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Piacentile, Jules Vincent

Date of birth:
July 19th, 1894 (Tenes, Algeria)
Date of death:
October 1945 (Paris, France)


Died at Val de Grace (Military Hospital-Paris)

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Division d'Oran, Armée de terre
Awarded on:
August 21st, 1944
"Commandant Jules Piacentile, Chefferie du Génie, Division Territoriale d'ORAN, French Army. For exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services from November 1942 to March,1943.
Following the landing of United States troops in North Africa, Commandant PIACENTILE assisted immeasurely in procuring adequate ground facilities for supply bases; suitable buildings and establishments for hospital facilities; and the ncessary land and buildings for the Invasion Training Center. With unusual ability and foresight, he secured such effective cooperation from French military and civil authorities that all question arising between the French and the United States Army were rapidly adjusted and the required military needs met with the least possible delay. His efforts contributed materially to the success of the Allied war Effort."
Legion of Merit - Officer (LoM - O)


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