Higgins, Stephen

Date of birth:
December 4th, 1890
Date of death:
January 18th, 1980
Service number:
Irish (1919-present, Republic)


Stephen Higgins joined the service in 1940, having previously served in the British Army from 1906 until 1928. In WW2 he served in the Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps (later - Royal Pioneer Corps) as Colour Sergeant. Between January 9th and March 26th, 1940 he served in Great Britain and from March 27th onwards, he served on the continent with the British Expeditionary Forces. From June 22nd, 1940, until January 1948 he served in Great Britain once again. January 31st, 1948, he was transferred to the Middle East and remained there until October 28th. Back in Great Britain he served until January 4th, 1949. Stephen Higgins retired February 10th, 1954.

January 9th, 1940: Private;
January 21st, 1940 : acting Corporal (withdrawn later)
February 8th, 1940: acting Sergeant;
May 8th, 1940: Sergeant (war subs.);
September 26th, 1940: acting Company Sergeant Major;
June 23rd, 1941: Company Sergeant Major (war subs.);
November 18th, 1941: Sergeant (war subs.);
July 20th, 1946: acting Colour Sergeant;
January 16th, 1947: Colour Sergeant (war subst.);
1947: Staff Sergeant.

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