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Mentioned in Despatches

British commanders-in-chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of despatches, which were published in The Gazette.
In several occasions also persons were mentioned in these despatches without them having received a decoration for the mentioned action. By adding a specific item to a certified decoration the recipient could show the mentioning.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Caie, Ernest James 18-10-1940 
Cairns, George Albert12-12-191319-03-1944more 
Callaghan, Stanley   
Callinan, Bernard James02-02-191320-07-1995 
Calvert, Roy Oldfield31-10-191326-03-2002 
Cambier, Harry Michael Ashbrooke09-09-192110-10-1944 
Cambridge, Alexander (1st Earl of Athlone)14-04-187416-01-1957more 
Cameron, Allan Gordon16-05-190908-06-1960 
Cameron, Norman "Jock"00-00-191700-00-1981 
Campbell, John Allan02-07-1913  
Campbell, John Charles "Jock"10-01-189426-02-1942more 
Campbell, Lorne MacLaine22-07-190225-05-1991more 
Campbell, Robert James   
Campling, Eric Frank Knowles01-08-192008-04-1944more 
Cardy, Edward George   
Carlton, Edward C.   
Carr, Sir, Charles Roderick31-08-189115-12-1971more 
Carr, William Greenwood10-01-190127-01-1982 
Carter, Guy LLoyd00-00-190018-07-1944more 
Carter, Thomas Christopher "Toby"27-12-191728-08-2014more 
Casdagli, Alexis Theodore   
Casement, Peter Reginald22-03-192112-12-2016more 
Casey, Michael James O'Brien "Mike"19-02-191831-03-1944 
Casper, Bernhard M.00-00-191600-00-1988 
Castle, Harold George   
Catanach, James28-11-192129-03-1944 
Chaffey, Charles Donald00-00-191900-00-1989 
Challoner, Robert   
Chalmers, George Alexander12-02-192100-08-2002 
Chambers, Ernest   
Chambers, Herbert Stewart 28-03-1942 
Chandler, Thomas Francis00-00-191905-04-1975more 
Charlton, Dorian Richard Wingate Graham30-07-191309-09-2007 
Chatillon de Kock, de, Victor Pieter 07-03-1943 
Chavasse, Kendal George Fleming28-09-190431-03-2001 
Chene, Le, Pierre Louis "Grégoire"14-06-190000-00-1979more 
Cheshire, Geoffrey Leonard07-09-191731-07-1992more 
Chidson, Montagu Reaney00-00-189300-00-1957 
Chisholm, Roderick Aeneas23-11-191107-12-1994 
Chlasta, Teodor   
Chowdhuri (Chaudhri), M.A.R   
Christensen, Arnold08-04-192229-03-1944 
Christie, Eric MacNaughton 24-09-1943 
Christie, James Bertie30-07-1921  
Christmas, Bev00-11-1919  
Chrystall, Colin21-11-191621-07-1961 
Churchill, John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming "Jack"16-09-190608-03-1996 
Chute, Rowland Fitzmaurice Eidingtoun02-10-1899 more 
Clark, Percy William19-11-188815-02-1943 
Clark, Samuel Findlay "Fin"17-03-190903-09-1998more 
Clark, Stanley Victor   
Clarke, Lewis Gordon   
Clayton, Gareth Thomas Butler13-11-191405-02-1992more 
Clayton, Patrick Andrew16-04-189617-03-1962 
Clear, Douglas 28-03-1942 
Cleary, William James Patrick 30-06-1944 
Cleminson, James Arthur Stacey31-08-192114-09-2010 
Clerides, Glafcos "Yperides"24-04-191915-11-2013 
Clough, Reginald   
Clouston, Arthur Edmund07-04-190801-01-1984more 
Clowes, Arthur Victor 07-12-1949 
Cochran, Dennis Herbert13-08-192131-03-1944 
Cochrane, Homer Powell "Cockers"00-00-1914  
Cochrane, Walter Arthur   
Cockbain, Stephen Legh00-00-191614-01-1945 
Cockburn, David M.   
Cockburn, William Hugh 21-08-1944 
Coke, John Sacheverell A'Deane "Corgi"17-09-191118-11-1944 
Cole, John Henry   
Cole, Robert Bruce11-11-191916-01-1956more 
Cole, William Scott   
Coleman, Reginald George 19-03-1992 
Collard, Peter00-00-191614-07-1940 
Collier, John David Drought10-11-191600-11-2000 
Collier, Thomas Mackay 28-03-1942 
Collingwood, Adrian Redman00-00-191000-00-1987 
Collins, John Augustine07-01-189903-09-1989more 
Colyer, Douglas01-03-189322-02-1978more 
Combe, John Frederick Boyce01-08-189512-07-1967more 
Compton, Edward Caesar 09-08-1943 
Coningham, Arthur "Mary"19-01-189529-01-1948more 
Constable-Maxwell, Gerald Joseph08-09-189518-12-1959more 
Conway, Stanley00-00-190500-00-1967 
Cook, Reginald Thomas14-04-1907  
Cooke, Geoffrey Clement20-03-189025-11-1941 
Cooper, Alfred Duff, 1st Viscount Norwich22-02-189001-06-1954 
Cooper, Frederick John   
Coppin, Edward Cyril20-05-191527-09-1944 
Corbett, John Harper   
Corbett, Robert Lorimer00-00-188100-00-1945 
Cornwall, Frederick Charles01-09-1895 more 
Corser, Edward Geoffrey Manson 02-12-1943 
Corser, Richard George00-00-192000-05-1949more 
Costello, Duncan24-10-1922  
Cottrell-Hill, Roger Charles00-00-190300-00-1965more 
Courtenay, Richard Lionel17-04-1906  
Courtney, Edgar Bruce   
Cousins, Sidney John 22-07-1943 
Cowdrey, Edgar Alan   
Cox, Walter Henry   
Cox, William Reginald13-06-190512-06-1988 
Coyne, James Anthony Ignatius   
Cracknell, Douglas Aubrey09-12-190900-00-1979more 
Craggs, Harold Telfer13-08-1919 more 
Craig, George Dudley13-09-191400-00-1974 
Craig, John Harper23-05-191401-06-2000 
Cramer, John08-01-1916 more 
Crane, William David   
Craske, Robert Hoyle 25-11-1941 
Craston, Reginald Sharpe  more 
Craven, D.J.   
Crerar, Henry Duncan Graham "Harry"28-04-188801-04-1965more 
Crew, Edward Dixon24-12-191718-08-2002more 
Crich, William Ralph "Bill"00-00-191416-07-1947 
Crippen, Ronald   
Cripps, Ronald Victor 18-10-1940 
Crocker, John Tredinnick04-01-189609-03-1963more 
Crommelin, Rudolph Maximiliaan19-04-190827-09-1993 
Cross, Ian Kingston Pembroke04-04-191831-03-1944 
Cross, Kenneth Brian Boyd "Bing"04-10-191118-06-2003more 
Crossley, Michael Nicholson "Red Knight"29-05-191200-09-1987 
Cruickshank, Raymond Alfred27-09-191703-05-1941 
Cubbon, John Hamilton00-00-1911  
Cullen, Frederick John27-08-190415-02-1976more 
Culver, Alfred Charles 'Ginger'21-01-191702-09-1942 
Cumming, Arthur Edward18-06-189610-04-1971 
Cummins, Walter Anthony   
Cunningham, 1st Viscount Cunningh, Andrew Browne07-01-188312-06-1963more 
Cunningham, John Henry Dacres13-04-188513-12-1962more 
Currant, Christopher Frederick "Bunny"14-12-191112-03-2006more 
Currey, Edmund Neville Vincent01-10-190602-05-1998 
Currie, George   
Currie, Robert Alexander29-04-1905  
Curtis, Dunstant Michael Carr26-08-191009-09-1983 
Curtis, Henry Osborne "Squeak"18-11-188828-01-1964more 
Cusack, Roderick Douglas Clive   
Czernin, Manfred Maria Edmund Ralph Beckett18-01-191809-10-1962more