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United Kingdom (1801-present, Kingdom)

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Tedder, Arthur William* July 11th, 1890
† July 3rd, 1967

Tunna, Norman* April 29th, 1908
† December 4th, 1970

Aaron, Arthur Louis* March 5th, 1922
† August 14th, 1943
Plot: II Row: B Grave: 3

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Tabuteau, George Grant00-00-188110-03-1940 
Tagg, Arthur Ernest 25-12-1941 
Tait, George Dickson 31-05-1940 
Tait, James Adie   
Tait, James Brian "Willie"09-12-191631-08-2007more 
Tait, John Norman13-11-1888  
Talbot, Alexander Harry   
Talbot, Arthur George31-03-189215-10-1960 
Talbot, Dennis Edmund Blaquiere23-09-190800-00-1994more 
Talbot, Ellis Edward Arthur Chetwynd22-03-192009-10-1941 
Talbot, Henry Fitzroy George 04-07-1920 
Talbot, J.H.   
Talkington, J.A.   
Tallentire, Alexander Gordon00-00-191706-06-1942 
Tan, Boon Cheok18-05-192214-03-1971 
Tandy, Bernard Raymond01-07-1916  
Tandy, W.J.   
Taperell, Michael Omer Treleaven27-03-192204-03-1945 
Tapper, Myer 27-05-1940 
Tappin, Herbert Edward12-06-191809-01-2007 
Tarbuck, James   
Tarrant, Kenneth William John30-12-191700-00-2011 
Tarrant, WilliamFry   
Tarrier, G.A.   
Tasker, Anthony Greaves   
Tate, Frederick Cyril Graham 16-08-1942 
Tate, O. 10-04-1917 
Tatham-Warter, Allison "Digby"26-05-191721-03-1993 
Tatnall, James Benjamin 15-02-1944 
Tattersall, Hugh Geoffrey Wynne01-05-192307-10-1988 
Taun, Arthur 11-02-1942 
Tayler, Denis Graham William19-09-192003-09-2005more 
Tayler, Norman Leslie   
Tayler, Skipwith Edward00-00-189817-03-1941 
Taylor, Alec Louis 25-09-1944 
Taylor, Alexander Miller Wylie 13-11-1944 
Taylor, Alexander Surridge 19-07-1944 
Taylor, Alistair Lennox 04-12-1941 
Taylor, Alistair Murray 11-07-1943 
Taylor, Allan Craig 12-11-1942 
Taylor, C.C. 22-09-1919 
Taylor, Charles Thomas   
Taylor, Clive Shackleton08-09-192021-03-2012 
Taylor, Dick Manning   
Taylor, Donald   
Taylor, Duncan Alexander   
Taylor, Eric Gwynne   
Taylor, George   
Taylor, George Derek 23-09-1944 
Taylor, Gordon Douglas 00-05-2015 
Taylor, Graham Cecil Gordon00-00-191801-06-1941 
Taylor, Harry Forbes McPherson 05-12-1943 
Taylor, Herbert Brian   
Taylor, John Stuart 12-07-1943 
Taylor, John Thurlow   
Taylor, Leonard Frederick   
Taylor, Lionel Arthur   
Taylor, Neville26-09-1910  
Taylor, Norman 00-04-1948 
Taylor, Norman (No. 77 Squadron)   
Taylor, Percy Edwin   
Taylor, Reginald Charles   
Taylor, Roy Leonard 20-10-1943 
Taylor, Samuel   
Taylor, Vernon William Charles 20-04-2008 
Taylor, William01-08-1916 more 
Taylor, William George   
Taylor, William Horace23-10-190816-01-1999 
Taylor, William Robert 12-09-1944 
Taylor, Willie Spanton 15-05-1919 
Taylor-Hughes, Thomas John 02-09-1942 
Taylour, Edward Winchester Tollemache01-01-191513-09-1942 
Teather, James Brian 07-10-1944 
Tedder, Arthur William11-07-189003-07-1967more 
Teden, Derek Edmund19-07-191615-10-1940 
Tee, Ronald A.01-12-1919  
Telford, George 10-11-1944 
Telford, Leonard   
Temlett, Cyril Bernard 03-07-1942 
Temple, Charles   
Temple, Reginald Robert   
Templer, Gerald Walter Robert "Tiger of Malaya"11-09-189825-10-1979more 
Tennant, Thomas Cameron23-08-1918  
Terry, Antony Frederic Aimé Imbert00-00-191301-10-1992 
Terry, Arthur John 17-08-1945 
Terson, George Burke   
Tew, Albert Walter   
Thallon, Robert Erle09-05-192304-07-1943 
Thaxter, Harold George 23-09-1944 
Theobald, Wilfred Murray 12-06-1943 
Theobalds, John Arundel 16-05-1944 
Thomas, Alexander Cameron   
Thomas, Charles George 26-04-1919 
Thomas, Clifford William 30-05-1944 
Thomas, David John Dudley00-00-192225-01-1943 
Thomas, Donald09-02-1920  
Thomas, Eric Rees 08-11-1941 
Thomas, George Henry 30-10-1918 
Thomas, Henry James "Jim"21-06-191715-12-1965 
Thomas, Henry William01-06-1924  
Thomas, Herbert Samuel Griffiths15-04-191224-08-1980 
Thomas, Iorwerth Ieuan 18-02-1945 
Thomas, John William00-00-192428-05-1944 
Thomas, Mervyn Somerset30-08-190021-08-1947 
Thomas, N. 13-08-1916 
Thomas, Radley   
Thomas, Rhys Henry   
Thomas, Roy Frank   
Thomas, Stanley Henry 04-06-1942 
Thomas, Thomas John 12-01-1945 
Thomas, Trevor Ralph   
Thomlinson, Benjamin VIncent   
Thompson, William Maurice Brought   
Thompson, Dennis Henry   
Thompson, Geoffrey Stuart00-00-190500-00-1983more 
Thompson, George23-10-192023-01-1945 
Thompson, George Clark 26-07-1943 
Thompson, George Edward 10-05-1945 
Thompson, George Valentine 22-07-1945 
Thompson, Harry09-12-1919  
Thompson, James 25-01-1945 
Thompson, James Edwin   
Thompson, James Kelly   
Thompson, Jenkin Robert Oswald13-07-191124-01-1944 
Thompson, John Marlow "Tommy"16-08-191424-07-1994 
Thompson, Kenneth 07-04-1945 
Thompson, Norman   
Thompson, Robert   
Thompson, Robert Ferguson 08-11-1941 
Thompson, Ronald Norman00-00-192007-02-1942 
Thompson, Sidney Francis 13-06-1940 
Thompson, Wilfred   
Thompson, William Francis Kynaston "Sheriff"12-11-190906-06-1980 
Thompson, William John   
Thompson, William Lloyd George 12-03-1943 
Thomson, Andrew John  more 
Thomson, Charles Newbigging   
Thomson, George  more 
Thomson, George Somerville 29-04-1943 
Thomson, Henry Alexander 21-07-1944 
Thomson, Reginald Gresham 18-09-1918 
Thomson, Walter Smith   
Thorburn, Douglas Glendinning 10-07-1943more 
Thorburn, Joseph Bonaventure 05-01-1945 
Thorburn, R.A.   
Thorn, Edward Roland "Ted"15-04-191312-02-1946more 
Thornburn, Urwin11-06-191422-12-1994 
Thorndale, Albert   
Thorne, Augustus Francis Andrew Nicol "Bulgy"20-09-188525-09-1970more 
Thorne, Cyril John   
Thorne, Stanley 10-02-1945 
Thorne, Sydney Robert 19-01-1920 
Thorner, Percival Eric   
Thornley, Robert James   
Thornton, John Augustus13-03-1896 more 
Thornycroft, Charles Edward Mytton26-02-192003-07-2009 
Thorogood, Laurence Arthur 00-12-2005 
Thorpe, Francis Bernard 07-09-1941 
Thorpe, Frederick Horace 22-03-1942 
Thorpe, Norman   
Thorpe, Richard Burkimsher10-02-1906  
Threakall, George Henry   
Threlfall, Charles Reginald Morris 31-05-1940 
Thwaites, Edward Lionel 17-11-1943 
Tibbits, Charles19-06-187213-10-1947 
Tibbits, Nigel Thomas Bethune 28-03-1942 
Tibbs, William Albert George   
Tickle, James 13-11-1944 
Tickler, Edward Wells   
Tiernan, John   
Tillard, Rupert Claude00-00-191008-05-1941 
Tillett, James 06-11-1940 
Tilley, Russell Frederick14-02-1915  
Tillie, Arnold Bertram Kingsley   
Tilling, George Henry Garfield   
Tilly, Gerald06-09-1897 more 
Tilly, Gerald30-04-1909 more 
Tilsley, James Huxley 11-05-1945 
Timney, Thomas Cuthbert 05-05-1943 
Timothy, John   
Tinson, S.A.   
Tippett, John   
Tirrell, Thomas Joseph "Jack"00-10-190900-01-1995more 
Titcombe, Alfred   
Toase, Aidan Edward15-07-191809-04-2009 
Todd, Alexander Barr 10-05-1945 
Todd, Andrew Duff   
Todd, Andrew William Palethorpe 15-03-1942 
Todd, Frederick William   
Todd, George Wilfred 04-06-1940 
Todd, Norman Kelsoe12-11-191000-00-2002 
Tofts, Robert Clayton   
Tolan, Leslie30-01-1920  
Tolen, Thomas   
Toler, David Arthur Hodges13-09-192019-11-2009 
Toler, Thomas Ian Jodrell14-03-191223-08-2001 
Tollemache, Anthony Henry Hamilton03-08-191320-02-1977 
Tolley, Samuel Henry 07-06-1943 
Tolliday, Herbert Cecil 08-02-1945 
Tomkins, Frederick   
Tomkinson, E.   
Tomkinson, John La Bassee00-00-191913-03-1941 
Tomlinson, Albert05-06-191400-02-1985more 
Tomlinson, Arthur Ian 23-02-1945 
Tomlinson, John22-11-1901  
Tomlinson, Ralph 02-09-1944 
Tompkins, F.G.W.   
Toogood, Ernest Albert Leslie26-07-191210-06-1972 
Toole, Peter   
Toon, Wilfred John   
Toone, P.   
Toone, Reginald Seymour 28-12-1943 
Torrance, Thomas Forsyth30-08-191302-12-2007 
Tovey, John Cronyn, Lord of Langton Matravers07-03-188512-01-1971more 
Towers, Hector   
Townsend, Albert Anthony29-12-190226-02-1943 
Townsend, Albert Eric00-00-191219-08-1942 
Townsend, Christopher George 00-00-1993 
Townsend, Jack 30-11-1944 
Townsend, Kenneth Norman Varwell   
Townsend, Michael Southcote "Mad"18-06-190800-00-1984 
Townsend, Peter Wooldridge22-11-191419-06-1995more 
Townsend, William Clifford12-01-192109-04-1921 
Toyne, William Arthur01-09-191725-04-1994 
Tozer, Jack   
Tracey, Daniel Edward04-03-1923  
Trainor, Francis Gerard 10-05-1945 
Tranter, Arnold Ernest00-00-1918 more 
Traynor, Benjamin Joseph 29-05-1940 
Treadwell, Kenneth 00-00-2010 
Trebilcock, Gilbert Adams 23-09-1944 
Tregunno, Sidney James   
Trelawny, John Walter 21-05-1940 
Trench, Arthur Richard 07-10-1942 
Trevayne, Paul Rodney 03-02-1943 
Trevethick, Leslie   
Trevis, John Thomas "Jack"12-07-1918  
Trevor, Kenneth Rowland Swetenham15-04-191410-02-2003 
Trevor, Thomas Hoult "Travis"10-10-1911  
Trevor-Roper, Richard Algenon Dacre19-05-191531-03-1944