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Freimanis, Andrejs

Date of birth:
December 21st, 1914 (Grobin Lettland)
Date of death:
September 10th, 1994 (Lutrini, Lettland)
Latvian (1918-1940, Republic)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Führer 13./SS-Grenadier-Regiment 44 / 19. SS-Grenadier-Division
Awarded on:
May 5th, 1945
Freimanis’s Knight’s Cross recommendation reads as follows…

“Obersturmführer Freimanis, commander of the 13./Waffen-Grenadier-Regiment der SS 44 (Lett. Nr.6) and an officer distinguished on account of his boldness and steadfastness, won a major victory at the beginning of the Sixth Battle of Courland. On the 02.03.1945 he prevented an impending Russian breakthrough against Jaunpils through his active defense, during which he demonstrated inspiring personal bravery.

The enemy broke into our positions between Brunumuiza and Velene during the morning hours with overwhelming forces. They overran the II./Waffen-Grenadier-Regiment der SS (lett. Nr.6) and thrusted forward through the Enava forest against the line WW Podini-Podini-Lielapsaujas.

Undeterred by the enemy superiority, Obersturmführer Freimanis doggedly defended his command post (the strongpoint Podini) with 19 men of his Kompanie.

Two frontal enemy attacks launched in company strength were defeated in close combat with heavy losses for the foe. When the enemy then attacked Podini in battalion strength from both the front and either side, Freimanis moved out and struck the frontal enemy group in a totally spontaneous decision with the bulk of his few troops. After a short yet tough bout of close combat the enemy was thrown back to the East. The enemy was so deterred by the tough defense of Podini, our successful counterthrust and their own high losses that they only made weak probes against Podini up until the onset of darkness.

Thus Obersturmführer Freimanis intercepted the thrust against Jaunpils conducted by a tenfold superior enemy with only weak forces of his own, and in doing so prevented an enemy breakthrough. Through this action time was won to occupy the line Kaulaini-Baltie-Birznieki in a strongpoint-like fashion. The main front was then pulled back to here during the night in an orderly fashion.”
Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes


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