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Mentioned in Despatches

British commanders-in-chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of despatches, which were published in The Gazette.
In several occasions also persons were mentioned in these despatches without them having received a decoration for the mentioned action. By adding a specific item to a certified decoration the recipient could show the mentioning.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Dafni, Reuven11-11-191315-06-2005 
Dale, Jock   
Dalton, Bernard Ralph Sparks   
Dalton, Hume Elliot13-10-191500-01-1994 
Danby, Thomas Ramsey25-01-191800-03-1981 
Dansey, Claude Edward Marjoribanks "Z"10-09-187611-06-1947 
Darley, Frederick Thomas Russell 00-00-1968 
Darley, Horace Stanley03-11-191300-00-1999 
David, William Dennis25-07-191825-08-2000 
Davidson, Basil Risbridger   
Davies, Patrick Bernard George   
Davies, Paul Mervyn   
Davies, William Richard   
Davoud, Paul Yettvart25-11-191119-03-1987more 
Davy, George Mark Oswald22-09-189816-06-1983more 
Day, Harry Melville Arbuthnot03-08-189802-12-1977more 
De Graaf, George 30-03-1964 
de Guingand, Francis Wilfred "Freddie"28-02-190029-06-1979more 
de Leighton Brooke, Ronald   
De Wolf, Henry George "Harry"26-06-190318-12-2000more 
De'Ath, Robert Dudley07-10-191801-02-1960 
Deacon-Elliott, Robert20-11-191405-06-1997 
Dean, Donald Frederick Edgar Charles23-06-1917 more 
Dean, Ernest Henry "Dixie"21-10-191700-00-2005 
Deane-Drummond, Anthony John23-06-191704-12-2012 
Dearman, H.A.S.   
Defendini, Ange Brand "Priest"04-12-190914-09-1944 
Defrates, John Francis   
Demand, George William Hedworth24-07-192129-03-1945 
Dempsey, Miles Christopher "Lucky"15-12-189605-06-1969more 
Denholm, George Lovell20-12-190815-06-1997 
Denison, Mallinson Charles   
Dennis, Stratford Hercules11-11-189900-00-1982more 
Dent, Roy Pattinson   
Des Voeux, William Richard de Bacquencourt27-12-191120-09-1944 
Devlin, Hilda   
Dewar, John Scatliff10-08-190712-09-1940 
Deyczakowski, Zygmunt Anzelm   
Dick, Royer Mylius14-10-189723-04-1991 
Dick, William Clement10-12-191225-05-1997 
Dickin, Leonard Lloyd28-02-191522-09-1944 
Dickson, William Forster24-09-189812-09-1987more 
Diedericks, Ben J.   
Diggens, Noel Sidney   
Dill, John Greer25-12-188104-11-1944more 
Dilworth, Jack   
Dobbin, John Nicholas   
Doherty, Robert Aubrey Alexander "Aubrey"00-12-191823-02-1945 
Domville, Henry de Gaspe 30-07-1943 
Donald, Haddon Vivian20-03-1917 more 
Donaldson, Edward "Teddy" Mortlock12-02-191202-06-1992more 
Donaldson, John William04-09-191009-06-1940 
Dorrell, William Rhys   
Dougherty, Ivan Noel06-04-190704-03-1998 
Douglas, William Sholto23-12-189329-10-1969more 
Downs, Henry Clyde 10-06-1945 
Dowse, John Cecil Alexander11-11-189116-08-1964more 
Dowse, Sydney Hastings21-11-191810-04-2008 
Drake, Ernest Albert James09-04-191500-00-1996more 
Drijfhout van Hooff, Jacob Frans04-01-191208-09-1993more 
Driver, R. Frederick26-06-1917  
Drummond, Sir, Peter Roy Maxwell02-06-189427-03-1945more 
Dubery, Francis Reginald A. 29-06-1974 
Duckworth, George   
Dudgeon, Antony Greville "Tony"06-02-191605-01-2004 
Duffey, John   
Duigan, Brian Lawless15-11-191400-00-1972more 
Dundas, Hugh Spencer Lisle "Cocky"22-07-192010-07-1995 
Dunlop, Ernest Edward "Weary"12-07-190702-07-1993more 
Durnford-Slater, John Frederick00-00-190905-02-1972 
Dutton, Roy Gilbert02-03-191714-09-1988 
Dzienisiewicz, Stanislaw04-01-189714-06-1979