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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 7th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders
Month and Year: July 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. D. Robertson
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
PUTOT EN BESSIN 1 2140 Bn arrived in reorganisation area.
1 1200 C.O. held O Group.
2   Bn Memorial Service.
2   C.O. and Coy Comds inspected defence posns.
3 1100 A,B,C & D Coys digging defence posns.
3 1400 Div Comd inspected Bn HQ and spoke to troops.
3   C.O. held conference at Bn HQ.
4 1800 Rest and Maintenance of Vehs and Equipt.
4   Retreat played by Pipes and Drums (Div Comd and Brigadier present).
5-8   Bn reorganised. Lt Col D. Robertson took over Command of the Bn on 6 Jul 44. Drafts received. All our 1st Line Reinforcements Offrs rejoined. On 8 Jul Warning Order given to Bn for Active Operations on the 9 Jul 44. Appendix 'C'
MOUEN 9-11   See Appendix 'B' / PUTOT EN BESSIN Appendix 'B'.
12 1800 Bn moved to Rest Area and arrived 1800 hrs.
PUTOT EN BESSIN 13 1100 Div Comd visited Bn HQ.
14 1145 Bde Comd visited Bn HQ.
14 2130 C.O. addressed Bn explaining previous operations.
15 2300 Bn moved out of reorganisation area to go into action. Appendix 'D'
15 2000 Bn arrived at MOUEN as reserve Bn.
MOUEN. 16 2030 Bde Comd visited Bn HQ.
16 1300 C.O. held O Group.
17   Bn left MOUEN and moved up to static defensive posn at MONDRAVILLE at 1400 hrs.
MONDRAVILLE 18 0345 Bn Static Defensive Posn. Standing Patrols and Night Patrols. At 2359 hrs 'D' Coy sent out fighting patrol. 'A' Coy sent out searching patrol. Appendix 'A'
MONDRAVILLE 19 0350 'D' Coys Patrol returned having made no contact with the enemy.
19 2030 'A' Coys patrol returned. See Appendix 'A'
19 2230 Recce patrol went out. Suspected enemy in white house.
19   Recce patrol returned.
MONDRAVILLE 20 0830 Bn Static Defensive Posn. Standing patrols and night patrols.
20   'D' Coy attacked chateau E of MISSY which had previously been recced and reported clear of enemy. Attack found chateau held by 2 Coys of enemy. 'D' Coy withdrew and returned to static posns.
21   Bn static defensive posn. Standing Patrols and Night Patrols. 15 (S) Div Recce Regt took over standing patrols at 0700 hrs.
22 1000 Bn static defensive posn. Standing Patrols and Night Patrols.
23   Bn marching tps moved out of posn. Bn clear of posn at 1330 hrs. Posn taken over by South Staffords.
ST PAUL DU VERNAY 23 1830 Bn arrived in reorganisation area.
24   Bde Comd visited Bn HQ. Instructed new draft and lectured to all Officers, WOs and NCOs.
25 1800 In Routine. Kit checking, baths and entertainment.
26 1400 Bde Comd visited Bn HQ. Pipes and Drums played RETREAT.
27   Bn left St Paul Du Vernay. Bn arrived at BEZZIERS at 1530 hrs and took up static defensive posns.
BEZZIERS 28   Bde Comd visited Bn HQ 1030 hrs. Bn static defensive posns. Very quiet front.
BEZZIERS 29 0200 C.O. attended Bde O Group.
29 0830 C.O. returned from Bde O Group.
29 1230 C.O. held O Group.
29 1400 Bn left BEZZIERS.
LA BSE MARTINVIERE 29 1700 Bn arrived location. C.O. went on recce to CAUMONT.
29 2200 C.O. attended Bde Conference.
29 2230 C.O. held O Group.
29   Div Comd visited Bn HQ and read letter from G.O.C. in C to O Group. Letter appraised Div as being finest in NORMANDY. Div Comd wished Bn best of luck in future operations.
En Route 30   Bn left La Bse Martinviere and moved up to take part in Operation BLUECOAT. Bn took objective Hill 309 at approx 2359 hrs after advancing in DUSK.
HILL 309 31   Bn HQ arrived on objective. Bn has reasonably quiet day. Suffered few cas from shelling. The Hun was active at some distance from our left flank and there was signs of a probable counter attack in the near future from that area.

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Source: The War Diaries of the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division June 1944 - May 1945.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.