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Klümper, Werner

Date of birth:
April 19th, 1911 (Herne/Western Phalia, Germany)
Date of death:
October 21st, 1989 (Lübeck/Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)
German (1933-1945, Third Reich)


1932: Offiziersanwärter;
October 1st, 1935: Leutnant;
September 1st, 1939: Oberleutnant;
December 1939: Hauptmann;
May 9th, 1942: Major;
October 1st, 1943: Oberstleutnant;
1956: Fregattenkapitän;
?: Kapitän zuer See der Reserve.

1932: Reichsmarine;
April 1935: Luftwaffe;
1938: Seefliegerstaffel 88;
?: 10. (See) Staffel, Lehrgeschwader 2;
?: Stab, Führer der Seeluft West;
December 1939: Staffelführer 3. Staffel, Küstenfliegegruppe 906;
May 1941: Ia Stab, Kampfgeschwader 30;
November 1941: Ausbildungsleiter Kampfschulgeschwader 2;
November 1941: Chefkonstrukteur Torpedoflugzeuge;
May 9th, 1942: Kommandeur I. Gruppe, Kampfschulgeschwader 2;
July 4th, 1942: Kommandeur I. Gruppe, Kampfgeschwader 26;
February 1st, 1943: Kommodore Kampfgeschwader 26;
June 14th, 1956: Bundesmarine;
?: 1. Marinefliegergruppe;
May 1st, 1959 - September 30th, 1963: Kommodore 1. Marinefliegergruppe / 1. Marinefliegergeschwader;
February 1966 - September 1969: Kommandeur Marinestützpunktkommando Cuxhaven;
September 30th, 1969: Retirement.

Flew a total of at least 87 sorties with seaplanes and bombers, counted as 119 front flights.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Major (Squadron Leader)
I. Gruppe, Kampfgeschwader 26, Luftwaffe
Awarded on:
October 20th, 1942
Deutsches Kreuz in Gold
Second World War (1939-1945)
Major (Squadron Leader)
Kampfgeschwader 26, Luftwaffe
Awarded on:
August 29th, 1943
On the 13.08.1943 Major Klümper, Kommodore of the Kampfgeschwader 26, led a mission against an Allied convoy off the coast of North Africa. The German attack force (with 40 He-111s and 20 Ju 88s) was up against a convoy of 30 merchant vessels and 7 warships.

The convoy took heavy damaged in the attack, losing 12 merchant vessels and 4 warships sunk as well as 7 more merchant ships and 1 warship damaged. Klümper personally sunk an allied tanker with 7000 GRT. For this action he would be awarded the Knight’s Cross and personally named in the OKW communiqué of 16.08.1943.
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes