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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 23 (BR) Field Dressing Station
Month and Year: December 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Major J.B. Rees Roluds
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
HELMOND (588218) 1   Civilian staff removing machinery from Technical School.
2 1700 ADMS vistited & gave orders that the unit was to move to St. Leonardus Schoo, Helmond on 4th. No further cases admitted & all divisional minor sick passed on to 8 Corps Medical Units.
3   Capt Buchau & Lieut Samuel proceeded to BRUSSELS on 48 hrs leave.
HELMOND (564238) 4 1100 Unit moved to St. Leonardus School, Helmond (564228). 49 patients handed over to 34 CCS who moved into Technical School same day. New school too small to take functioning FDS & unit remained closed.
5   Checking and cleaning stores. New loading lists made out in view of the loss of 15 cwt truck from the W.E.
6   Loading stores & interior economy.
6 1400 Reconnaissance of St. Gerardus School Helmond with a view to opening.
HELMOND (560226) 7 1000 Moved to St. Gerardus School (560226) Wooden huts being delivered in near future to personnel. School suitable for 100 beds.
8   Cleaning & [] wards.
9   Interior economy. Wooden huts not yet arrived.
10   Interior economy.
11   Open to receive minor sick. Four wards each of 12 beds. Remainder of accomodation used for personnel until huts arrive. 21 Cases admitted by evening.
12   Weather fair.
13   IMT inspection of vehicles.
14   40 patients held.
14 1500 Visit by ADMS.
15   46 minor sick patients held.
16   Ballot held for personnel eligible for home leave. Only four members eligible the remainder not so until 8 Jan.
17 1130 ADMS visit.
HELMOND (560226) 17   Some enemy air activity during the morning. 59 patients held.
18   Extra wards opened to increease holding capacity to 80 beds.
18 1000 Slight enemy air activity one small bomb dropped on north part of town.
19   Capt. W. [] proceeded to 32 (Br) General Hospital for course on psychiatry.
20   62 patients held.
21   73 patients held.
22   75 patients held.
23 1000 RASC attended mines demonstration at BOURG LEOPOLD.
23 1410 Enemy air activity in vicinity. Two bombs dropped near Market St. by high flying plane.
24   S/Sgt collected from No 6 (Br) General Hospital to fill vacancy in W.E.
25   Christmas Day.
25 1100 Carol Service.
25 1215 Patients Christmas Dinner.
25 1315 Units Chirstmas Dinner.
HELMOND (560226) 26   78 patients held. Weather fine and frosty.
27 1615 Unit leave Ballot held.
28   Thaw making roads bad. 86 patients held.
29   73 patients held.
30 1430 Officers attended [] visit at 34 CCS.
31 1600 Visit by ADMS.

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Source: Jeroen Koppes, TracesOfWar.com.

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