepf, Friedrich10-11-190614-07-1944more 
Schnez, Albert30-08-191126-04-2007 
Schoen, Helmut13-01-191718-08-2006more 
Schoepffer, Eberhard20-07-188405-08-1975more 
Schoepffer, Hilmar06-03-1921 more 
Scholz, von, Friedrich "Fritz" Max Karl09-12-189628-07-1944more 
Schorge, Heinrich19-06-1915 more 
Schrack, Johann   
Schrank, Jakob00-00-192019-12-1943 
Schreiber, Helmut (SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 3)25-03-191706-12-2008more 
Schrems, Leopold04-10-192208-07-2008more 
Schröder, Gerhard11-09-191031-12-1989 
Schröder, Helmut (WH-Gren.Rgt. 222)08-05-1914 more 
Schröter, Erich25-06-190426-05-1942more 
Schröter, Ulrich  more 
Schubach, Joachim17-09-1910 more 
Schuckmann, von, Eberhard02-07-189927-04-1966more 
Schultes, Ernst Otto06-08-190601-08-1979more 
Schulz, Karl Friedrich "Fritz" Wilhelm15-10-189730-11-1976more 
Schulz, Karl Heinz14-03-191416-01-1993more 
Schulz, Kurt (Jäger-Regiment 75)01-06-190912-04-1944 
Schulz, Wolfgang01-11-1918 more 
Schulze, Günter10-09-1918 more 
Schulze, Paul Joseph06-01-191328-07-1980more 
Schulze, Werner15-01-189503-11-1966more 
Schulzer, Johann31-05-1918 more 
Schuster, Hinrich25-06-191609-07-1944 
Schuurmans, Gerardus Adrianus Cornelis22-06-192300-00-1942 
Schwabenberger, Josef06-03-192030-03-1944more 
Schwanzer, Anton21-05-1913 more 
Schwappacher, Oskar23-08-191402-05-1945 
Schwarzenbacher, Peter10-07-191708-04-1945 
Schwarzenegger, Gustav17-08-190713-12-1972 
Schwarzmeier, Johann   
Schweiger, Herbert22-02-192404-07-2011more 
Schweim, Heinz-Herbert15-08-191520-08-1996more 
Schwendler, Walter   
Schweppenburg, Freiherr Geyr von, Leo02-03-188627-01-1974more 
Schwerin, Graf von, Gerhard Helmuth Detloff "Gerd"23-06-189929-10-1980more 
Schwing, Hellmuth23-05-190821-04-1992more 
Schwoy, Walter18-09-191706-06-1986more 
Schüle, Harald29-03-1911 more 
Schüler, Heinrich17-12-190312-01-1945more 
Schyma, Horst03-08-1918 more 
Schümers, Karl17-10-190518-08-1944more 
Schünemann, Otto06-10-189129-06-1944more 
Schüßler, Ferdinand "Rudi"28-08-192025-12-1942 
Schäfer, Hans (Jäger-Regiment 228)14-04-1916  
Schäfer, Kurt19-08-191315-05-1995more 
Schäfer, Max17-01-190706-05-1987more 
Schäffer, Hans24-07-1897 more 
Schönberger, Georg21-02-191120-11-1943more 
Schönbrunner, Egbert26-05-1910  
Schönfeld, Erich  more 
Schönfelder, Werner   
Schönherr, Herbert  more 
Schönwald, Wolfram04-09-191912-11-1999more 
Sebode, Erwin17-09-1909  
Seeberg, Ernst28-11-191510-12-2011 
Seeger, Willy (Generalleutnant)28-09-189027-07-1978more 
Seegerer, Georg12-09-192115-07-2002more 
Seekirchner, Dr., Albert15-05-189230-03-1945more 
Seibelis, Georgs13-02-191310-12-1970more 
Seibold, Emil26-02-190711-09-1990more 
Seidel, Wilhelm03-09-191219-04-1992more 
Seidl, Josef20-04-191701-03-1943 
Seierl, Franz29-09-191729-12-1943more 
Seitz, Rudolf "Rudi"11-10-191914-11-1994more 
Seizinger, Friedrich   
Sekund, Alfred10-08-191922-04-2013 
Selk, Rudolf   
Selle, Herbert30-05-189508-03-1988more 
Selmayr, Alois27-01-1915  
Serf, Richard02-12-1916  
Sermond, Adolf01-03-1915 more 
Sextl, Anton26-07-190428-08-1944 
Seyfert, Erich Fritz24-00-1914  
Seyffardt, Paul04-03-189420-09-1979more 
Seyss-Inquart, Arthur22-07-189216-10-1946 
Siebert, Alfred (Infanterie)30-03-1903  
Siebert, Alfred (Kampfgeschwader 1)  more 
Siebert, Heinz   
Siegel, Günther02-02-1915  
Siegel, Hans25-07-191818-04-2002 
Siehl, Friedrich-Wilhelm17-10-1896  
Siehring, Heinz   
Siemann, Max03-10-1893 more 
Sierakowski, Wendt30-10-1912  
Sievers, Franz25-02-1915 more 
Sievers, Josef13-06-192027-11-1942 
Sievers, Karl14-12-1914 more 
Sievers, Walther15-06-190212-07-1982more 
Sigmund, Hans (SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 9)11-08-1921 more 
Silberleitner, Karl23-02-191220-10-1944more 
Simm, Alfred12-07-191019-11-1973more 
Simon, Max06-01-189901-02-1961more 
Singer, Gerhard19-06-1914 more 
Sittel, Ernst  more 
Skalka, Dr. med., Egon29-10-191516-11-2005more 
Skibski, Rudi Lothar24-09-191715-07-1944more 
Skorzeny, Otto12-06-190805-07-1975more 
Skowasch, Ewald11-04-1920  
Spatzier, Horst09-06-1916 more 
Sperling, Max04-09-190506-06-1984more 
Speth, Hans-Ludwig07-10-189730-04-1985more 
Spiethoff, Armin29-10-1892 more 
Spindler, Ludwig15-11-191027-12-1944more 
Spohrer, Adolf "Bubi"28-08-191902-02-1997more 
Sporck, Caspar10-08-192208-04-1945 
Spranz, Bodo01-01-192001-09-2007more 
Spronsen, van, Hans09-10-192300-00-1944 
Spruner von Mertz, Viktor 15-09-1943 
Stadler, Anton (Flak-Regiment 4)   
Stadler, Josef 10-11-1943 
Stahel, Rainer Joseph Karl August15-01-189230-11-1955more 
Stahr, Wolfgang   
Stamm, Ernst Walter19-08-192119-09-1989 
Stappen, van der, Paul16-05-192222-03-1943 
Stark, Josef26-06-1915  
Stather, Heribert20-07-191704-04-1991more 
Stefan, Karl   
Stegk, Artur30-12-1919  
Stein, Georges00-00-1905  
Steinbacher, Hans  more 
Steinbrecher, Helmut   
Steiner, Felix Martin Julius23-05-189612-05-1966more 
Steiner, Ludwig11-03-1914  
Steinhauser, Georg05-02-192111-11-1998more 
Steinhoff, Horst12-03-1920  
Steinhoff, Johannes15-09-191321-02-1994more 
Steinmann, Karl-Heinz04-11-1918 more 
Steinmann, Max03-10-1916 more 
Steuer, Günther06-02-1919 more 
Stichnoth, Erich10-12-191414-07-1996more 
Stichtenoth, Friedrich14-04-190717-03-1970more 
Stiegert, Rolf06-07-191724-03-1981more 
Stienen, Peter21-02-191101-10-2001more 
Stigler, Josef30-05-189910-02-1982more 
Stiotta, von, Max Edler06-06-188725-11-1977more 
Stock, Ernst14-12-190828-08-1944more 
Stock, Johann 15-01-1943more 
Stoll, Paul26-10-192016-12-2011more 
Stolzmann, von, Joachim06-02-189829-05-1971more 
Storck, Dieter12-01-1921 more 
Stoy, Otto03-09-192315-06-1997 
Strahammer, Martin13-11-189002-05-1945more 
Strasser, Georg19-08-191121-08-1943 
Streck, Werner04-11-191310-08-2002more 
Strempel, Helmuth26-05-190513-08-1944more 
Strepp, Mathias30-08-1897 more 
Strippel, Hans01-12-191226-11-1983more 
Strobel, Paul09-04-190919-09-1943more 
Studnitz, von, Bogislav August Wilhelm12-09-188813-01-1943 
Stuhlberger, Wilhelm05-04-191700-00-1947more 
Stuppi, Joseph16-01-189611-07-1978more 
Sturm, Hans29-07-192011-12-2004more 
Sturm, Kurt24-10-1919 more 
Sturm, Rudolf12-10-1912 more 
Stühmer, Gustav08-04-191416-02-1944more 
Stülpnagel, von, Friedrich16-07-191307-07-1996 
Styr, Josef03-03-192030-06-1984more 
Stäudle, Ernst06-06-191311-07-1946 
Stölzle, Heinrich14-02-1914  
Suraj, Johannes  more 
Sveen, Karsten Ivar   
Swart, Willem Marinus12-11-192100-00-1943 
Swoboda, Gerhard08-09-1919 more 
Süß, Walter24-12-191600-03-1945more