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Mentioned in Despatches

British commanders-in-chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of despatches, which were published in The Gazette.
In several occasions also persons were mentioned in these despatches without them having received a decoration for the mentioned action. By adding a specific item to a certified decoration the recipient could show the mentioning.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Page, Michael Stuart "Mike"05-08-191220-09-1944 
Paget, Bernard Charles Tolver15-09-188716-02-1961more 
Paige, Walter Edward04-02-191701-12-2006 
Palliser, Arthur Francis Eric20-07-189022-02-1956more 
Pankhurst, Leonard Thomas26-08-190201-12-1996more 
Pantall, Richard William White   
Parker, Alexander Allan Hazlett   
Parkin, Austin Bruce Holmes12-08-1911 more 
Parks, Frederick Thomas   
Parks, John Thomas   
Partridge, Richard Thomas  more 
Paterson, Brian "Blinkers"21-03-191912-07-2004 
Patilla, Colin Seaton22-04-191910-12-1983 
Patterson, Ian Norman 21-12-1944 
Pauer, William Lambert00-00-189707-09-1945more 
Paulin, Meredith Jackson   
Pawluk, Kazimierz01-07-190631-03-1944 
Peacock, Clarence "Lofty"18-11-191008-04-1958more 
Peacock, Edgar Henry William11-02-189800-03-1955 
Pearce, Frederick Laurence09-08-189803-12-1975 
Pearkes, George Randolph28-02-188830-05-1984more 
Pearson, John Cyrus 26-07-1944 
Peirse, Richard Edmund Charles30-09-189205-08-1970more 
Penman, David Jackson14-10-191927-11-2004 
Penman, William Mitchell 03-10-1943 
Penney, William Ronald Campbell "Ronny"16-05-189603-12-1964more 
Pennington, David   
Pepper, Manville Bancroft00-00-192031-05-2014 
Percival, Arthur Ernest26-12-188731-01-1966more 
Periot, Robert Marcel Charles03-04-191800-00-2014 
Perrin, John Rowley "Jock"09-10-191618-09-1992 
Pettman, Albert Richard   
Peveler, Donald   
Phillips, A.D.   
Phillips, Eric John   
Phillips, Peter Ashley 05-03-1944 
Picard, Henri Albert17-04-191629-03-1944 
Pickard, Percy Charles16-05-191518-02-1944 
Pickersgill, Frank Herbert Dedrick28-05-191514-09-1944 
Pierce, Claude Anthony de Mowbray Romile   
Pinder, Harold Senhouse21-04-188920-12-1974more 
Pinder, Thomas Arthur   
Pine-Coffin, Richard Geoffrey "Wooden Box"02-12-190828-02-1974more 
Pirie, Donald Anthony   
Pitulko, Franciszek18-10-190817-02-1978more 
Pizey, Edward Fowle24-03-190600-00-1983 
Platt, William "The Kaid"14-06-188528-09-1975 
Pleasance, Harold Percival "Flash"23-04-191429-04-2004 
Pleasants, Russell08-09-1909  
Poer Beresford-Peirse (de la), Noel Monson "BP"22-12-188714-01-1953 
Pohe, Porokoru Patapu "Lucky Johny"10-12-191431-03-1944 
Poland, Albert Laurence18-06-1895 more 
Pollard, Gordon G. 12-08-1964more 
Pollard, Shirley Albert   
Pollitt, Charles Jordan Bellingham 00-00-1976 
Pope, Francis Thew 31-10-1943 
Pope, Ralph Patrick Phillip   
Pope, Vyvyan Vavasour30-09-189105-10-1941more 
Portal, Charles Frederick Algernon "Peter"21-05-189322-04-1971more 
Porter, Selwyn Havelock Watson Craig23-02-190509-10-1963 
Potter, Leslie00-00-189400-00-1964 
Potts, Arnold William00-09-189601-01-1968more 
Poulin, Jean-Gaston "Tony"   
Pound, Alfred Dudley Pickman Rogers29-08-187721-10-1943more 
Powell, Donald21-10-189608-08-1942more 
Powell, John Leonard 16-04-1945more 
Power, Arthur John12-04-188928-01-1960more 
Pownall, Henry Royds19-11-188710-06-1961more 
Pownall, John 25-11-1944 
Pozyczka, Teofil12-04-191200-00-1974more 
Pretty, Arthur James   
Price, Leslie   
Price, Samuel   
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh10-06-192109-04-2021more 
Pritchard, William Henry 28-03-1942 
Profumo, John Dennis "Jack", 5th Baron Profumo30-01-191510-03-2006 
Pryce, Gordon George21-05-190108-12-1943 
Pugh, Charles Richard Vernon "Dick"08-01-190312-09-1979 
Pun, Damarsing   
Purse, Cuthbert Richard   
Purvis, Harry Alexander21-10-190523-12-1966more 
Pye, George Henry   
Pyke, Daniel Charles