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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 6th Bn The Green Howards
Month and Year: October 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. C.F. Hutchinson, DSO
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
HOLLAND Ref Maps 1/25000 NIJMEGEN Sheet 6SW 1 0130 61 Recce Group reported "objects" floating in he river towards the Bridge at NIJMEGEN, which were later engaged with small arms fire and Bofor fire, firing from the Bridge Defence Posts.
1 0405 Intermittent enemy shelling of A Coy area.
1 0800 Relief of D Coy by C Coy to begin immediately after last light.
1 1245 C.O's conference at Bn HQ for Coy Comdrs.
1 1830 C.O. spoke to personnel of Bn HQ and HQ Coy on the present War situation in general.
1 1900 Relief of D Coy by C Coy began.
2 0020 Above relief complete. Mines were laid on roads and tracks against probable enemy attack from the North.
2 0055 61 Recce Regt took over posns of A Coy and two Pls of C Coy.
2 0200 Contact patrols maintained between Bn HQ and 2 Dorset Regt (231 Bde).
2 0300 OC B Coy arrived at Bn HQ. B Coy in contact with the enemy in area 7468 -- with artillery support, the enemy overran one Coy of 7 Green Howards and attacked B Coy from the North - two enemy tanks penetrated to within 60 yds of Coy HQ. Pte Adams engaged one (a Panther Mk V) with a PIAT scoring a direct hit, and saw the crew bale out and take cover. The following enemy tank was also hit three times by Pte. Adams but it opened fire with its machine gun and withdrew; enemy tanks could still be seen within 100 yds of B Coy's fwd posns at 0330 hrs. (Enemy armour breakthrough expected in BEMMEL sector – 5 HLI (52 Div came under comd 69 Inf Bde for defence of BEMMEL).
2 0400 Attempts to destroy the KO’d enemy tank by B Coy were not possible and the enemy succeeded in recovering it.
2 0630 Enemy tanks heard moving in the area of HALLDEREN 7666.
2 1000 Locations as follows:- A Coy 718058. B Coy (under comd 7 GH) 740682. C Coy 718653. D Coy 719651.
2 1110 Relief of Bn by 6 DLI (151 Bde) to begin at 1430 hrs. C.O. 6 DLI visited Bn HQ and discussed details with the CO.
2 1330 Bn prepared for the move South of the River to NIJMEGEN.
2 1430 Relief by 6 DLI commenced and Bn began to march over the bridge into NIJMEGEN.
2 1510 The bridge was heaviIy shelled as the remainder of the Bn passed over but no casualties were sustained.
2 1600 Bn arrived in new location at NIJMEGEN with Bn HQ; A; B and Sp Coys in school at 713614 and C and D Coys in houses at 713612. One Pl of B Coy still remain on North side of River WAAL and will be relieved later.
2 1930 Enemy air activity over NIJMEGEN. Intense AA barrage.
2 2200 Bombs dropped by enemy raiders and 1×15 cwt truck of B Coy hit and slightly damaged.
3 1345 A party of Pl officers visited 124 Fd Regt RA and saw the batteries in action in support of 231 and 151 Bde attacks.
3 2245 Enemy began to shell NIJMEGEN with SP guns – shells falling in area of Bn HQ.
3 2300 One Pl 4 Dorset Regt (43 Div) arrived Bn HQ and reported itself lost.
4   Nothing to report.
5 1430 Enemy aircraft over NIJMEGEN but no bombs were dropped. Allied fighters seen in action and two JU 88’s believed destroyed.
5 2330 Heavy enemy shellfire directed onto NIJMEGEN bridge.
6 2100 NIJMEGEN again shelled by enemy. Civilian casualties and damage reported.
7 1600 Major G. Hickson, Lt L.T. Brown and 72 OR’s posted to the Bn. Lt Brown the duties of the Bn I.O.
7   During the short rest in NIJMEGEN the Bn Sniper Section was re-instituted.
8 1230 Bn left NIJMEGEN and moved to an assembly area North of the River at 688669.
8 2015 Relief of 1 Bn 502 Regt 101 US Airborne Div began, with no enemy interference. See Appendix 1
9 0230 Relief completed. Locations as follows:- A Coy 692727. B Coy 687740. C Coy 701729. D Coy 702735.
9 2000 Enemy active on Bn front during the day. Area subject to small arms, shell and mortar fire.
10   Active patrolling carried out during the night. Contact maintained with 7 Green Howards on left and 2 Devons on right.
10   Enemy again active during the day. Bn sniper shot an enemy observer at 708736.
11   Contact maintained during night with 7 Green Howards and 2 Devons.
11 2100 A Coy relieved D Coy without incident. Enemy activity during the day reduced to slight shelling and mortaring.
12   Contact patrols during the night.
12 2100 B Coy relieved C Coy without incident. Another day of local enemy activity with slight shelling and mortaring of the Bn area.
13   Contact patrols during the night.
13 2200 Bn snipers reported another successful day. A German Sjt and a spandau gunner were shot at 705739 and were later seen to be carried away by their own comrades. Quite a number of enemy were seen during the day and own Arty and 3in Mortar Pl fire was observed with good results.
14   Contact patrols during night.
14 2100 Slight activity on the Bn front during day. D Coy relieved A Coy without incident.
15   Contact patrols during the night.
15   A C Company fighting patrol was unsuccessful in capturing a PW for identification purposes.
15   Three enemy crossed to our lines during the night and one gave himself up to B Coy at 0700 hrs.
15 1700 A quiet spell was broken by severe enemy shelling and mortaring of the area near Bn HQ - Approx 350 shells fell in twenty minutes.
15 2000 Artificial moonlight was used but proved more of a hindrance than an advantage in the case of patrols where light favoured the defence.
15 2300 C Coy completed the relief of B Coy.
16   Constant patrol contact maintained during night with 5 E Yr on left and 6 DLI on right.
16 1100 Intermittent shelling and mortaring of the fwd Coy areas.
16 1500 A sec of C Coy was ordered over the rly embankment to advance SE to link up with a sec of 9 DLI at 707725. The sec came under intense enemy MG fire and was forced to withdraw back over the rly embankment suffering 50% casualties. It was later sent out again and succeeded in linking up with the sec of 9 DLI.
17   Contact patrols during the night.
17   A fighting patrol of A Coy led by Capt Bawcombe MC failed to secure a PW for identification. Adverse weather conditions were against him.
17 1300 Enemy activity on Bn front fwd of D and C Coys. Two enemy tks and a tracked vehicle carrying Inf moved down the main ARNHEM road and dismounted the Inf at 709739 and 70877240. Three enemy MG’s began firing at C Coy at the same time. 6 DLI on our right used the PIAT against the tracked vehicle. No enemy movement was seen after this.
17 2100 Relief of the Bn by 6 DLI began. SEE APPENDIX 4 and 5
17   Comd passed at midnight and Bn HQ moved to NIJMEGEN.
18   The Bn had a quiet day with reveille at 0900 hrs and breakfast at 1000 hrs. Baths, Concert, and Cinema parties were arranged.
19   Normal training under Coy arrangements took place. Further Cinema and Concert parties were arranged and Baths were available.
19   Inter-Coy football games were played in the afternoon.
19   At 1100 hrs the new Divisional Commander (Major-General L. Lynes) visited Bn HQ and spoke with the CO.
20 0900 Training carried out under Coy arrangements.
20 1400 Inter-Coy football games were played.
20 1700 Cinema and Concert parties were arranged.
21 0845 All officers and NCO’s down to Cpl paraded in the Divisional Theatre in NIJMEGEN and heard a most interesting description of the "Drive into Holland” given by the Corps Comdr (Gen Horrocks, 30 Corps).
21 1245 CO held an “O” Group at Bn HQ and details were discussed for the move of the Bn across the River WAAL to relieve 6 DLI located North of ELST 7070.
22   Bn spent the morning preparing for the move across the WAAL into the forward areas. SEE APPENDIX 6 & 7
22 1500 Bn left NIJMEGEN and crossed by thr Road bridge to an assembly area.
22 1630 Bn HQ established 697715. Relief of 6 DLI going well with no enemy interference.
HOLLAND Ref Maps 1/25000 ARNHEM Sheets 6NW & 6NE 23 0150 Relief of 6 DLI completed and Coys located as follows:- A Coy 706721 B Coy 707716 C Coy 703713 D Coy 698713 Sp Coy 698712.
23 0700 During night 22/23 patrol conduct maintained within the Bn and with friends on Left and Right.
23 2000 During the day enemy on the Bn front were continually harassed by accurate arty and mortar fire. The Bn area was subject to intermittent spandau fire and shellfire.
23   The Bn snipers had another good day killing two Germans in the area of 708723 from A Coy area.
23   The Bn mortar OP established in a house at 707721 commanded an excellent view of the enemy dispositions fwd of A and B Coys and with such accurate harassing fire to put up with, the enemy hardly dare show himself.
24 0700 Patrol contact maintained during the night with 5 EY and 7 GH.
24   A B Coy fighting patrol was unsuccessful in securing a PW.
24 1140 The Divisional Comdr accompanied by the Brigadier visited the CO at Bn HQ and then visited D Coy returning at 1815 hrs.
24 2000 Spasmodic enemy shelling and mortaring of the Bn area during the day.
24   Own arty and Bn 3 in mortars helped by improved weather conditions continued their daily harassing programme and allowed the enemy no respite; 240 3 in Mortar bombs were fired during the day.
24   The snipers killed two more enemy during the afternoon in area 708723.
25 0700 Contact patrols during the night.
25 1255 A Coy fired the PIAT at occupied enemy slit trenches immediately to their front. Direct hits on the slits were observed but the damage inflicted could not be ascertained.
25 1810 A Coy reported enemy tpt on the road at RIJKERSVAARD 722729 and this was immediately ‘stonked’ by own arty.
25 2000 A quiet day within the Bn area with little enemy harassing fire. The Div Comdr sent his personal congratulations to Cpl Latchford (Sniper Cpl) for killing two enemy yesterday.
26 0700 Contact patrols during the night.
26 1030 Since 0815 hrs the enemy was active fwd of A and B Coys.
26   Enemy vehicles were observed and enemy walking about. Own harassing fire was successful and good results were observed.
26 2000 Continuous local engagements were carried out with the enemy during the day. Use of PIAT by A and B Coys brought about increased retaliation fire by the enemy. At 1800 hrs enemy tried to attack A Coy with grenades and automatic fire. A Coy promptly called for arty support and the enemy were immediately dispersed by accurate shell fire.
26   The snipers had another successful day killing one enemy at 712719 and wounding another.
27 0700 Contact patrols during the night.
27   A listening post established by A Coy at 711719 heard movement immediately in front and had grenades thrown at then but no casualties were sustained.
27 2000 Enemy shelling and mortaring of the Bn area continued during the day but with little effect.
28 0700 Contact patrols during a quiet night.
28 0800 Mortar OP at 707719 reported no enemy movement seen and this was confirmed by B and D Coys.
28 1030 B Coy recce patrol (strength one Pl) went out at 0945 hrs to the ORCHARD at 712720. There they found two enemy hiding in a slit trench. One was shot in the arm as he tried to run away and both were taken prisoners. Altogether 15 Germans were seen and fired at and two more, making four in all, were captured. Some were definitely wounded. Much enemy movement was seen during the morning and the Coys were subject to increased enemy MG and shell fire.
28 2000 Bn 3 in Mortar Pl expended 250 rounds during the day and Coy 2 in Mortars 70 rounds. Known enemy posns were also engaged by Brens and PIATS with success. The enemy continued to harass the Bn area with shellfire but no casualties were sustained.
29 0700 Contact patrols during a quiet night.
29 0930 B Coy standing patrol at 710721 was heavily fired on by enemy automatic fire and had to withdraw to its Coy locality under cover of smoke sustaining 50% casualties. Enemy were engaged by the 3 in Mortar Pl and at 1030 hrs the standing patrol was firmly re-established.
29 2000 Bn snipers firing from the Mortar OP at 707721 killed one enemy at 710722. Enemy posns were observed by the snipers and useful information was brought back.
29   During the day 250 enemy shells and mortar bombs fell in the Bn area but no casualties were sustained.
30 0700 Contact patrols during a night of increased enemy activity.
30 1030 Many enemy were observed fwd of B and D Coys and were engaged by Brens and 3 in Mortar.
30 2000 Pl of 7 Green Howards came under comd of 6 GH and occupied the area of the Orchard at 712710 by night only. This posn was occupied during the day by one sec of the Bn Carrier Pl. The enemy fired 250 shells into the Bn HQ area during the day.
31 0700 Patrol contact maintained during night with 5 EY and 6 DLI.
31   A Coy relieved B Coy and C Coy relieved D Coy without incident.
31 1030 Enemy continued to shell and mortar the Bn area and the fwd Coys were subject to increased spandau fire.
31 2000 Enemy shelling of the fwd Coys continued but no casualties were sustained.

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Source: Joris Nieuwint, The Battlefield Explorer, transcribing: Hans Houterman.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. Locations are calculated, so might not be in the correct place. For historical research, always check the originals.