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Allen, Oliver Alexander

Canadian (1931-present, Republic)


Service number C.38570.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Flying Officer
Awarded on:
January 1st, 1946
"This officer has over five years service, with almost ten months overseas, and has served in Base Major Servicing Section at this station since arriving in this country. He has been in charge of all the ancillary sections connected with this unit for a considerable time, and since taking over has completely reorganized these sections and been responsible for the design and construction of numerous "Test Rigs" and labour saving devices, which makes these sections the efficient units they are today. His sections are outstanding in their neatness and cleanliness which is a definite indication of the high calibre of the work turned out. Handling his men with firmness and fairness he has their respect and co-operation. He spends much time giving technical lectures to improve the knowledge of his men. Willing, keen and hard working, he is a valuable member of the service."
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