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Belgium (1830-present, Constitutional Monarchy)

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Blondeel, Edouard "Eddy"* January 25th, 1906
† May 23rd, 2000

Bonté, Maurice* September 22nd, 1904
† August 24th, 1958

Brahy, Christian "Sunshine"* March 9th, 1923
† January 3rd, 2011

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Tabary, Robert Frans  
Taes, Petrus Josephus30-03-192023-05-1940
Taeymans, Leo Cornelius12-07-191430-05-1940
Taghon, André22-04-191928-05-1940
Tais, S.01-12-191220-03-1943
Teelen, Jacob14-10-192412-09-1944
Teirlinck, Jan Jozef05-10-191405-06-1940
Tempels, Alfons16-06-191430-11-1995
Terroir, L.J.  
Tessens, Gaston Henri 28-09-1917
Theijssens, Rene25-10-188804-01-1918
Thienpont, Martin14-03-189320-11-1918
Thioux, Olga "Babette"06-01-1909 
Thomas, Ivon19-11-190616-06-1944
Thorez, Pierre Ignace 10-10-1915
Tierache, Leopold Gustave Ghistain14-06-188022-01-1917
Tierens, Alphonse Louis00-00-188109-08-1915
Tijskens, Michael Willem11-07-192007-06-1940
Tongel, van, Eduard Martin01-11-191305-06-1940
Torfs, Frans 07-08-1918
Torfs, Jan03-03-191930-05-1940
Tostrams, Guilliaume 00-00-1944
Triest, K.F.  
Trijpsteen, Hendrik08-05-191524-05-1940
Trussart, Benjamin J. C.21-02-190906-06-1940
Tureluren, Albert Louis12-05-191506-06-1940