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Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse

At the beginning of the Second World War, the Iron Cross 2nd Class was still highly regarded. In later war years however it was rewarded with much more ease. Still most recipients would wear the award with the same amount of proud ness. The Iron Cross 2nd Class was the first grade within the Iron Cross that was to be obtained for an individual act of bravery.

The official criteria were the individual and single act of bravery in the face of the enemy or actions that were above and beyond the normal call of duty. The approximately three million awarded crosses were obtained by German Military, Axis military and civilian uniformed organisations.

The cross measures 44 mm in diameter and hangs from a ribbon in the colours black white and red. The wide red band in the middle is being flanked by two equal white bands that both again are being flanked by a black band. During the whole war the production was retained with a high quality. On the front side one can find a Swastika and the year 1939, while the obverse contains the year 1813 on the lower arm.

Almost all World War Two crosses were made out of three parts, the Iron core and a silver rim on the front and backside. The two silver rims were welded together, holding the iron core. The core was produced from iron and was blackened. This core made the Iron Cross to be magnetized. Some examples are not magnetized because they were produced with brass or cupper. This version was especially welcome with members of the Kriegmarine. This core lasted longer in the exposure of salty sea water. The rim was supposed to be made from silver, but more common was the use of “German Silver”, a less expensive alloy of cupper, zinc and nickel. At the top a ring was welded to hold the loop for the ribbon. On the loop one can often find the manufacturers name although it is not uncommon that no name is placed. Therefore the absence of the manufacturers name is not a criterion to classify the cross as original or not.

The Iron Cross could be received in two different ways. The most exclusive way was in a leather box. More common was the bleu coloured envelop with in gothic letters the words “Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse”. The presentation was accompanied with a standard document. The receiving was also to be written down in the recipients “Soldbuch”or “Wehrpass”. The document normally didn’t contain the reason for obtaining the Cross, although in some occasions it was written down on the backside of the document.

It was not usual to wear the decoration it self. In stead a ribbon was worn on the left breast of hanging from the second button hole of the tunic in the way of the former Prussian Army.

In 1957 a special version of the cross was produced. On this the Swastika was replaced with an oak leaf. The way military actions of the Second World War could be honoured without the use of the forbidden Nazi-symbols. Most veterans however choose to wear the decoration as a ribbon only. Most 1957 versions are of a lesser quality than wartime examples.

Springer, Heinrich Adolf Leopold* November 3rd, 1914
† October 27th, 2007

Bidermann, Gottlob-Herbert (Gren.Reg.437)* August 28th, 1920
† September 1st, 2010

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Taaks, Reimar (Divisions-Füsilier-Bataillon 271)04-06-1904  
Tabel, Franz (Pionier-Bataillon 246)02-02-191118-12-1991 
Tabor, Norbert   
Tack, Josef28-08-192224-09-1943 
Tacke, Fritz   
Tadeuszewski, Kurt   
Tadje, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig "Fritz"23-11-191426-01-1981more 
Taege, Hans   
Taeger, Erich05-08-191920-05-2011more 
Talvela, Paavo Juho19-02-189730-09-1973more 
Tammling, Rudolf   
Tanczos, Hermann30-11-192104-11-1967 
Tange, Otto22-09-191530-07-1943 
Tank, Walter03-11-191527-04-1998 
Tanneberger, Wilhelm "Willi" (Gren.Reg. 156)30-12-191422-05-2000 
Tannert, Karl Stefan22-12-191018-06-1980 
Tannert, Wilhelm   
Tannfeld, Josef   
Tanzer, Kurt01-11-192025-06-1960 
Tapola, Kustaa Anders29-03-189502-04-1971more 
Tappe, Martin10-01-191019-04-1969 
Tappeiner, Josef20-02-192024-11-2010 
Tappenbeck, Dieter26-12-191223-12-1941 
Tarin, Walter (Artillerie-Regiment 121)08-01-191005-10-1996more 
Taschka, Emil   
Taschner, Anton   
Taubert, Helmut   
Taubert, Richard29-07-191124-06-1959 
Taulien, Arno15-04-191919-09-1989 
Tausendfreund, Heinz   
Tebbe, Gerhard   
Tech, Erich   
Tech, Harry03-01-190713-01-1990 
Teegler, Rolf12-11-192031-03-1943 
Tegtmeier, Fritz30-07-191708-04-1999 
Teichert, Johannes   
Teichert, Max-Martin31-01-191512-05-1943more 
Teichgräber, Horst   
Teichmann, Dr., Alexander21-08-1910  
Teichmann, Friedrich (Grenadier-Regiment 712)27-06-191420-01-1945 
Teichmann, Herbert  more 
Teichmann, Paul (Panzergrenadier-Regiment 26)19-12-1914  
Teichmann, Willi   
Teichmöller, Emil (Jäger-Pio.Bat.5)   
Teige, Waldemar29-03-191303-10-1942 
Telkamp, Eberhard08-05-191420-04-1992 
Telkemeyer, Heinrich20-11-190517-11-1948 
Tellgmann, Eugen27-06-191017-09-1979 
Teltz, Heinz-Peter20-08-1918 more 
Temlitz, Heinz   
Temming, Hans07-05-191313-04-1985 
Tenner, Hans07-04-191529-03-1943 
Tennhardt, Werner26-11-191511-10-1941 
Tenschert, Günther09-08-191703-04-1988more 
Tensfeld, Heinz11-05-191916-11-1943 
Tensfeld, Willy27-11-189302-09-1982more 
Teodorini, Corneliu18-09-189310-07-1976more 
Terbeck, Bernhard23-08-191925-05-1981more 
Terharen, Heinrich04-11-191018-06-1968 
Teriete, Heinrich20-02-191517-11-2002 
Ternedde, Rudolf26-10-191419-05-1999more 
Terwelp, Franz (Antonius?)   
Tesch, Hermann02-01-191312-06-1944 
Tesch, Karl-Heinz13-10-191612-05-1963 
Teschner, Karl   
Teske, Georg02-11-190925-09-1990 
Teske, Hermann10-07-190201-11-1983 
Tessenow, Rudolf06-09-191928-06-1988 
Tessin, Georg Friedrich Ludwig Max August16-06-189918-10-1985 
Tetsch, Ernst-Johann28-10-191611-11-1993more 
Teubel, Heinz26-06-191725-05-1970 
Teufel, Bruno09-10-1920  
Teufel, Hans-Georg   
Teumer, Alfred11-02-191804-10-1944 
Teunissen, Herman Richard 'Dick'00-00-192230-09-1944 
Teusen, Hans26-07-191711-02-2011more 
Teuwsen, Adolf22-03-191604-07-1968 
Teuwsen, Norbert   
Thaden, von, Herbert   
Thal, Max Franz Karl05-09-191414-08-1943 
Thaler, Andreas10-06-191517-05-1988 
Thaler, Franz22-01-192129-08-1942 
Thaler, Johann "Hans"06-02-192007-04-1945 
Thaler, Rudolf24-03-191910-05-1963 
Thaller, Josef  more 
Thamm, Erwin   
Thamm, Rudolf   
Thauer, Helmut   
Thedieck, Friedrich   
Thedsen, Hans13-05-1918  
Theermann, Günter   
Theilen, Hans30-09-191201-02-1944 
Theilen, Heinrich12-05-191913-01-1960 
Theismann, Günter11-06-1920  
Theissig, Franz10-06-192000-04-1945 
Thelen, Franz24-02-1920  
Thelen, Johann23-11-191428-03-1998 
Theophile, Hans-August   
Thersky, Karl   
Thiede, Armin30-12-191709-07-1943 
Thiel, Alfred   
Thiel, Edwin19-06-191314-07-1944more 
Thiel, Erich14-06-191222-04-1943 
Thiel, Franz30-01-190814-01-1945 
Thiel, Fritz12-03-1910  
Thiel, Gerhard Karl Wilhelm09-02-190710-04-1943 
Thiel, Joachim   
Thiel, Karl (Artillerie-Regiment 217)23-12-191329-02-2004 
Thiele, Arno08-12-191203-08-1942 
Thiele, Fritz   
Thiele, Heinz   
Thiele, Walter   
Thielmann, Wilhelm02-11-1922 more 
Thiem, Egon05-10-191116-10-1959 
Thiem, Erich   
Thiem, Ernst11-10-190919-09-1943 
Thieme, Alfred   
Thieme, Carl Alfred28-05-191406-06-2004 
Thieme, Heinz07-06-192117-12-1943 
Thieme, Kurt29-09-1919  
Thierfelder, Helmut10-04-191510-02-1994 
Thierfelder, Werner24-12-191518-07-1944 
Thierling, Werner  more 
Thiermann, Rudolf   
Thierse, Walter16-11-1916 more 
Thiessen, Hans13-11-191618-02-1945 
Thiessenhusen, Hans   
Thießen, Hans   
Thimm, Paul   
Thimmig, Wolfgang04-10-191206-11-1976 
Thissen, Wilhelm   
Thoborg, Albert   
Thofern, Werner12-10-192013-01-1957 
Thoma, Ernst21-06-1923 more 
Thoma, Karl   
Thoma, Otto Kurt04-08-190111-04-1971more 
Thoma, Otto-Gerhard   
Thoma, Helmut02-10-191612-02-1984 
Thomae, Dr.rer.pol., Adolf26-04-191602-12-2002 
Thomalla, Franz25-10-191730-03-1996 
Thomas, Alfred22-09-1913  
Thomas, Bernhard   
Thomas, Hans   
Thomas, Hans-Ulrich04-09-1915  
Thomas, Karl-Anton27-05-191406-04-1991 
Thomas, Wilhelm05-05-1915  
Thomé, Bernhard15-08-1902  
Thomé, Josef   
Thomé, Leo   
Thomé, Nikolaus   
Thoms, Erich   
Thoms, Kurt   
Thomsen, Rolf-Erich06-05-191526-03-2003more 
Thon, Hermann28-10-1915 more 
Thoni, Wilhelm   
Thor, Hans26-01-191826-06-1944 
Thor, Karl   
Thorey, Andreas03-11-191218-04-1944 
Thorwest, Friedrich-Wilhelm06-12-189801-11-1944 
Thronsen, Thorvald01-02-191715-06-2003 
Thulke, Willi22-09-191604-09-1998more 
Thumann, Jakob20-07-191108-09-1943 
Thummes, Otto14-01-191610-08-1942 
Thumser, Hans   
Thun-Hohenstein, Erwein Sigmund Graf (Abw.Gr.218)04-04-189612-02-1946more 
Thunestveit, Olav 00-00-1945 
Thurmann, Karl04-09-190920-01-1943 
Thurner, Hans24-10-191811-06-1944more 
Thurnhuber, Josef13-07-192001-10-2000 
Thyben, Gerhard24-02-192204-09-2006 
Thümmler, Heinz 04-09-1944 
Thünemann, Heinrich16-09-190725-05-1992 
Thürmer, Gerhard   
Thüs, Hugo   
Thyssen, Reinhold   
Thölke, Albert   
Thönes, Günther   
Thöring, Günter   
Thörner, Johannes04-05-191701-05-1976 
Tiburzy, Ernst26-12-191114-11-2004more 
Tibussek, Walter   
Tichy, Ekkehard26-08-192216-08-1944 
Tichy, Walter   
Tiedemann, Karl   
Tiedemann, Reinhard30-01-1921  
Tiedemann, Willi   
Tiedtke, Werner11-02-1922  
Tiefenböck, Leopold20-10-191901-11-1944 
Tiefenthaler, Andreas   
Tiesenhausen, Freiherr von, Hans-Diedrich22-02-191317-08-2000more 
Tietjen, Cord10-11-191418-06-2005 
Tietjen, Hermann   
Tietjen, Wilhelm   
Tietz, Hermann15-10-191427-02-2005 
Tietzel, Hans   
Tietzen, Horst19-07-191218-08-1940 
Tilebein, Herbert   
Tilgner, Franz Friedrich Kurt20-01-190926-10-1972 
Tilgner, Walter17-10-1903  
Tilgner, Herbert14-03-191708-07-2003 
Tilleczek, Anton25-01-191202-05-1963 
Tillmann, Johannes03-10-191709-01-1943 
Tillmann, Walter   
Tillmanns, Paul29-06-191010-05-1945more 
Timm, Erich15-02-191306-10-1997more 
Timm, Hans   
Timm, Heinrich30-04-191012-04-1974more 
Timmer, Theodor13-08-1923  
Timmermans, Berend 00-00-1943 
Timreck, Herbert   
Tippelskirch, von, Werner07-10-1900  
Tippelskirch, von, Adolf-Hilmar03-10-191428-06-1944 
Titel, Georg27-02-191418-05-2013 
Titschkus, Alfred19-02-192105-04-1945 
Tittel, Rolf (Grenadier-Regiment 31)26-09-192004-10-1989 
Toaspern, Karl-Heinz   
Tocü, Erwin07-03-191525-03-1945 
Tode, Hans   
Todt, Klaus-Dietrich12-04-192103-03-1944 
Tolle, Hubert27-12-1922  
Tollefsen, Helge   
Tolsdorff, Theodor03-11-190925-05-1978more 
Tomaskowicz, Ernst   
Tonne, Günther (Schnellkampfgeschwader 10)21-05-191615-07-1943 
Tonne, Wolfgang28-02-191820-04-1943 
Topp, Erich02-07-191426-12-2005more 
Torkuhl, Hans-Joachim   
Torley, Karl16-10-191319-07-1943 
Tornau, Gottfried20-12-191909-02-1992more 
Toschka, Rudolf26-09-191121-02-1944 
Tost, Ewald08-03-191500-03-1945more 
Trabandt, Paul24-10-191327-07-1991more 
Traber, Willy (Grenadier-Regiment 309)09-02-191502-01-1967 
Tragelehn, Kurt   
Tragesser, Otto20-10-192015-03-1944 
Trambauer, Theodor (Grenadier-Regiment 97)   
Trapp, Erwin   
Trapper, Karl Michael14-02-191716-05-1942 
Tratt, Eduard24-02-191922-02-1944 
Traupe, Hans Ulrich04-05-191323-06-2004more 
Traut, Josef "Sepp"05-12-191222-05-1944 
Trautloft, Hannes03-03-191212-01-1995more 
Trautmann, Karl12-04-190821-04-1945 
Trautvetter, Otto30-11-1908 more 
Trautwein, Heinz21-12-190701-11-1944 
Trebes, Horst22-10-191629-07-1944more 
Treckmann, Wilhelm13-08-190713-07-1944 
Treiblmeier, Friedrich 27-12-1942 
Treml, Franz   
Trenkel, Rudolf17-01-191826-04-2001more 
Trenkmann, Friedhelm14-12-191917-09-1944 
Trenn, Rudolf22-11-191716-04-1943more 
Treschow, von, Friedrich-Wilhelm   
Tresckow, von, Friedrich Wilhelm02-05-191106-05-1983more 
Trettner, Heinrich "Heinz"19-09-190718-09-2006more 
Treu, Franz   
Treuberg Fischler, Graf von, Henrich (Pz-Pio.Btl.)09-05-1919 more 
Trey, Werner12-03-191515-01-1945 
Tribukait, Günther29-05-190926-02-1947 
Trier, Helmut   
Trieschmann, Franz   
Trieschmann, Friedrich   
Triltsch, Rudolf   
Trinkl, Karl   
Trinko, Otto23-02-192226-05-2003 
Trinks, Richard20-08-1914  
Tritsch, Willi13-07-191919-12-1971 
Trittel, Rudolf18-06-191318-05-1945 
Troglauer, Johann13-09-191426-06-1944 
Trojer, Hans-Hartwig22-01-191627-09-1943 
Trollmann, Peter   
Trommer, Günter   
Trommler, Kurt   
Troppmann, Josef15-03-191101-12-1942 
Trotha, von, Claus25-03-191431-10-1943 
Trotha, von, Ivo-Thilo16-07-190517-05-1998 
Trotha, von, Thilo-Leberecht15-09-1914  
Trudel, Wilhelm16-02-1913  
Trumm, Andreas28-11-192028-05-1947 
Trummer, Hans26-09-1911  
Trummer, Johann "Hans"23-10-1920 more 
Truns, Leopold   
Trupp, Franz   
Trübsand, Josef   
Trybura, Josef   
Trützschler zum Falkenstein, Freiherr von, Hans   
Tränkner, Felix27-01-191530-06-1944 
Tröger, Hans   
Tröger, Hans (Luftwaffe)   
Tröger, Horst   
Tröger, Rudolf14-07-191728-07-1983 
Tröndle, Herbert24-08-191901-10-2017more 
Tröster, Johann   
Tschenett, Wilhelm06-06-192107-02-1945more 
Tscherning, Willi15-06-191720-01-2012 
Tscheuke, Karl-Heinz25-03-192001-06-1943more 
Tschierschwitz, Gerhard23-04-192017-01-1997more 
Tschoerner, Philipp-Karl14-10-191411-06-1944 
Tschorn, Willi   
Tuffert, Willi   
Tuft, Hermod   
Tummer, Emil Heinrich "Heinrich"11-06-190814-01-1971more 
Tuominen, Emil Kalervo Oiva05-03-190828-01-1976 
Turancec, Joseph07-03-189209-03-1957more 
Turck, Wilhelm   
Turner, Albert00-00-192009-02-1946 
Turnwald, Hans22-08-192011-07-1982more 
Tutein, Werner09-02-191925-07-1944 
Twickler, Bernhard23-03-192405-11-1944 
Twillemeyer, Alois29-05-192331-03-2004 
Twisselmann, Hans Günter   
Tücher, Hans  more 
Tychsen, Christian03-12-191028-07-1944more 
Tycowicz, von, Rudolf14-09-190719-11-2007 
Tykiel, Alfred (Schützen-Regiment 10)06-07-191131-03-1981more 
Tümmler, Richard   
Tüngler, Hans-Joachim21-01-192303-03-1944 
Türke, Gerhard01-05-191421-11-1991more 
Türke, Hans   
Türke, Hans (WH-Aufkl.Schwdr. 173)   
Türke, Hermann (Grenadier-Regiment 1040)20-04-1916  
Türke, Kurt   
Tzschirner, Traugott   
Tzschoppe, Günther   
Tänzer, Julius   
Täubl, Johann   
Täubrich, Karl-Heinz03-11-1919  
Tödt, Heinz-Eduard04-05-191825-05-1991 
Tödtmann, Gerhardt   
Töniges, Werner07-01-191025-01-1995more 
Tönnies, Hermann19-01-191203-01-1993 
Töpfer, Hans21-12-191908-12-1955