Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse

At the beginning of the Second World War, the Iron Cross 2nd Class was still highly regarded. In later war years however it was rewarded with much more ease. Still most recipients would wear the award with the same amount of proud ness. The Iron Cross 2nd Class was the first grade within the Iron Cross that was to be obtained for an individual act of bravery.

The official criteria were the individual and single act of bravery in the face of the enemy or actions that were above and beyond the normal call of duty. The approximately three million awarded crosses were obtained by German Military, Axis military and civilian uniformed organisations.

The cross measures 44 mm in diameter and hangs from a ribbon in the colours black white and red. The wide red band in the middle is being flanked by two equal white bands that both again are being flanked by a black band. During the whole war the production was retained with a high quality. On the front side one can find a Swastika and the year 1939, while the obverse contains the year 1813 on the lower arm.

Almost all World War Two crosses were made out of three parts, the Iron core and a silver rim on the front and backside. The two silver rims were welded together, holding the iron core. The core was produced from iron and was blackened. This core made the Iron Cross to be magnetized. Some examples are not magnetized because they were produced with brass or cupper. This version was especially welcome with members of the Kriegmarine. This core lasted longer in the exposure of salty sea water. The rim was supposed to be made from silver, but more common was the use of “German Silver”, a less expensive alloy of cupper, zinc and nickel. At the top a ring was welded to hold the loop for the ribbon. On the loop one can often find the manufacturers name although it is not uncommon that no name is placed. Therefore the absence of the manufacturers name is not a criterion to classify the cross as original or not.

The Iron Cross could be received in two different ways. The most exclusive way was in a leather box. More common was the bleu coloured envelop with in gothic letters the words “Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse”. The presentation was accompanied with a standard document. The receiving was also to be written down in the recipients “Soldbuch”or “Wehrpass”. The document normally didn’t contain the reason for obtaining the Cross, although in some occasions it was written down on the backside of the document.

It was not usual to wear the decoration it self. In stead a ribbon was worn on the left breast of hanging from the second button hole of the tunic in the way of the former Prussian Army.

In 1957 a special version of the cross was produced. On this the Swastika was replaced with an oak leaf. The way military actions of the Second World War could be honoured without the use of the forbidden Nazi-symbols. Most veterans however choose to wear the decoration as a ribbon only. Most 1957 versions are of a lesser quality than wartime examples.

Springer, Heinrich Adolf Leopold* November 3rd, 1914
† October 27th, 2007

Borchers, Adolf* February 10th, 1913
† February 9th, 1996

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Gaasch, Kurt17-01-1909 more 
Gabbey, Heinrich  more 
Gabler, Ulrich, Prof.Ing.01-10-191324-02-1994 
Gabriel, Erdmann07-11-191128-01-1996 
Gabriel, Herbert08-05-192104-07-1942 
Gabriel, Manfred   
Gaderer, Johann  more 
Gadermann, Ernst25-12-191326-11-1973 
Gadringer, Gottfried02-10-192020-12-1943 
Gaebler, Friedrich   
Gaenshirt, Hans30-07-192322-12-2010more 
Gagneron, Jacques   
Gahm, Johann   
Gaigals, Roberts16-03-191315-04-1982 
Gaigl, Erich   
Gaillard, Raymond02-09-1914  
Gaisbauer, Alois12-10-190901-12-1944 
Gaiser, Otto05-10-191922-01-1944more 
Gaitars, Rudolfs29-05-190722-03-1945more 
Galandi, Rudolf   
Galda, Karl   
Galdins, Nikoljas09-10-190205-10-1945more 
Galinon, Ernest07-11-191300-00-2004 
Gall, Freiherr von, Waldemar15-03-190627-01-1965 
Gallach, Johann  more 
Galland, Adolf 'Dolfo' 'Keffer'19-03-191209-02-1996more 
Galland, Paul, 'Paulinchen'03-11-191931-10-1942 
Galland, Wilhelm-Ferdinand "Wutz"23-10-191417-08-1943more 
Galle, Friedrich18-04-191501-02-1945 
Galle, Hugo   
Galle, Josef07-01-191400-00-1943 
Gallien, Gilbert   
Gallowitsch, Bernhard, 'Bernd'23-02-191828-12-1983more 
Gallwitz, Heinz   
Gambert, Eugen   
Gammel, Ludwig18-01-189822-01-1944 
Gampe, Karl26-09-1915  
Gamringer, Johann00-00-191300-00-1982more 
Gangl, Josef "Sepp"12-09-191005-05-1945 
Gans, Ernst   
Gansmeier, Jakob30-05-190008-08-1944more 
Gante, Bengt08-07-191705-09-1942 
Gapp, Franz08-07-191908-09-2015more 
Garbe, Herbert09-09-1918  
Garber, Erich06-10-1918  
Garber, Hermann   
Garbers, Heinrich14-03-190918-12-1963 
García Andino, Manuel   
García Navarro, don, Antonio00-00-189026-08-1985more 
García Rebull, Tomás21-02-190728-04-1976 
García, Juan Pujol14-02-191210-10-1988 
García-Ciudad y Reig, Luis   
Garhammer, Isidor23-08-191414-11-1944 
Gartzen, von, Wirich   
Gaschler, Ernst09-10-191823-10-1944 
Gassmann, Werner   
Gast, Erwin00-00-190500-03-1945 
Gast, Robert28-03-192000-11-2011 
Gast, Wolfgang14-02-191908-05-1988 
Gastager, Roman31-07-191810-05-2009more 
Gasterstädt, Klaus02-06-1919  
Gathmann, Wilhelm29-08-1916  
Gaudecker-Zuch, von, Gerlach24-03-190911-03-1970more 
Gaudlitz, Fritz Adalbert30-06-190302-08-1941 
Gaudlitz, Werner   
Gauglitz, Herbert   
Gauglitz, Josef03-09-191804-02-1988 
Gaul, Wilhelm "Willi"13-11-191426-10-2001more 
Gaum, Albert15-10-192019-07-1977 
Gaupp-Berghausen, Reichsfreiherr von, Georg12-01-191823-03-1985more 
Gauß, Jürgen18-03-191804-09-1996 
Gayko, Werner22-05-192311-10-1994 
Gazen genannt von Gaza, von, Waldemar06-12-191713-01-2014more 
Gazzana-Priaroggia, Gianfranco30-08-191223-05-1943more 
Gaßmann, Peter04-12-191006-09-1965more 
Gaßner, Otto   
Gebert, Dr., Alois   
Gebhard, Albert   
Gebhard, Georg (WH-Sturm-infanterie-Regiment)18-07-190129-06-1945 
Gebhard, Georg Johann31-10-191112-11-1993 
Gebhardt, Georg29-04-190107-07-1975more 
Gebhardt, Karl16-01-1917  
Gebhardt, Rolf09-09-191520-10-2010 
Gebler, Karl   
Gebühr, Heinrich   
Gedenk, Arthur   
Geelhaar, Arno23-12-192014-12-2009 
Geelkerken, van, Willem16-02-192209-03-1944 
Geercken, Heinz   
Geerling, Günter   
Gefeller, Heinz11-06-1911 more 
Gegner, Hans   
Gehl, Friedrich30-12-191407-03-1987 
Gehlhaar, Siegfried   
Gehrig, Bernhard   
Gehring, Josef12-09-191611-08-1941 
Gehring, Oskar05-03-191204-10-1943more 
Gehrke, Kurt13-01-190324-10-1944 
Gehrmann, Gerhard01-05-192028-08-1990 
Gehrmann, Johannes, 'Hannes'19-11-192027-01-1944 
Gehrmann, Kuno13-05-191522-04-1943 
Gehrs, Fritz   
Geib, Peter   
Geick, Alfred 29-02-1968 
Geicke, Werner   
Geier, Franz Xaver29-08-191419-09-1944 
Geier, Rupert17-07-191417-06-1943more 
Geiersberger, Josef23-12-191910-05-1940 
Geiger, August06-05-192029-09-1943more 
Geiger, Georg05-08-192031-12-1980 
Geiger, Herbert03-10-191512-03-2004 
Geiger, Max   
Geiger, Xaver03-12-191420-07-1942 
Geisberg, Wilhelm21-10-191922-04-1945 
Geisberger, Johann13-07-192119-03-1944 
Geisberger, Josef   
Geisdorf, Erwin   
Geisen, Josef02-08-192318-08-1944 
Geisendorf, Fritz-Adolf07-12-1909 more 
Geisendorfer, Gilbert26-08-192108-03-2017more 
Geisendorfer, Helmut   
Geisler, Erwin   
Geisler, Herbert (LW-Kampfgeschwader)26-10-191212-04-1995more 
Geisler, Kurt Karl28-01-191406-09-1943 
Geisler, Rudolf29-03-191113-04-1944 
Geisler, Siegfried29-01-191201-08-2003 
Geismann, Johannes "Hans"20-06-192015-08-1994more 
Geisslinger, Walter   
Geißhardt, Friedrich "Fritz"22-01-191906-04-1943more 
Geißler, Gottfried17-10-191421-07-2006more 
Geißler, Helmut04-07-190615-12-1943 
Geißler, Karl17-10-191107-08-1994 
Geißler, Willy16-11-191913-12-2003 
Gekle, Clemens Maria Benno04-03-191505-09-1999more 
Gelbhaar, Rudi24-01-191524-11-2002 
Gelchsheimer, Werner   
Gelfert, Horst03-03-191531-01-1945 
Gelhausen, Hans22-04-191612-06-1984 
Gelke, Ernst   
Gellert, Christian06-03-192122-08-1983 
Gellert, Karl-Heinz   
Gellhorn, Roland16-04-191622-04-1945 
Geltinger, Dionys30-09-190728-03-1977 
Gemmel, Karl   
Gemmingen-Guttenberg, Freiherr von, Philipp   
Gemsjäger, Alfred07-01-191502-09-1944 
Gemünden, Otto30-05-191408-12-2007 
Genal, Kurt17-00-191813-04-1943 
Geng, Volkmar 30-01-1943 
Gennerich, Max24-02-191330-07-1990 
Genrich, Oskar18-09-191910-01-1943more 
Gensberger, Ludwig23-07-191923-02-1945 
Gensicke, Otto   
Genz, Herbert   
Genzel, Karl-Heinz22-12-192016-04-2004 
Genzow, Joachim13-12-191507-03-1989 
Georg, Walter   
Georgi, Lothar03-03-192021-07-2005 
Geppert, Erich31-12-191208-02-1966 
Geraedts, Hans   
Gerbel, Anton07-11-192001-04-1944 
Gerber, Arthur29-05-191606-02-1945 
Gerber, Kurt10-01-1913  
Gerdes, Alwin   
Gerdes, Hinrich16-04-191313-04-1973 
Gerdes, Wilhelm   
Gerdts, Hans15-11-191324-04-1946 
Gerhard, Georg   
Gerhardt, Paul  more 
Gerhold, Walther   
Gericke, Walter23-12-190719-10-1991more 
Gerigk, August   
Gerike, Kurt   
Gerke, Siegfried30-04-191709-10-1998more 
Gerken, Hermann   
Gerl, Franz Xaver16-11-191413-06-1980more 
Gerlach, Albert   
Gerlach, Clemens30-06-1916  
Gerlach, Gustav05-03-190512-04-1944 
Gerlach, Heinrich (8. Zerstörerflottille)31-08-190627-06-1988 
Gerlach, Heinrich (XI-Fliegerkorps)18-12-191220-10-1993 
Gerlach, Jürgen01-09-191213-10-1983 
Gerlach, Karl (WH-Pz.Rgt. 35)05-08-191419-03-1991 
Gerlach, Ludwig14-10-191927-02-2001 
Gerlach, Waldemar23-02-191321-07-1995 
Gerlich, Robert   
Gerling, Theodor16-01-191620-08-2009 
Germer, Alfred07-06-191401-03-1945 
Germer, Ernst15-12-191713-10-1990 
Gernandt, Jakob09-07-1911  
Gernt, Theo08-03-192301-01-2004more 
Gerold, Max08-09-1923  
Gers, Walter09-06-191614-05-1940 
Gersdorff, Freiherr von, Rudolf-Christoph27-03-190526-01-1980 
Gersdorff, von, Curt-Ulrich17-12-190202-07-1968 
Gersmann, Erich   
Gerstenberg, Wilhelm13-05-191326-04-1944 
Gerstenmeier, Karl00-00-1904 more 
Gerstenschläger, Horst   
Gerstmeier, Heinz29-04-1917 more 
Gerstner, Rudolf   
Gerstner, Siegfried16-11-1916  
Gerth, Walter14-12-191410-01-1995 
Geschke, Waldemar10-06-192308-04-1944 
Geschwill, Heinz25-04-192006-05-2009 
Gessler, Kurt16-08-1907  
Gessner, Harald28-01-192118-03-1944 
Geurts, Julius "Juul"24-02-192309-01-1943 
Gewecke, Wilhelm   
Gewehr, Hans11-04-191604-08-1944 
Geyer, Heinrich02-09-191608-11-1944 
Geyer, Heinrich (WH-Grenadier)12-05-191107-10-1944 
Geyer, Horst12-03-191308-11-1996 
Geyer, Rolf10-11-1910  
Geßner, Viktor   
Gider, Otto18-02-1917 more 
Giehrl, Walter01-04-191623-11-1944 
Giele, Max01-01-1908  
Gielnik, Albert17-04-191923-02-1945 
Gierend, Oswald 24-11-1943 
Gierga, Kurt03-03-190925-06-1961 
Gierhardt, Heinrich22-10-191830-10-1996 
Giersdorf, Helmuth  more 
Gierster, Franz   
Gies, Alfred07-04-191221-05-1993 
Giese, Gerhard11-02-1908  
Giese, Horst13-10-191113-07-1977 
Giese, Karl11-10-190419-09-1980 
Giesecke, Albert   
Giesecke, Otto   
Giesewetter, Herbert09-09-1922  
Giesing, Eugen22-09-1919  
Giffhorn, Karl-Heinz12-03-191917-09-1983 
Gihr, Gustav   
Gilbers, Karl   
Gilbert, Erich24-01-191516-02-1945 
Gilbert, Erwin   
Gilbert, Kurt20-12-191300-07-2008more 
Gilbert, Wilhelm10-04-1924  
Gildner, Paul01-02-191424-02-1943 
Gill, Fritz   
Gillner, Dr., Heinz11-02-1914  
Gilow, Peter-Eckhardt Arno Hermann13-03-191808-11-1992more 
Gimpel, Blasius02-11-1912  
Girg, Walter13-08-191925-07-2010 
Girsig, Walter15-09-191204-09-1944 
Gladewitz, Herbert22-02-191621-09-2000 
Glase, Willi26-04-1905  
Glaser, Franz11-09-1914 more 
Glaser, Wolfgang24-02-191904-02-1945 
Glasner, Günther26-08-1917  
Glasow, Jürgen02-01-191412-07-1943 
Glatz, Josef "Sepp"   
Gleis, Bernhard   
Glemann, Hans-Joachim   
Glembotzki, Walter13-04-191722-04-1979 
Gliemann, Paul01-09-190903-03-1945more 
Glimm, Ottomar21-08-191908-07-1943 
Glinski, von, Josef13-07-1920  
Globocnik, Odilo21-04-190431-05-1945more 
Glock, Friedrich   
Gloddek, August14-05-1912 more 
Gloge, Reinhold18-02-191603-03-1997more 
Glosse, Dr., Hermann  more 
Glunz, Adolf11-06-191801-08-2002more 
Glück, Hansjoachim   
Gläsche, Dieter   
Gläser, Alexander04-01-191413-09-2003more 
Gläser, Friedrich   
Gläser, Helmut   
Glätzer, Karl01-02-191513-09-2013more 
Glöckner, Gerhard   
Gnaden, Erhard Franz13-02-190516-11-1967 
Gneikow, Fritz10-03-191212-12-1944 
Gnoth, Gerhard11-09-190106-12-1989 
Gobert, Ernst-Ascan07-09-191902-11-1944 
Gobion, Lucien Raymond09-03-190323-03-1991 
Gockel, Franz   
Gockel, Heinz-Ludwig06-10-191910-03-1943 
Gockel, Walter06-09-191626-12-1942 
Godbersen, Thomas   
Godde, Johannes27-08-191416-08-1977 
Goden, Emil11-02-191607-03-1949 
Godenau, Arthur19-01-190616-02-1983 
Godin, Alphonse22-06-1899  
Godlsamer, Albert05-12-191405-09-1942 
Godo, Hans-Joachim   
Goebel, Günter14-11-191710-09-1993 
Goecke, Fritz25-04-1904 more 
Goedecke, Heinz  more 
Goertz, Ernst22-09-1914 more 
Goertz, Friedrich   
Goes, Hinrich   
Gohle, Gerhard   
Gohle, Hubert   
Goiginger, Franz09-08-191824-09-1944 
Golbach, Paul14-07-191518-10-2004 
Golbs, Herbert   
Goldberg, Karl-Heinz29-11-191912-01-2012 
Goldbrunner, Jakob12-08-192013-04-1978 
Goldenbaum, Paul   
Goldhammer, Günther08-07-1919  
Goldschmidt, Karl13-11-192129-12-2004 
Golla, Rudolf15-02-191023-02-2011 
Gollas, Josef12-12-191422-11-1980 
Gollé, Josef00-00-1895  
Gollert-Hansen, Hans-Detlef03-11-191306-03-1945more 
Gollnick, Klaus   
Gollob, Gordon Mac16-06-191207-09-1987more 
Gomille, Herbert15-08-1913  
Gorges, Michael Frank   
Gorontzi, Richard21-02-192021-10-1943 
Gosau, Rudolf  more 
Goschau, August   
Gosemann, Heinz   
Gothe, Walter   
Gottberg, von, Wilhelm   
Gottfried, Aloys   
Gotthardt, Cuno   
Gotthardt, Hans01-10-1911 more 
Gottler, Ludwig   
Gottlieb, Walter   
Gottschalk, Fritz   
Gottschalk, Herbert26-09-1919  
Gottschlich, Peter   
Gottstein, Rainer10-08-191013-02-1945 
Gottwald, Rudolf   
Gottwalles, Paul21-09-191814-03-2003 
Gotz, Rudolf Willi09-03-1916 more 
Grabendorffer, Max26-10-1917 more 
Grabengießer, Fritz   
Graber, Heinz09-03-191230-01-1943 
Grabert, Siegfried11-01-191625-07-1942 
Grabmann, Walter20-09-190520-08-1992 
Grabner, Maximilian02-10-190528-01-1948 
Grabowski, Josef27-01-191300-04-1945 
Grabrucker, Benno   
Grade, Friedrich-Wilhelm29-03-1916  
Gradinger, Gottfried 20-12-1943 
Gradinger, Karl17-09-192019-08-1943 
Gradl, Hans08-12-190310-03-1980 
Gradl, Martin   
Graeser, Günther30-10-191509-11-1944 
Graevenitz, von, Hans Jürgen01-12-1923  
Graf, Albert   
Graf, Alois (Aufklärungs-Abteilung 7)14-09-190808-04-1945 
Graf, Anton08-04-1920 more 
Graf, Eduard11-01-192222-04-1945 
Graf, Erich   
Graf, Fritz   
Graf, Hermann24-10-191204-11-1988more 
Graf, Josef   
Graf, Kurt13-12-1920 more 
Grafe, Wolfhard   
Grafenauer, Alois   
Grafenkamp, Greta   
Gralka, Hubert   
Graml, Franz   
Gramm, Herbert14-07-1921  
Grammel, Friedrich 17-02-1944 
Grammel, Hans   
Gran, Franz29-11-1914  
Grandis, Karl   
Grandt, Franz  more 
Granitza, Bruno Herbert31-05-191308-05-1945 
Granitzer, Hans12-11-1917  
Granitzki, Kurt   
Granow, Herbert   
Gransee, Georg29-06-191723-01-1945 
Granzow, Ernst   
Grascher, Simon18-12-192014-07-1943 
Graschtat, Paul   
Grasemann, Walter03-07-191726-11-2007 
Graser, Ludwig09-06-1915  
Grass, Oscar   
Grassau, Fritz09-09-190520-04-1945 
Grasser, Hartmann23-08-191402-06-1986 
Grasser, Rudolf20-04-191813-09-1992 
Grassl, Anton02-10-191415-09-1944 
Gratz, Karl14-01-191914-03-2002 
Grau, Horst30-03-1920  
Grau, Peter-Ottmar03-05-191507-10-1994 
Graubner, Reinhard02-08-191503-11-1986 
Grauer, Otto10-02-191513-11-1943more 
Graul, Gustav   
Graulich, Heinrich   
Graun, Friedrich-Wilhelm11-03-1916  
Graupner, Arthur   
Grauting, August23-07-190804-07-1941 
Gravenreuth, Freiherr von, Siegmund-Ulrich21-10-190916-10-1944more 
Graßegger, Karl   
Graßmann, Dieter13-01-192014-08-1991 
Graßmann, Josef16-07-190721-02-1986 
Graßmel, Franz08-06-190630-06-1985more 
Graßmuck, Berthold13-01-191718-10-1942 
Grebarsche, Gerhard15-02-191311-01-1992 
Grebing, Paul   
Grebler, Max06-01-1911  
Grechza, Ernst 00-00-1941 
Greck, Franz18-04-192112-09-2003 
Greese, Otto03-05-192002-11-1943 
Greger, Kurt   
Gregor, Rudolf08-02-191900-09-1944 
Grehl, Heinz12-02-191303-01-1997 
Greib, Philipp13-10-1919  
Greim, Alfred Bruno Eduard08-08-190219-05-1943more 
Greiner, Andreas25-03-192121-02-1984more 
Greiner, Erwin   
Greiner, Georg-Hermann02-01-192026-09-2014 
Greiser, Hans   
Greisert, Karl-Heinz02-02-190822-07-1942 
Greiter, Hans26-08-192001-10-2002more 
Grelke, Georg   
Gremmels, Herbert   
Grenouillet, Jean30-05-192500-06-2007 
Grenzel, Gerhard13-05-191510-01-1944 
Gresiak, Horst17-02-192022-02-1995 
Gressler, Richard   
Gresslinger, Josef   
Greten, Horst   
Gretschmann, Josef13-02-191408-09-1965 
Greve, Carl-Heinz Antonius17-10-192021-05-1998more 
Grever, Konrad30-07-191520-05-1942 
Grewe, Josef09-09-190820-05-1962 
Grewendorf, Erhard   
Griebel, Theo   
Grieme, Wilhelm "Willi"04-10-191431-07-2005 
Grieser, Maximilian Joseph   
Griesinger, Albert   
Griesinger, Herbert06-11-192003-03-1995 
Griesmayer, Hans03-12-191618-10-1944more 
Grießbach, Gerhard   
Grießig, Gerhard   
Grießmayr, Peter25-08-191830-04-1944 
Grigat, Edwin Günther   
Grillenberger, Rudolf21-03-1914 more 
Grimaldi, Henri   
Grimberg, Heinz14-08-191615-10-1999more 
Grimm, Adalbert   
Grimm, Franz01-05-1921  
Grimm, Heinz18-04-192013-10-1943 
Grimm, Paul   
Grimm, Werner   
Grimm, Wilhelm  more 
Grimminger, Johannes06-06-191416-04-1945 
Grimmler, Kurt   
Grislawski, Alfred02-11-191919-09-2003 
Grobler, Karl  more 
Grodde, Werner22-07-191407-10-2003more 
Groebe, Manfred06-10-192324-04-1945 
Groeben, von der, Peter09-12-190329-05-2002 
Groh, Hans   
Groh, Hubert   
Grohe, Kurt   
Grohe, Walter22-09-191525-10-1944 
Grohmann, Franz16-10-191907-04-2000more 
Grohme, Wilhelm  more 
Groll, von, Max05-10-191010-05-1945more 
Grolman, von, Friedrich07-07-191305-07-2004 
Gromeike, Gustav20-07-191316-10-1944more 
Gromotka, Fritz02-06-191502-11-1979 
Gromöller, Franz19-03-191622-09-1944 
Gronmeyer, Hugo15-02-190726-05-1983 
Grons, Josef13-08-190919-03-1966 
Groot, Günther  more 
Gros, Karl10-11-191121-03-1992 
Grosche, Heinrich   
Groscheck, Johann22-12-191016-06-1967 
Grosse, Gert25-04-191108-12-1982 
Grosser, Fritz-Joachim   
Grossi, Enzo20-04-190801-08-1960 
Grosskopf, Theodor   
Grosskopf, Walter  more 
Grote, Ernst-Albert05-08-191408-10-1973more 
Grote, Freiherr, Horst12-05-191205-06-2008 
Grote, Karl-Georg   
Grote, Wilhelm11-08-1912 more 
Groth, Erich04-01-190711-08-1941 
Groth, Heinz08-01-190628-04-1994more 
Grothaus, Hermann22-08-192109-04-2009 
Grotheer, Siegfried-Hermann03-07-190719-12-1991 
Grotz, Georg05-02-1921  
Groß von Trockau, Freiherr, Karl   
Groß, Alois  more 
Groß, Dr., Kurt05-06-191228-12-1977 
Groß, Helmut27-12-191022-10-2004more 
Groß, Kurt14-09-191423-01-1944 
Groß, Martin15-04-191101-03-1984 
Großjohann, Georg26-04-191128-06-1992 
Großlaub, Herbert Richard06-05-190600-04-1945more 
Großmann, Else   
Großmann, Fridolin   
Großmann, Hugo12-03-191430-01-1944 
Großrock, Alfred02-01-191805-04-1945more 
Gruber, Fritz   
Gruber, Heinz 18-06-2016 
Gruber, Max14-07-191605-09-1944 
Gruber, Rudolf (Luftwaffe)11-02-1920 more 
Gruber, Rudolf (Waffen SS)01-10-191323-09-1982more