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Orden "Mat Geroinya"

The Order was established July 8th, 1944, and was awarded to mothers for having given birth to and having raised 10 or more children. The Order is either in gold or in silver. The badge is a pentagonal star in gold or silver on a pentagonal silver background. It is suspended from a red bar with the inscription: Mat' geroinja (Mother Heroine). At the back of the bar is a pin to attach the badge to the clothing.
There are three variations: nr. 1 has a stamped mint mark, the serial number is engraved by hand; nrs. 2 and 3 have a raised mint mark, in version 2 the serial number is engraved by hand, in version 3 by a rotating tool.
Version 2 was not presented before the end of the 40's of the 20th Century.