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Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse

At the beginning of the Second World War, the Iron Cross 2nd Class was still highly regarded. In later war years however it was rewarded with much more ease. Still most recipients would wear the award with the same amount of proud ness. The Iron Cross 2nd Class was the first grade within the Iron Cross that was to be obtained for an individual act of bravery.

The official criteria were the individual and single act of bravery in the face of the enemy or actions that were above and beyond the normal call of duty. The approximately three million awarded crosses were obtained by German Military, Axis military and civilian uniformed organisations.

The cross measures 44 mm in diameter and hangs from a ribbon in the colours black white and red. The wide red band in the middle is being flanked by two equal white bands that both again are being flanked by a black band. During the whole war the production was retained with a high quality. On the front side one can find a Swastika and the year 1939, while the obverse contains the year 1813 on the lower arm.

Almost all World War Two crosses were made out of three parts, the Iron core and a silver rim on the front and backside. The two silver rims were welded together, holding the iron core. The core was produced from iron and was blackened. This core made the Iron Cross to be magnetized. Some examples are not magnetized because they were produced with brass or cupper. This version was especially welcome with members of the Kriegmarine. This core lasted longer in the exposure of salty sea water. The rim was supposed to be made from silver, but more common was the use of “German Silver”, a less expensive alloy of cupper, zinc and nickel. At the top a ring was welded to hold the loop for the ribbon. On the loop one can often find the manufacturers name although it is not uncommon that no name is placed. Therefore the absence of the manufacturers name is not a criterion to classify the cross as original or not.

The Iron Cross could be received in two different ways. The most exclusive way was in a leather box. More common was the bleu coloured envelop with in gothic letters the words “Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse”. The presentation was accompanied with a standard document. The receiving was also to be written down in the recipients “Soldbuch”or “Wehrpass”. The document normally didn’t contain the reason for obtaining the Cross, although in some occasions it was written down on the backside of the document.

It was not usual to wear the decoration it self. In stead a ribbon was worn on the left breast of hanging from the second button hole of the tunic in the way of the former Prussian Army.

In 1957 a special version of the cross was produced. On this the Swastika was replaced with an oak leaf. The way military actions of the Second World War could be honoured without the use of the forbidden Nazi-symbols. Most veterans however choose to wear the decoration as a ribbon only. Most 1957 versions are of a lesser quality than wartime examples.

Springer, Heinrich Adolf Leopold* November 3rd, 1914
† October 27th, 2007

Bidermann, Gottlob-Herbert (Gren.Reg.437)* August 28th, 1920
† September 1st, 2010

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Raab, Alexander12-07-192113-08-2014 
Raab, Franz   
Raab, Josef03-02-192115-05-1963 
Raab, Paul 23-10-1943more 
Raabe, Ernst05-02-190705-04-1945 
Raabe, Günter06-03-191620-07-1977 
Raabe, Ruth   
Raaf, Friedrich25-03-192014-03-2002more 
Raaij, van, H.   
Rab, Johann18-04-191230-03-1943 
Rabben, Herbert26-08-191825-03-1995 
Rabe, Friedrich "Fritz"   
Rabe, Paul   
Rabien, Hermann (Kampfgeschwader 51 "Edelweiss")06-12-1911  
Rachbauer, Alois (Inf.Rgt.)16-10-191619-02-1943 
Rackl, Peter14-06-192430-09-1944 
Racovita, Mihail07-03-188928-06-1954 
Rade, Hans-Dietrich   
Radeck, Kurt11-01-191030-03-1944 
Radel, Hans19-04-191513-03-1993 
Rademacher, Rudolf "Rudi"19-06-191313-06-1953 
Rademaker, Hans23-03-1915  
Rademann, Emil25-09-192501-04-1982 
Radener, Waldemar24-01-192108-01-1957more 
Radermacher, Karl12-12-192209-10-2016more 
Radesinsky, Albert07-10-191307-11-1943 
Radici, Georges00-00-191824-07-1947 
Radochla, Helmut03-01-191310-11-1990 
Radojewski, Johann10-10-1917  
Radtke, Erich   
Radtke, Otto (WH-Div.Füs.Btl. (A.A.) 1)   
Radtke, Werner30-03-191915-01-1998 
Radusch, Günther11-11-191229-07-1988more 
Radwan, Oskar31-07-189418-06-1942 
Radü, Friedrich20-11-1909  
Radziwill, Herbert   
Raeder, Kurt07-01-191309-04-1985 
Rafoth, Heinz06-01-1923  
Rahlenbeck, Robert12-04-192302-12-2008 
Rahm, Franz 22-07-1943 
Rahm, Hans   
Raich, Bruno (Stu.Gesch.Abt. 189)14-05-191629-12-1941 
Raith, Alois05-05-1920  
Raith, Heinrich26-07-191423-09-1982 
Raith, Max 29-12-1944 
Raithel, Helmut09-04-190712-09-1990 
Raithel, Heribert14-06-191014-07-1976 
Rakowitz, von, Andreas11-01-192022-11-1981 
Rall, Carl02-12-191325-11-1995 
Rall, Günther10-03-191804-10-2009more 
Ramberg, Per   
Rambow, Günther11-02-191914-06-1995 
Rambow, Otto (Artillerie-Regiment 12)02-08-1917  
Rambow, Richard30-12-191726-10-1943 
Rambusek, Anton   
Ramin, von, Hans-Georg11-07-191605-12-1949 
Rammelt, Karl10-06-191413-05-2009 
Rammelt, Siegfried18-12-191421-03-1944more 
Rampel, Josef05-04-191517-11-1943 
Rampf, Alois16-06-191619-05-1994 
Ramser, Günther27-03-190620-08-1983 
Ranck, Werner25-10-190407-12-1989more 
Randloff, Klaus01-04-191923-04-1945 
Rank, Heinz   
Rann, Willy15-09-1916  
Rannersmann, Rolf07-12-191524-02-1978 
Rantzau, Graf zu, Hans-Friedrich10-11-191828-09-1944 
Rapp, Friedel   
Rapp, Georg   
Rappard, van, Ernst Hermann30-10-189911-01-1953 
Rappel, August31-07-191122-11-1984 
Rappholz, Walter04-06-191230-09-1991more 
Rappl, Fritz15-05-1915  
Rappl, Ludwig28-01-192114-03-1997 
Rappolder, Georg   
Rapräger, Ernst-Wilhelm15-09-191816-02-2008 
Rascanescu, Gheorghe30-01-190000-00-1967 
Rasch, Hermann26-08-191410-06-1974 
Rasche, Egon   
Raschke, Wilhelm   
Rass, Friedrich27-06-191614-02-1994 
Rasser, Arno   
Rast, Johann21-04-191431-08-1944 
Rastl, Alfred04-12-1922  
Ratajczak, Edmund (s.Pz.Abt. 507)13-02-191629-10-1998more 
Rath, Ernst03-08-191009-03-1990 
Rath, Gerhard Ferdinand Otto06-06-192011-01-1977 
Rath, Hermann19-02-1905 more 
Rathei, Johann15-02-192413-08-1944 
Rathelbeck, Hans00-00-1902  
Rathjens, Harald   
Rathke, Helmut03-12-191007-10-2001 
Ratzke, Wilhelm06-05-191027-12-1977 
Rau, Horst   
Rau, Wilhelm12-04-191513-01-1945 
Rauch, Alfred29-12-191725-03-1991 
Rauch, Helmuth   
Rauch, Josef Alois27-02-190214-08-1984more 
Rauch, Karl-Heinz11-03-192026-06-1944 
Rauch, Wolfgang   
Rauer, Karl07-08-191307-05-1946 
Rauff, Walter19-06-190614-05-1984 
Rauh, Paul-Hubert15-11-191330-08-2005more 
Raum, Otto   
Raus, Erhard08-01-188903-04-1956more 
Rausche, Karl05-10-1911 more 
Rauschenbusch, Hermann31-08-190822-12-1981 
Rauter, Johann Baptist Albin "Hanns Albin"04-02-189525-03-1949more 
Rebane, Alfons Vilhelm Robert24-06-190808-03-1976 
Rebentisch, Ernst31-01-192003-12-2013 
Reber, Gustav-Peter05-06-191926-03-2000more 
Reber, Willy08-07-192105-07-1944 
Rebhan, Johann02-02-1910  
Rebholz, Robert30-03-191504-03-1999 
Rebmann, Xaver   
Rech, Erich15-12-192104-10-1944 
Reche, Reinhart13-12-191503-03-1993 
Rechel, Curt01-12-190210-08-1973more 
Reck, Erwin   
Reck, Max02-12-1911 more 
Recktenwald, Horst   
Recktenwald, Nikolaus20-06-191316-03-1944more 
Recktenwald, Wolf12-08-191715-03-2005 
Recktor, Konstantin02-03-1917 more 
Reddehase, Georg   
Redder, Josef16-02-192302-08-1943 
Reden, Dr.phil., von, Edzard19-03-190516-10-1987 
Reder, Engelhard26-01-192029-11-1968 
Reder, Walter04-02-191526-04-1991 
Redick, Gerhard   
Redieck, Karl05-04-1915  
Rediess, Friedrich Wilhelm Otto10-10-190008-05-1945more 
Redlich, Karl-Wolfgang13-12-191429-05-1944more 
Reeb, Adolf22-08-192025-12-1944 
Reeder, Günther02-11-1915  
Reese, Karl27-04-1916  
Regener, Walter29-11-1916  
Regeniter, Alfred13-01-192220-07-2016 
Regneri, Edmund  more 
Rehbein, Ernst15-10-1914 more 
Rehbein, Max H.09-12-191813-11-2015more 
Rehenberg, Bernhard11-10-1916 more 
Rehfeld, Wolfgang   
Rehhäuser, Karl28-03-191402-01-1945more 
Rehle, Siegfried04-08-191530-12-1942 
Rehm, Albrecht   
Rehm, Erich04-01-191406-08-1992more 
Rehm, Ernst27-01-191504-05-1970 
Rehm, Hans22-12-190307-10-1986more 
Rehmer, Richard16-09-190925-02-1945 
Rehn, Günther   
Rehnitz, Konrad23-05-191427-12-1994 
Rehse, Ernst   
Reibstein, Günter01-02-1914 more 
Reich, Dr., Johann (9. Panzer-Division)29-07-189801-03-1945more 
Reich, Hans   
Reich, Heinz Kurt03-07-1919 more 
Reich, Johann (Grenadier-Regiment 411)11-08-192309-08-2010 
Reich, Werner (Pionier-Bataillon 5)02-07-191711-06-1995 
Reich, Werner (Wh-Infanterie)17-09-190725-01-1944 
Reichard, Gerhard07-03-191815-06-2003more 
Reichardt, Hans-Ludwig18-04-190402-02-1944 
Reichborn-Kjennerud, Egil04-02-190310-04-1974 
Reiche, Werner02-11-191204-07-1973 
Reichel, Eckart   
Reichel, Erwin11-03-191128-02-1943more 
Reichel, Helmuth11-09-191204-04-2004 
Reichelt, Martin18-04-190522-09-1984more 
Reichelt, Richard   
Reichelt, Rudolf   
Reicheneder, Fred   
Reicheneder, Josef   
Reichenspurner, Johann (Hans)15-03-192314-07-1944 
Reichert, Karl04-02-191326-11-1976 
Reichert, Kurt01-04-1915  
Reichert, Willy07-08-191119-10-1944more 
Reichhold, Otto15-02-191611-11-1999 
Reichmann, Erich   
Reichmann, Heinz30-07-191924-06-1944 
Reichwald, Gerhard05-06-191908-10-1984 
Reif, Anton   
Reif, Hans29-03-1913 more 
Reifenschweiler, Hubert   
Reim, Ferdinand  more 
Reimann, Gustav   
Reimann, Hans (Grenadier-Regiment 358)17-05-191731-01-1945 
Reimann, Herbert (Grenadier-Regiment 44)24-02-191818-04-2002 
Reimann, Wilhelm24-03-191430-12-1990 
Reimar, Gustav24-04-191023-03-1945more 
Reimers, Heinrich11-05-192408-08-1944 
Reimling, Hans17-01-191807-03-1943 
Reimpell, Gerhard23-04-191010-11-2005 
Rein, Gerhard   
Reinau, Ernst12-04-1922  
Reinbacher, Leander26-02-192117-11-1992 
Reindl, Johann   
Reineck, Rudi Heinz Kurt29-06-191820-01-1942 
Reinecke, Gerhard02-01-191421-03-1992 
Reinecke, Karl-Heinz   
Reinecker, Helmut13-05-1924  
Reinecker, Wilhelm15-12-192615-11-2016 
Reinefarth, Heinrich25-12-190307-05-1979more 
Reineke, Ewald08-12-192124-11-2002 
Reineking, Paul19-04-191426-06-1944 
Reiner, Peter01-02-191405-06-1943 
Reinert, Ernst-Wilhelm02-02-191905-09-2007more 
Reinfurth, Gerhard   
Reinhardt, Arnold10-05-192110-02-1970 
Reinhardt, Friedrich   
Reinhardt, Heinrich   
Reinhardt, Hellmuth27-06-190016-09-1989 
Reinhardt, Herbert   
Reinhardt, Johann   
Reinhardt, Karl (Bau-Bataillon 55)16-05-1908  
Reinhardt, Karl (Grenadier-Regiment 578)   
Reinhardt, Richard   
Reinhardt, Wilhelm15-02-191506-03-1981 
Reinhold, Franz   
Reinhold, Hermann   
Reinhold, Leo-Hermann22-02-190626-10-1961 
Reinholds, Voldemars23-06-190304-07-1986 
Reinicke, Hansjürgen10-08-190229-01-1978more 
Reinke, Heinrich30-10-191403-03-1984 
Reinking, Hans-Henner   
Reinlein Calzada, Guillermo   
Reinsdorf, Otto   
Reinwald, Max01-09-190308-06-1969more 
Reisch, Hans   
Reisecker, Franz   
Reisenbauer, Herbert (Schlachtgeschwader 3)   
Reisenhofer, Rupert   
Reiser, Horst   
Reiser, Ludwig   
Reiser, Richard   
Reisinger, Karl06-03-191011-02-1942 
Reissinger, Dr. theol., Walter12-07-190518-09-1986 
Reissmann, Werner06-04-191521-08-1963 
Reissnauer, Karl18-12-1918  
Reissner, Georg   
Reiter, Anton   
Reiter, Hans20-04-192015-08-1944more 
Reiter, Johann20-04-191114-10-1944 
Reiter, Johann Josef12-12-192015-05-1944 
Reiter, Ludwig   
Reitinger, Mathias   
Reitsch, Hanna29-03-191224-08-1979 
Reitterer, Walter   
Reittinger, Otto12-10-191808-08-1944 
Reitzenstein, Freiherr von, Albin04-03-191130-11-1943 
Reiß, Karl   
Reißmüller, Richard29-03-1908  
Remberg, Josef Friedrich23-06-191829-03-1991 
Rembold, Alois   
Remer, Erich   
Remer, Hans17-03-1904  
Remer, Otto-Ernst18-08-191204-10-1997more 
Remmer, Hans17-08-192002-04-1944 
Remmert, Heinz-Hermann28-03-192229-04-2017 
Remold, Josef13-01-190209-10-1985 
Remy, Henri Léon03-07-191000-04-1945 
Rendl, Otto20-03-191623-05-1968 
Rendulic, Dr. jur., Lothar23-10-188717-01-1971more 
Renes, Marie24-11-192200-00-1944 
Reng, Alfons   
Renger, Rudi01-06-1921  
Renisch, Paul-Ernst02-07-191725-01-1998more 
Renkel, Friedrich   
Rennecke, Rudolf19-06-191503-03-1986more 
Rennefahrt, Paul04-07-191630-01-1943 
Renner, Alois   
Renner, Horst19-01-1920  
Renner, Wilhelm17-04-191503-06-1982 
Rennert, Johann09-04-1917  
Rennert, Walter (WH-Pz.Gren.Rgt.)   
Rennhack, Günther21-11-191725-06-1996 
Rensch, Erwin23-04-1909  
Renschler, Helmut18-04-192005-11-1999 
Renteln, von, Carlotto "Karl"   
Rentrop, Fritz19-11-191702-02-1945more 
Rentsch, Helmut   
Rentsch, Hugo   
Rentschler, Emil Heinrich29-03-191228-12-1984more 
Rentschler, Helmut   
Rentzow, Adolf   
Rentzow, Adolf-Friedrich29-07-191701-06-1944more 
Rentzsch, Fritz22-02-191426-11-1944more 
Rentzsch, Werner20-01-1921  
Renz, Gerhard22-07-191016-02-1946 
Renz, Gottlieb12-09-191103-01-1945more 
Renz, Joachim05-10-191923-10-1944 
Renzl, Stefan30-07-191218-09-1943 
Resch, Anton26-11-192116-07-1975 
Resch, Josef02-12-192210-06-1944 
Resch, Rudolf07-04-191411-07-1943more 
Reschke, Franz-Georg26-05-190801-12-1996 
Reschke, Theodor   
Reschke, Willi03-02-192205-07-2017 
Respondek, Albert   
Restemeyer, Hermann   
Rettberg, Rudolf25-11-191628-10-1981 
Rettberg, von, Ralph01-03-191125-02-2004 
Rettemeier, Josef-Wilhelm17-09-191419-12-1997more 
Rettiek, Arthur12-09-1921  
Rettlinger, Karl08-02-191314-06-1990more 
Retz, Martin04-11-1912  
Retzlaff, Karl29-07-191407-04-2003 
Retzlaff, Wilhelm Karleman27-03-191801-04-1978more 
Reumayr, Johann (Hans)23-06-191929-07-1944 
Reumuth, Siegfried   
Reunert, Emil05-11-191515-01-1945 
Reuppert, Hermann   
Reusch, Ernst10-09-191626-01-1945 
Reusch, Walter   
Reuss, Franz17-04-190405-06-1992 
Reussner, Rudolf10-01-191818-12-1987more 
Reuter, Alfred10-07-191311-10-1943 
Reuter, August27-09-191109-02-1945more 
Reuter, Benno27-12-191118-12-1980more 
Reuter, Erich30-03-190430-10-1989more 
Reuter, Erich (WH-Panzerjäger-Abteilung 519)20-10-191420-03-2010 
Reuter, Friedrich   
Reuter, Kurt03-10-191910-03-1985 
Reuter, Max   
Reuter, von, Derfflinger04-02-191513-04-1945 
Reuß, Fritz   
Reuß, Prinz, Heinrich IV.26-10-191920-06-2012 
Reverchon, Heinz11-04-192123-01-1999 
Rewerts, Erich10-11-1914  
Reyst, Martin Etienne25-11-192200-00-1944 
Režňák, Ján14-04-191919-09-2007more 
Režòák, Ján19-09-1907  
Rhein, Ernst-Martin06-04-191720-04-2016 
Rhein, Joseph08-05-191715-02-2005more 
Rheinschild, Wilhelm   
Ribbentrop, von, Rudolf11-05-192120-05-2019more 
Richter, Alfred (Lw-Flak)   
Richter, Bernd   
Richter, Bruno23-11-191406-06-1993more 
Richter, Emil22-12-191901-01-1980 
Richter, Franz01-10-192200-00-1980more 
Richter, Friedrich27-08-191016-06-1969more 
Richter, Friedrich (Grenadier-Regiment 698)  more 
Richter, Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich "Fritz"09-05-191130-08-1989 
Richter, Gerhard   
Richter, Gerhard (WL-Lehrgeschwader 1)21-11-191312-03-1995more 
Richter, Hans (Infanterie-Regiment 121)15-04-191422-09-1944 
Richter, Hans-Heinrich22-06-192002-06-1977more 
Richter, Hans-Joachim   
Richter, Heinrich00-00-191200-00-1972more 
Richter, Heinz (Fallschirm-Pionier-Bataillon 5)13-02-191520-05-1962 
Richter, Heinz (Kampfgeschwader 77)03-02-191302-06-1943 
Richter, Heinz (Lw-Fallschirm)   
Richter, Helmut   
Richter, Helmut (Luftwaffe)   
Richter, Herbert   
Richter, Johannes   
Richter, Johannes (KM-Uboot)07-08-191403-07-2005 
Richter, Johannes (LW-Nachtjagdflieger)20-09-191724-04-2008 
Richter, Johannes (Panzergrenadier-Regiment 304)11-03-192418-06-2004 
Richter, Josef (Sepp)25-06-191029-07-1942 
Richter, Karl   
Richter, Kurt (Grenadier-Regiment 31)18-06-191528-10-1995 
Richter, Richard04-02-191720-05-1988more 
Richter, Rudolf (Aufklärungsgruppe 12)08-04-191825-04-1967more 
Richter, Ummo   
Richter, Walther30-05-191917-11-1996 
Richter, Werner (1. Infanterie-Division)04-12-1916  
Richter, Wilfried09-05-191618-04-1981 
Richter, Wolfgang   
Richter-Rethwich, Horst   
Richtermeier, Artur23-11-1919  
Rickels, Paul   
Ricker, Alfred   
Rickert, Wolfgang   
Rickert, Hans-Oskar17-11-191613-04-1944 
Ridler, Michael18-07-192110-08-1943 
Riebicke, Klaus19-05-192206-06-1944more 
Riechers, Heinz02-08-192010-12-1942 
Riechers, Karl18-03-191603-09-1943 
Riechert, Heini   
Riechert, Hans-Georg03-12-191428-03-1942 
Riecken, Werner08-06-191229-04-1945 
Rieckmann, Karl   
Riecks, Walter Adolf Albert21-09-191703-06-1973more 
Ried, Franz25-08-1921 more 
Ried, Pius05-02-191528-02-1977more 
Riedel, Artur   
Riedel, Franz02-12-192117-05-2001more 
Riedel, Gerd02-10-190601-10-1997 
Riedel, Gerhard   
Riedel, Karl   
Riedel, Kurt   
Riedel, Willi10-11-190910-02-1982 
Rieder, Konrad   
Riederer, Alois24-03-191431-08-1943 
Riedesel Freiherr zu Eisenbach, Volprecht Konrad10-12-191209-02-1945 
Riediger, Hans   
Riedl, Anton (Toni)15-01-191625-07-1943 
Riedl, Hans04-02-191922-04-2007 
Riedl, Martin   
Riedl, Nikolaus   
Riedmüller, Adam10-11-190910-11-1986 
Riedmüller, Hermann   
Riefkogel, Waldemar07-01-191330-07-1944 
Rieflin, Fritz05-02-192001-02-1996more 
Rieger, Albert   
Rieger, Friedrich   
Rieger, Siegfried19-02-191513-02-1999 
Riehl, Wilhelm (Stu.Gesch.Abt. 909)25-05-191612-02-1944 
Riehs, Otto12-08-192129-05-2008more 
Riekstins, Alfreds30-01-191311-09-1952 
Rieneck, Walter   
Riener, Jakob   
Rienäcker, Hermann29-11-192215-03-1945 
Riepe, Julius18-12-190322-06-1983 
Riepertinger, Franz27-03-192015-06-1942 
Riepold, Josef-Otto10-10-191517-06-1942 
Riess, Karl-Heinrich (Karl-Heinz)24-12-1916 more 
Rietscher, Georg03-12-191821-09-1991more 
Rieve, Johannes10-06-189207-05-1950 
Riewe, Gustav02-07-1918  
Riewe, Reinhold11-04-192014-09-2010 
Rieß, Josef   
Riipalu, Harald13-02-191204-04-1961 
Rimasch, Helmut   
Rimbert, Patrice   
Rimmert, Paul   
Rindfleisch, Bernhard14-07-191402-09-1998 
Ring, Dr., Joseph   
Ring, Josef18-08-192104-10-1942 
Ring, Erich09-02-190903-09-1942 
Ringel, Julius16-11-188911-02-1967more 
Ringhof, Jakob06-07-191127-08-1993 
Ringholz, Helmut   
Ringler, Helmut04-10-191522-06-1962 
Ringsleben, Kurt   
Ringwelski, Robert   
Rink, Hubert23-11-1919  
Rinke, Alois   
Rinke, Adolf27-02-191613-04-1945 
Rinke, Karl-Eberhard29-09-191515-12-1977 
Rinker, Otto K.13-09-191324-09-1944 
Rinker, Wilhelm   
Rinklef, Karl06-04-1914 more 
Rinow, Hermann   
Ripcke, Werner18-05-190524-08-1976 
Rippel, Matthäus   
Risch, Hans-Georg   
Rischer, Josef   
Riss, Anton  more 
Rist, Anton11-06-1918  
Ritgen, Helmut10-03-191607-02-2013 
Ritgen, Udo26-06-191611-10-2010more 
Ritkowski, Karl (Pz.Rgt. 11)13-07-191515-07-1944 
Ritscher, Fritz   
Ritt, Gerhard   
Rittel, Hans14-05-191406-05-1993 
Ritter, Anton (Grenadier-Regiment 88)14-12-191920-01-2007 
Ritter, Friedrich-Karl03-05-190002-04-1945 
Ritter, Hans-Joachim14-05-1919  
Ritter, Heinz-Georg (Grenadier-Regiment 44)26-05-191710-03-2010 
Ritter, Hugo16-01-191110-05-1989 
Ritter, Klaus (Grenadier-Regiment 67)18-09-191827-01-2015 
Ritter, Willi08-01-1915 more 
Ritter, Willy02-05-191704-04-1944 
Ritterbecks, Hubert23-04-1909  
Rittershaus, Max   
Rittgen, Peter16-09-1914  
Rittner, Artur10-12-190400-09-1944 
Ritz, Alfred10-03-191412-04-1982 
Ritz, Otto17-08-192012-02-1945 
Ritzberger, Alois28-11-192108-04-1944 
Ritzinger, Hans   
Ritzmann, Bernhard10-05-1916  
Ritzmann, Helmut   
Rix, Kurt   
Rixecker, Karl Jakob18-11-190622-09-1959more 
Rizzi, Heinrich   
Riß, Albert27-03-191225-06-1990 
Robarick, Ernst11-05-1916  
Robles Pazos, Ramón   
Robra, Helmut   
Rocha-Schmidt, da, Klaus (Panzer-Regiment 15)02-04-191514-07-1943 
Rochlitz, Max25-03-1914  
Rocholl, Bernhard   
Rocholl, Rolf08-12-191823-08-1943more 
Rock, Willi06-12-192212-06-2016 
Rodamer, Johann23-12-191805-01-1978 
Rode, Werner06-11-191202-11-2002more 
Rodeck, Rolf   
Rodemich, Heinrich24-12-191904-10-2007 
Roderer, Georg04-09-191601-06-1994 
Rodewald, Otto04-06-191825-04-1997 
Rodler von Roithberg, Hardo14-02-191814-02-1945 
Rodrigo Martínez, Miguel27-12-189515-11-1968 
Rodríguez Vita, Ramón23-02-190012-09-1989 
Rodríguez-Cano Martínez, Alberto   
Roeder von Diersburg, Freiherr, Burkhardt   
Roeder, Ernst   
Roeder, Helmut