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United States (1776 - present, Republic)

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Abel, Brent Maxwell (USN)* May 16th, 1916
December 26th, 2005

Abele, Mannert Lincoln (USN)* July 11th, 1903
August 16th, 1942

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Yaksich, John T.   
Yamakawa, Sueyoshi   
Yamashiro, Gordon K.26-10-192128-10-1944 
Yancey, John   
Yanechko, Zigmund C.   
Yarborough, William Pelham12-05-191206-12-2005more 
Yarbrough, Roscoe L.16-01-1923  
Yarbrough, William E.00-00-192027-04-1945 
Yarmus, Herbert, J.   
Yasui, Yoji 01-12-1943 
Yates, Gordon W.   
Yates, Ralph J.   
Yeager, Charles Elwood "Chuck"03-02-1923  
Yeager, David G.00-00-190800-00-1985 
Yeager, Walter B.   
Yeaman, John Mark   
Yeaple, James C.   
Yensho, Edward00-00-192518-09-1944 
Yepsen, William G. 20-12-1944 
Yoblonski, Edward James13-06-192404-05-1945 
Yoches, Jack02-04-192603-12-2015 
Yon, Terrell Edward23-10-191914-10-2014more 
Yonkers, John Melvin05-05-191204-04-2004 
Yonkin, Paul William05-05-191808-06-1944 
York, Robert H. "Bob"   
York, Russell J.05-08-192122-07-2006more 
Yoshihara, Toraichi04-10-192105-07-1944 
Yost, Edwin A.   
Young, Burdette R.   
Young, Cassin06-03-189413-11-1942more 
Young, Charles E.   
Young, Charles McFadden03-07-192025-01-1993 
Young, Clifton Andrew28-11-191406-12-1989 
Young, Don John, Jr.   
Young, Edward W.   
Young, Francis Elmer "Bill"01-11-191920-02-2010 
Young, Gordon, G.   
Young, Grant C.   
Young, Hokward Leyland   
Young, Joseph D.   
Young, Kenneth D.   
Young, Lloyd W. 27-02-1945 
Young, Miller, B.   
Young, Norman J.   
Young, Owen DeWitt   
Young, Robert E.00-00-192503-02-1945 
Young, Robert S. 14-04-1945 
Young, Rodger Wilton28-04-191831-07-1943 
Young, Virgil I.00-00-190215-05-1942 
Young, Walter Xavier   
Young, Wendell S.   
Youngblood, Dennis E.   
Younkin, Frank E. 19-03-1944 
Yupco, Samuel S.   
Yupo, Samuel S.