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40th Anniversary of victory at Dukla Pass Battle 1945-1985

Bronze plaque to comemmorate the victory in the Battle of the Dukla Pass in Slovakia. The plaque was issued by the Soviet Union during the comemmoration in 1985. The plaque measures 64 mm across. The obverse shows the text "Memorial to the Soldiers of the Soviet and Czech Army who died combatting Fascism - Your accomplishments are immortal - 40th Anniversary". The reverse bears the text "The Great Patriottic War".

The Battle for the Dukla Pass endured from 8th September until 6th October 1944. In the summer of 1944, the Slovaks rose up to the Germans and the Czechoslovakian Government asked the Soviet Union for help. Besides the Slovak uprisers, who could not be reached in time beceause of the stiff German resistance in the Dukla Pass, on Soviet side the army was build with 38th Army of Kirill Moskalenko as elements of 1st Ukrainian Front of marshal Ivan Konev, the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps commanded by Ludvik Svoboda and the Soviet 1st Guards Army of Andrei Grechko as elements of 4th Ukrainian Front. They were up against the Heeresgruppe Heinricki with the 1.Panzerarmee of Gotthard Heinrici and elements of the Hungarian 1st Army.