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Barber, Maurice Clinton Hinton

Date of birth:
August 8th, 1912 (Cape Province, South Africa)
South African


Maurice Barber was a pilot with the South Rhodesian Air Force, before being attachte to the Royal Air Force and served in North Africa. He achieved a total of three victories.

March 21st, 1940: Flying Officer on probation (seniority October 30th, 1939);
March 21st, 1941: Flying Officer;
October 21st, 1941: Flight Lieutenant (seniority July 1st, 1941);
?: Acting Squadron Leader;
January 1st, 1943: temporary Squadron Leader;
June 6th, 1945: Squadron Leader (war subs.).

?: Southern Rhodesian Air Force;
March 21st, 1940: Flying Officer Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserves;
August 16th, 1946: Southern Rhodesian Air Force.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Acting Squadron Leader
No. 450 (RAAF) Squadron, Royal Air Force
Awarded on:
February 23rd, 1943
"During operations in the Western Desert this officer displayed great skill and unflagging devotion to duty. As flight and squadron commander his steady judgment and high morale proved a tower of strength. In 1 flight during the battle of El Alamein, Squadron Leader Barber destroyed 3 Junkers 87's. His example has been worthy of high praise."
LG 35914/929-930.
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)


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