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Deutsches Kreuz in Gold

The German Cross (Deutschen Kreuz) is build up out of 5 separate parts and although the name suggests otherwise, it has the shape of a large 8-pointed breast star with in the center a large black swastika which is outlined in silver. The name of this award comes from this 21,5 mm big swastika. This swastika is placed upon a red-bordered silver disk and upon this red border is a golden laurel leaf wreath mounted. The golden wreath measures 39 mm across and is made out of single laurel leaves that are bounded together with a silk lint. At the bottom of the wreath is a square box with the year 1941 impressed into it. This date refers to the year of institution and from underneath this wreath emerge the eight star points. These points are chemically blackened and have the appearance of sunrays. Underneath these points is a 63 mm large silver backing plate placed which has the same shape as the award, only it’s slightly bigger so it forms the outer line of the award. At the reverse are 4 or 6 rivets visible and through the number of rivets you can recognize if the award was made in Germany or Austria. The German Crosses with 4 rivets were made in Germany and the pieces with 6 rivets in Austria. Further is there at the reverse a large width pin with a standard hook construction placed. If the award is marked with the LDO-number of the producer, then it is stamped in either the front or backside of the pin. To prevent damaging the award during combat, there was also a cloth version made. This cloth version has a metal wreath and the backing cloth colour is the same as the tunic colour of the corresponding Army branch. Fieldgrey is for the Army (Heer) and Waffen-SS, bleu-grey for the Air Force, (Luftwaffe) Marine bleu for the Navy (Kriegsmarine) and black for the Armored forces.

The German Cross in Gold (Deutsches Kreuz in Gold) was awarded for bravery and outstanding achievements in combat but where the Knight’s Cross wasn’t awarded for. The recipient did however already had to own the Iron Cross 1st Class (Eisernes Kreuz 1 Klasse) or Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1.Klasse with swords. The exact number of times that the German Cross in Gold was bestowed is still unknow at this time.

The OKW barred/stopped by decree the awarding of the Gernan Cross in Gold for "multiple remarkable services in troop leadership" from March 10th, 1945 on.

Bidermann, Gottlob-Herbert (Gren.Reg.437)* August 28th, 1920
† September 1st, 2010

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Rüger, Dr.jur., Josef26-03-190823-08-1977 
Rutkowski, Alfred28-12-191316-09-1944more 
Richter, Walther30-05-191917-11-1996 
Reimpell, Gerhard23-04-191010-11-2005 
Reissenbauer, Herbert (Schlachtgeschwader)   
Reisenbauer, Herbert (Schlachtgeschwader 3)   
Reinhardt, Walter (WH-Infanterie-Regiment)11-01-191022-01-1945 
Rabien, Hermann (Kampfgeschwader 51 "Edelweiss")06-12-1911  
Richter, Rudolf (Infanterie-Regiment 97)13-08-189408-05-1945 
Richter, Rudolf (Aufklärungsgruppe 12)08-04-191825-04-1967more 
Richter, Rudolf (Zerstörer-Geschwader 2)   
Reichert, Heinz   
Reichert, Heinz (schwere Panzer-Abteilung 505)   
Rosenbusch, Erich18-01-191300-00-1945 
Raab, Alexander12-07-192113-08-2014 
Ruggaber, Lorenz (Heeres-Flak-Art.Abt.288)   
Rodt, Eberhard04-12-189528-04-1979more 
Rauch, Karl-Heinz11-03-192026-06-1944 
Rothenburger, Albert (Pionier-Bataillon 131)   
Richter, Werner (1. Infanterie-Division)04-12-1916  
Reuss, Franz17-04-190405-06-1992 
Reschke, Kurt   
Rosenberger, von, Eberhard ( Pz.Gren.Reg.113)   
Rosenberger, Alfred, Dr. (Panzer-Regiment 27)   
Reitberger, Josef (Verbindungs-Kommando)   
Rauschenberger, Karl Rudolf (Pz.Gren.Reg.64)20-01-190817-01-1945 
Rosenheimer, Johann03-03-191424-04-1978 
Reichel, Helmuth11-09-191204-04-2004 
Rüden, Heinz-Friedrich02-04-1907  
Rendulic, Dr. jur., Lothar23-10-188717-01-1971more 
Radermacher, Karl12-12-192209-10-2016more 
Rütt, Carl-Heinz29-05-1915  
Rittberg, Graf von, Georg (88. Inf.Div.)30-05-189806-06-1973more 
Ritgen, Udo26-06-191611-10-2010more 
Rosenthal, Ritter und Edler von, Wilfried25-08-190806-06-1975 
Rocha-Schmidt, da, Klaus (Panzer-Regiment 15)02-04-191514-07-1943 
Riemschneider, Karl (Kampf-Geschwader 27)   
Režňák, Ján14-04-191919-09-2007more 
Rohde, Hermann (Grenadier-Regiment 587)  more 
Riedel, Wilhelm  more 
Regener, Walter29-11-1916  
Ratajczak, Edmund13-02-191629-10-1998more 
Rostock, Peter   
Rumplmayr, Johann "Hans"08-01-191921-06-1942 
Recktenwald, Nikolaus20-06-191316-03-1944more 
Ruete, Dr., Hans Hellmuth21-12-191419-06-1987more 
Reinwald, Willi   
Rohlfs, Kurt24-12-191808-05-1945more 
Rodust, Werner19-06-1897  
Reinhold, Leo-Hermann22-02-190626-10-1961 
Reiter, Hans20-04-192015-08-1944more 
Roller, Richard21-08-1912  
Rohrbeck, Kurt07-09-191410-07-1992more 
Rübel, Karl16-08-189508-03-1945more 
Rinklef, Karl06-04-1914 more 
Reschke, Franz-Georg26-05-190801-12-1996 
Richter, Heinrich00-00-191200-00-1972more 
Reuß, Prinz, Heinrich XXXVII.01-08-188809-02-1964more 
Reissnauer, Karl18-12-1918  
Riedel, Franz02-12-192117-05-2001more 
Riepe, Julius18-12-190322-06-1983 
Rott, Rudolf21-01-191812-02-1945 
Reich, Werner (Wh-Infanterie)17-09-190725-01-1944 
Roettig, Otto22-07-188718-08-1966 
Rabben, Herbert26-08-191825-03-1995 
Rademacher, Rudolf "Rudi"19-06-191313-06-1953 
Radusch, Günther11-11-191229-07-1988more 
Rammelt, Karl10-06-191413-05-2009 
Ramser, Günther27-03-190620-08-1983 
Rappholz, Walter04-06-191230-09-1991more 
Rath, Hans-Joachim11-12-189410-05-1968 
Rauch, Alfred29-12-191725-03-1991 
Rauh, Paul-Hubert15-11-191330-08-2005more 
Redlich, Karl-Wolfgang13-12-191429-05-1944more 
Rein, Willi14-04-191421-08-1944 
Rochlitz, Max25-03-1914  
Reinke, Friedrich-Wilhelm25-12-190810-08-1986 
Renschler, Helmut18-04-192005-11-1999 
Resch, Rudolf07-04-191411-07-1943more 
Reusch, Ernst10-09-191626-01-1945 
Rick, Kurt26-06-191805-02-1943 
Riegel, Kurt21-08-191801-07-1944 
Risse, Eberhard06-09-192008-08-1975 
Ritz, Otto17-08-192012-02-1945 
Rödel, Gustav-Siegfried24-10-191506-02-1995more 
Roell, Werner08-02-191410-05-2008 
Röhler, Herbert (Flak-Regiment)30-12-189627-06-1963 
Roka, Franz22-03-191826-10-1943 
Rökker, Heinz20-10-192002-08-2018 
Rollwage, Herbert24-09-191604-01-1980more 
Romm, Oskar18-12-191901-05-1993more 
Roßmann, Edmund11-01-191804-04-2005 
Rötche, Hans04-12-191516-09-2006 
Roth, Günther22-03-191221-09-1998 
Rothe, Gerhard11-11-191903-07-1966 
Röthke, Siegfried03-08-191527-04-2003 
Rübell, Günther04-05-192101-11-1985 
Rudat, Horst03-05-192031-08-1982 
Rüffler, Helmut18-01-191821-09-2001 
Ruffer, Rudolf-Heinz07-01-192016-07-1944 
Ruhl, Franz12-12-192224-12-1944 
Riebicke, Klaus19-05-192206-06-1944more 
Rentzsch, Fritz22-02-191426-11-1944more 
Reichelt, Paul29-03-189815-07-1981more 
Rauser, Otto Friedrich31-10-189907-11-1977more 
Ritter, Willi08-01-1915 more 
Riess, Karl-Heinrich (Karl-Heinz)24-12-1916 more 
Röseke, Erich24-01-192102-05-1994more 
Rossi, Franz   
Rosewich, Kurt21-12-1912  
Rall, Günther10-03-191804-10-2009more 
Ribbentrop, von, Rudolf11-05-192120-05-2019more 
Rauch, Josef Alois27-02-190214-08-1984more 
Rutz, Josef   
Runge, Otto   
Rössler, Paul   
Riemer, Günther   
Riedemann, Walter   
Reicheneder, Fred   
Rösler, Walter   
Reuter, von, Derfflinger04-02-191513-04-1945 
Rohrbeck, Ewald   
Rosen, Freiherr von, Richard Wilfred Harry Erich28-06-192226-10-2015 
Reck, Max02-12-1911 more 
Rehenberg, Bernhard11-10-1916 more 
Roesener, Paul-Gerhard14-07-1899  
Richtmann, Friedrich   
Rauff, Walter19-06-190614-05-1984 
Rennefahrt, Paul04-07-191630-01-1943 
Remer, Otto-Ernst18-08-191204-10-1997more 
Rizzi, Heinrich   
Ritter, Hugo16-01-191110-05-1989 
Rehmer, Richard16-09-190925-02-1945 
Retzlaff, Wilhelm Karleman27-03-191801-04-1978more 
Rann, Willy15-09-1916  
Radü, Friedrich20-11-1909  
Ruthendorf-Przewoski, von, Günther   
Roscher, Heinz   
Ruttkowski, Helmut   
Richter, Johannes (KM-Uboot)07-08-191403-07-2005 
Ruddies, Dieter   
Rössger, Ruprecht30-08-1915  
Rögelein, Friedrich26-06-191025-03-1999more 
Raab, Gerhard   
Raab, Josef   
Raab, Josef03-02-192115-05-1963 
Raab, Ludwig   
Raab, Paul 23-10-1943more 
Raabe, Gerd   
Raabe, Heinz   
Raabe, Herbert   
Raabe, Horst   
Raaf, Friedrich25-03-192014-03-2002more 
Raake, Erich   
Raapke, Werner10-10-190306-02-1986 
Raapke, Wilhelm13-11-189628-01-1970 
Raatz, Helmuth   
Rab, Johann18-04-191230-03-1943 
Rabben, Albert   
Rabe von Pappenheim, Friedrich-Carl05-10-189409-06-1977more 
Rabe, Dr., Wolfgang   
Rabe, Eberhard   
Rabe, Ewald   
Rabe, Gustav   
Rabe, Heinrich   
Rabe, Karl   
Rabe, Otto   
Rabenau, von, Hellmuth   
Rabenau, Wolfgang   
Rabenstein, Konrad   
Rabien, Heino   
Rabis, Alfred   
Rabitsch, Markus   
Rabl, Josef   
Rach, Hans   
Racho, Erwin   
Rack, Kurt   
Rackelmann, Heinz   
Rackl, Kurt   
Rackowitsch, von, Andreas   
Rackwitz, Herbert   
Rackwitz, Kurt   
Raczek, von, Job-Detlef13-10-189712-01-1943 
Raczkowski, Magnus   
Radau, Bruno   
Raddatz, Heinz   
Raddatz, Walter   
Radden, Hans   
Rade, Ernst   
Rade, Hans-Dietrich   
Radeck, Kurt11-01-191030-03-1944 
Radecke, Friedrich   
Radecke, van, Dietrich   
Radel, Hans19-04-191513-03-1993 
Radel, Willi   
Rademacher, Fritz   
Rademacher, Wilhelm   
Radenberg, Günter   
Radener, Waldemar24-01-192108-01-1957more 
Rader, Alois   
Radermacher, Alfred   
Radloff, Richard   
Radmann, Heinz   
Radojewski, Johann10-10-1917  
Radowitz, von, Joseph "Josef"29-07-189901-06-1956more 
Radowski, Eduard17-11-190006-09-1993 
Radtke, Erich   
Radtke, Helmut   
Radtke, Kurt   
Radtke, Otto   
Radtke, Otto (WH-Div.Füs.Btl. (A.A.) 1)   
Radtke, Paul   
Radtke, Wilhelm   
Radziej, Georg07-01-189513-05-1972more 
Radziwill, Herbert   
Raesfeld, von, Werner   
Rafelt, Herbert   
Raff, Dr., Kurt   
Raff-Lehner, Karl   
Rager, Alfons   
Raggl, Alois   
Ragnow, Günther   
Raguse, Günter   
Raguse, Kuno   
Rahden, Baron von, Wolfert   
Rahe, Fritz   
Rahlfs, Heinz   
Rahm, Franz 22-07-1943 
Rahm, Walter   
Rahmel, Gregor   
Rahn, Gerhard   
Rahn, Gerhard   
Rahn, Hans   
Rahn, Horst   
Rahrig, Wilhelm   
Raht, Gerhard Ferdinand Otto06-06-192011-01-1977 
Rahtgens, Karl-Ernst   
Rahäuser, Kurt   
Raible, Anton   
Raich, Bruno14-05-191629-12-1941 
Raigrotzki, Rudolf   
Rainer, Jochen   
Rainer, Rudolf   
Raison, von, Georg-Wilhelm   
Raith, Heinrich26-07-191423-09-1982 
Raithel, Helmut09-04-190712-09-1990 
Raithel, Heribert14-06-191014-07-1976 
Raithel, Richard   
Raithelhuber, Ulrich   
Rajek, Stefan   
Rakau, Otto   
Rakebrandt, Wilhelm   
Rakett, Erich   
Rall, Max   
Rall, Victor24-11-189621-04-1984 
Rambow, Heinz   
Rambow, Otto   
Rambow, Siegfried   
Rambusch, Helmut   
Rameis, Dr., Ludwig   
Ramelow, Willy   
Ramin, von, Hans-Georg11-07-191605-12-1949 
Ramisch, Ernst   
Ramisch, Georg   
Ramlow, Willi   
Ramm, Heinz   
Ramm, Reimer   
Ramm, von, Hans-Joachim10-10-1898  
Rammelkamp, Herbert   
Rammelt, Gerhard   
Rammelt, Siegfried18-12-191421-03-1944more 
Rammensee, Walter   
Rammenzweig, Karl   
Rammig, Helmut   
Rammstetter, Horst   
Ramoth, Walter   
Rampel, Josef05-04-191517-11-1943 
Rampl, Karl   
Ramrath, Heinrich   
Ramsauer, Karl   
Ramsdorfer, Karl   
Ramsperger, Bernhard   
Ramsteiner, Josef   
Ranck, Werner25-10-190407-12-1989more 
Randel-Semper, Kurt   
Randloff, Klaus01-04-191923-04-1945 
Randow, von, Fritz   
Randow, von, Heinz Friedrich15-11-189021-12-1942 
Randt, Willy   
Ranft, Max   
Rang, Heinz   
Rang, Peter15-01-1914 more 
Ranglack, Heinz   
Rangosch, Karl   
Rank, Heinz   
Rannersmann, Rolf07-12-191524-02-1978 
Ransmayer, Hans   
Rantzau, Graf zu, Hans-Friedrich10-11-191828-09-1944 
Rantzau, von, Heino08-03-189402-11-1946more 
Rapior, Gerhard   
Rapp, Friedrich   
Rapp, Georg   
Rapp, Gottfried   
Rapp, Willi   
Rapp, Willy   
Rappard, von, Fritz-Georg Hugo Karl15-08-189231-01-1946more 
Rappel, August31-07-191122-11-1984 
Rappl, Fritz   
Rappl, Ludwig28-01-192114-03-1997 
Rappold, Ludwig   
Rappolder, Georg   
Rappolt, Franz   
Rappsilber, Heinz   
Rasch, Gerhard   
Rasch, Walter   
Rasche, Hans   
Rasche, Werner   
Raschke, Wilhelm   
Rasel, Josef   
Rasking, Josef   
Rasmussen, Arne   
Rasp, Siegfried10-01-189802-09-1968more 
Rasqué, Peter   
Rassbach, Walter   
Rast, Johann21-04-191431-08-1944 
Rastl, Alfred04-12-1922  
Ratajczak, Stefan   
Rath, Bernhard   
Rath, Ernst03-08-191009-03-1990 
Rath, Friedrich   
Rath, Friedrich   
Rath, Hermann19-02-1905 more 
Rath, Wilhelm   
Rathay, Alfred   
Rathelbeck, Hans00-00-1902  
Rathgeber, Arno   
Rathje, Hugo   
Rathjen, Kurt   
Rathjens, Carl   
Rathjens, Harald   
Rathjens, Walter   
Rathke, Anton   
Rathmann, Erich   
Rathmann, Erich   
Ratz, Ernst   
Ratzel, Waldemar   
Ratzinger, Josef   
Ratzke, Wilhelm06-05-191027-12-1977 
Ratzlaff, Kurt   
Rau, Eberhard   
Rau, Georg   
Rau, Günther   
Rau, Paul   
Rauch, Erwin19-10-188926-02-1969more 
Rauch, Hans01-03-189922-08-1958more 
Rauch, Helmuth   
Rauch, Herbert   
Rauch, Leo   
Rauch, Wolfgang   
Raudenbusch, Fritz   
Rauer, Karl07-08-191307-05-1946 
Rauh, Andreas   
Rauhaus, Heinz   
Rauhut, Ulrich   
Raulf, Hans   
Raumer, Alfred   
Raus, Erhard08-01-188903-04-1956more 
Rausch, Erich   
Rausch, Martin   
Rausch, Reinhold   
Rauschenbach, Werner   
Rautenberg, Erich   
Rautenberg, Erwin   
Rautenberg, Fritz   
Raven, von, Helmuth   
Raven, von, Lothar   
Rebentisch, Ernst31-01-192003-12-2013 
Reber, Gustav-Peter05-06-191926-03-2000more 
Reber, Josef   
Rebhan, Franz   
Rechel, Curt01-12-190210-08-1973more 
Rechenberg, Max   
Recke, Heinrich25-08-189018-08-1943more 
Recke, Karl-Heinz   
Recker, Willi   
Recknagel, Hermann18-06-189223-01-1945more 
Recktenwald, Heinrich   
Recktor, Konstantin02-03-1917 more 
Reclam, Hans-Heinrich   
Reddehase, Georg   
Redecker, Rolf   
Redecker, von, Manfred   
Redeker, Heinrich   
Reden, Freiherr von, Hans-Hugo   
Reden, von, Edzard19-03-190516-10-1987 
Reder, Walter04-02-191526-04-1991 
Redieck, Karl05-04-1915  
Redlich, Paul   
Redmer, Fritz   
Redmer, Georg   
Reeder, Deert Jacob29-11-189507-07-1944 
Reeder, Günther02-11-1915  
Reeh, Otto   
Reepschläger, Willi   
Reerink, Berndt   
Rees, Max   
Reese, Fritz   
Reese, Karl27-04-1916  
Reetz, Karl   
Ref, Werner   
Refior, Hans   
Regel, Herbert   
Regel, Walter   
Regele, Erwin   
Regener, Wilhelm   
Regenscheit, Richard   
Reger, Konrad   
Reger, Wilhelm   
Regh, Josef   
Regler, Josef   
Regneri, Edmund  more 
Regus, Karl   
Rehbein, Ernst15-10-1914 more 
Rehbein, Franz   
Rehbein, Hugo   
Rehbein, Max H.09-12-191813-11-2015more 
Rehberg, Gustav   
Rehberg, Otto   
Rehbock, Norbert   
Rehdantz, Günther   
Reheis, Dismas   
Rehfeld, Emil   
Rehfeld, Klaus   
Rehfeldt, Walter   
Rehhäuser, Karl28-03-191402-01-1945more 
Rehkopf, Ernst   
Rehle, Siegfried04-08-191530-12-1942 
Rehle, Xaver   
Rehling, Johannes   
Rehm, Albrecht   
Rehm, Hermann   
Rehm, Karl   
Rehm, Robert   
Rehm, Theodor   
Rehmer, Franz   
Rehner, Erwin   
Rehrmann, Willi   
Rehs, Franz   
Rehte, Erwin   
Reibe, Ludwig   
Reibnitz, Freiherr von, Manfred   
Reibold, Hans   
Reibstein, Günter01-02-1914 more 
Reich, Ernst   
Reich, Johann (9. Panzer-Division)29-07-189801-03-1945more 
Reich, Karl   
Reich, Lorenz   
Reich, Reinhard   
Reich, Werner (Pionier-Bataillon 5)02-07-191711-06-1995 
Reich, Wilhelm   
Reichard, Gerhard07-03-191815-06-2003more 
Reichardt, Ludwig   
Reiche, Gustav-Adolf   
Reiche, Karl-Otto   
Reiche, Rudi   
Reiche, Werner02-11-191204-07-1973 
Reichel, Adolf   
Reichel, Herbert   
Reichel, Kurt   
Reichelt, Martin18-04-190522-09-1984more 
Reichelt, Meinhard   
Reichenbach, Georg   
Reichenbach, Werner   
Reicheneder, Josef   
Reichensperger, Bernhard   
Reichenthaler, Christian   
Reichert, Franz   
Reichert, Hans   
Reichert, Karl04-02-191326-11-1976 
Reichert, Karl (WH-Gren.Rgt. 332)   
Reichert, Karl-Heinz   
Reichert, Ludwig   
Reichert, Rudolf24-11-189310-03-1967more 
Reichert, Willy07-08-191119-10-1944more 
Reichhardt, Michael   
Reichmann, Erich   
Reichmann, Franz   
Reichmann, Walter   
Reichow, Otto   
Reichwald, Gerhard05-06-191908-10-1984 
Reidelshöfer, Georg   
Reier, Hans   
Reier, Joachim   
Reif, Anton   
Reif, Franz   
Reif, Hans29-03-1913 more 
Reif, Wilhelm   
Reiff, Hans   
Reiff, Walter   
Reifner, Egon05-03-191628-06-1980