Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1.Klasse mit Schwertern

The War Merit Cross 1st. class with swords (Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1. klasse mit Schwertern), also know as the KVK 1 was instituted on 18-10-1939 by Hitler. Like the KVK 2, this award could be awarded to military personal as well as to civilians (m/f) for bravery which was not directly connected with frontline actions. For example for maintenance of frontline vehicles and equipment, outstanding performance by the civil defence and security tasks. The recipient had to have been awarded the KVK 2 before the KVK 1 could be awarded, but on special occasions it was possible that both decorations were awarded at the same time.

This award is identical in design to the KVK 2 with Swords, but is silver washed instead of bronze. The reverse is flat and has a large pin and hook construction. In some examples the mint mark is stamped on the reverse of the award or on the pin itself. There is a version in existence where the pin and hook construction has been replaced by a screw with a large screw cap. This version is similar to the Iron Cross 1 with screw back. In some cases the screw back is marked. One well known manufacturer of this screw back is: Glaser & Sohn from Dresden. (L/58) Some other well know manufacturers of the KVK 1 are Steinhauser & Lück from Lüdenscheid (4), Ferdinand Hoffstädter from Bonn am Rhein (8), Friedrich Orth from Vienna (15), Karl Gschiermeister from Vienna (50), Gottlieb & Wagner from Idar/Oberstein (52), Robert Hauschild from Pforzheim (56), Kerbach & Oesterheld from Dresden (62), Klein & Quenzer from Idar/Oberstein (65), Rudolf Richter from Schlag (89), Wilhelm Deumer WD from Lüdenscheid (L/11), Otto Schickel from Pforzheim (L/15), C.F. Zimmermann from Pforzheim (L/52) and Glaser & Sohn from Dresden (L/58).

The award was presented in a black box with a black filling with a slit to accommodate the pin. For the screw back version the filling was made in the shape of the screw back. The inside of the lid was covered with white silk, the outside bore the silhouette of the award in silver. The medal was awarded with a standard citation. The award was worn on the left breast pocket, just like the Iron Cross 1. It is estimated that a total of 483.603 decorations have been awarded during WWII.

Alt, Erich* June 26th, 1887
† August 22nd, 1966

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Sadowski, Gustav   
Salmann, Otto05-07-190821-04-1970more 
Sander, Werner04-05-1905  
Sartorius, Dr., Heinrich   
Saucke, Kurt   
Sauerbruch, Ferdinand-Ernst03-07-187502-07-1951 
Saul, Dr., Gerhard   
Saur, Karl Otto16-06-190228-07-1966more 
Sawatzki, Albin06-10-190901-05-1945 
Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, Fürst zu, Gustav-Albr   
Schach, Gerhard08-03-190627-01-1972 
Schaede, Hans-Joachim   
Schaeffer, Carl-Friedrich   
Schaeffer, Emil   
Schaewen, von, Hans-Georg   
Schall-Emden, Robert22-03-189329-01-1946 
Schaller-Kalide, Hubert   
Schalper, Albert   
Schardin, Hubert17-06-190227-09-1965 
Scharff, Hans06-09-1913  
Scharpwinkel, Wilhelm04-12-190417-10-1947 
Schaumburg, Ernst   
Scheele, Gerhard   
Scheidt, Dr., Rolf   
Schell, Wilhelm   
Schellenberg, Walter Friedrich16-01-191031-03-1952more 
Scheller, Hermann   
Schellhaas, Friedrich   
Schenck, Paul   
Schepers, Hans-Joachim   
Scheppokat, Dr. , Karl   
Scherer, Willibald13-07-189200-00-1969 
Scherf, Albert-Richard25-05-1897  
Schieber, Walter13-09-189629-06-1960more 
Schiel, Otto Ewald   
Schier, Rudolf16-06-191402-09-2004more 
Schill, Gerhard   
Schimming, Gottfried   
Schindele, Alfons   
Schindler, Albert (WH-Infanterie)19-02-190900-00-1982more 
Schindler, Max-Josef11-12-188015-01-1963 
Schirmer, Hans   
Schirmer, Heinz   
Schirmer, Kurt   
Schlegel, Hans   
Schlembach, Anton   
Schlender, Paul   
Schlicht, Otto   
Schlotzhauer, Karl   
Schmalz, Dr., Heinrich   
Schmeidler, Herbert15-10-188924-10-1955 
Schmerbeck, Karl   
Schmettow, Graf von, Rudolf08-01-189128-06-1970more 
Schmetzer, Rudolf   
Schmid, Dr., Josef   
Schmidt, Dr. , Wilhelm   
Schmidt, Dr., Georg   
Schmidt, Kurt Erich Heinrich09-04-189103-03-1945 
Schmidt, Otto   
Schmidt, Rudolf (Korvettenkapitän)12-12-1897  
Schmidt, Viktor15-02-1904  
Schmidt, Walter   
Schmidt, Willi   
Schmidt-Brücken, Dr., Wolfgang   
Schmidt-Brücken, Gerhard   
Schmidt-Hofmann, Dr., Hans   
Schmieden, Victor Gottfried Otto19-01-187411-10-1945 
Schmitz, Friedrich   
Schmitz, Nikolaus00-00-189500-00-1979more 
Schmitz, Wilhelm (Korps-Nachrichten-Abteilung 48)08-08-190618-03-1988more 
Schneidemesser, von, Gustav   
Schneider, Carl   
Schneider, Hans (SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 3)13-10-1912  
Schniewindt, Rudolf   
Schnitzer, Walter   
Schnizlein,Dr., Gustav   
Schnüll, Herbert   
Schober, Dr., Friedrich   
Schoder, Götz   
Schoeb, Hans   
Scholz, Dr., Walter   
Scholz, Dr., Wolfgang   
Scholz, Hans   
Schopper, Hubert03-10-191214-12-2000 
Schrader, Rudolf29-05-189022-08-1945 
Schranz, Johann   
Schreiber, Kurt (Generalleutnant)  more 
Schreiber, Rolf   
Schreiner, Rudolf   
Schroer, Wilhelm   
Schröder, Herbert   
Schröder, Oskar06-02-189126-01-1959 
Schröder, Wilhelm   
Schröder, Wilhelm07-07-189617-07-1979more 
Schubert, Karl   
Schubert, Rudolf   
Schuhart, Otto01-04-190910-03-1990more 
Schuldei, Heinz   
Schulte-Mönting, Erich   
Schultes, Ernst Otto06-08-190601-08-1979more 
Schultz, Christian   
Schultze, Otto   
Schulz, Dr., Johannes   
Schulz, Dr., Rolf   
Schulz, Erwin27-11-190011-11-1981more 
Schulz, Hans   
Schulz, Kurt (Jäger-Regiment 75)01-06-190912-04-1944 
Schulz-Gahmen, Dr., Werner   
Schulze, Curt (Professor Doktor Veterinär)19-11-188110-11-1966more 
Schulze, Dr. , Martin   
Schulze, Edwin   
Schulze, Erich-Edgar   
Schulze, Paul   
Schulze, Wilhelm   
Schumacher, Raoul   
Schumacher, Werner (SS-Nachrichten-Abteilung 113)14-12-1914  
Schuster, Fritz   
Schuttwolf, Heinz   
Schwaab, Eugen   
Schwab, Otto07-09-188917-04-1959 
Schwaighofer, Thomas09-01-1913  
Schwarz, Dr., Walther   
Schwarz, Franz Xaver27-11-187502-12-1947 
Schwarz, Georg   
Schwarz, Karl   
Schwarz, Karl   
Schwedler, Horst   
Schwerdtfeger, Dr., Horst   
Schwerin, Graf von, Bogislav   
Schünemann, Walter   
Schürer, Friedrich19-06-188127-10-1948 
Schütte, Ernst-Wilhelm00-00-1885  
Schütz, Carl   
Schäfer, Dr., Lukas   
Schäfer, Hermann   
Schäfer, Karl   
Schöne, Volkmar   
Schönefeld, Helmut   
Schönfelder, Fritz   
Schönfelder, Roland   
Schöning, Nikolaus   
Schöppner, Dr.-Ing., Franz   
Scupin, Jörg   
Sedlmayr, Dr., Gebhard   
Seebach, von, Thilo30-06-189021-10-1966 
Seibert, Fritz   
Seidel, von, Hans-Georg11-11-189110-11-1955more 
Seidemann, Herbert   
Seidl, Karl   
Seitzer, Otto   
Selle, Otto   
Semmler, Dr., Walter   
Semper, Hans   
Sextl, Anton26-07-190428-08-1944 
SIBURG, Hans   
Sieber, Wilhem-Peter20-08-1910 more 
Siegmann, Albert   
Sievers, Wolfram10-07-190502-06-1948 
Sigel, Dr., Otto   
Simon, Kurt   
Six, Franz Alfred12-08-190909-07-1975more 
Skoczylas, Edmund   
Sobbe, von, Wilfried   
Sohn, Dr., Edgar   
Sollmann, Peter-Kurt   
Sommer, Dipl.Ing., Hugo   
Sommer, Dr., Albrecht   
Sommerfeld, Heinrich   
Sonnek, Fritz   
Spacil, Josef   
Speich, Richard   
Spier, Dr., Walter   
Sporn, Hans04-05-1907  
Stadelmaier, Willi   
Stahm, Dr., August   
Stange, Klaus   
Stangl, Franz Paul26-03-190828-06-1971 
Stapf, Otto13-11-189030-03-1963more 
Starck, Dr., Fritz   
Starost, Willy   
Staudt, Dr., Erich   
Stauffenberg, Schenk Graf von, Markwart   
Steffen, Dr., Peter   
Stein, Erich (Luftflotte 3)17-07-188421-12-1945 
Steinbeck, Hans   
Steinberg, Dr. , Heinrich   
Steinbrinck, Otto19-12-188816-08-1949more 
Steiner, Dr., Richard   
Steininger, Hans   
Steinmetz, Erich   
Steinmetz, Karl   
Stellwaag, Dr., Ernst   
Steltzer, Theodor17-12-188527-10-1967 
Stenglin, Freiherr von, Alexander   
Steppuhn, Albrecht   
Stiegel, Heinrich   
Stieringer, Ernst   
Stigler, Franz   
Stiotta, von, Max Edler06-06-188725-11-1977more 
Stockburger, Artur   
Stocker, Heinrich   
Stockhausen, Erich   
Stoewer, Walther   
Stollberger, Kurt   
Stoltz, Georg-Günther   
Stoye, Hermann   
Strauch, Eduard17-08-190600-09-1955 
Straumer, Johannes   
Streccius, Alfred   
Streckenbach, Bruno07-02-190228-10-1977more 
Strecker, Willy   
Streicek, Günter 01-05-1945 
Streit, Bernhard06-10-191302-02-1975 
Streit, Gerhard17-11-189226-05-1979 
Streit, Hanns   
Stroop, Jürgen26-09-189506-03-1952more 
Ströbl, Josef   
Stud, Erich05-05-188807-07-1968 
Studnitz, von, Helfrid02-05-191108-05-1994 
Studnitz, von, Helmut   
Studt, Emil   
Stutz, Hans15-06-1910  
Stutzki, Dr., Heinz   
Stührenberg, Hans   
Stülpnagel, von, Heinrich   
Stürzel, Georg   
Störmer, Willibald   
Suhr, Friedrich06-05-190731-05-1946more 
Suren, Walter   
Sutor, Heinrich16-04-1890 more 
Swetina, Alois07-04-1892