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General Cemetery Memento Mori Spakenburg

The following monuments can be found at Memento Mori Spakenburg General Cemetery:

A monument with the names of the civilians of Bunschoten-Spakenburg who died in Indonesia, both during the Second World War and also during the "police actions". The memorial also mentions a Canadian who died in the Netherlands.

A two-part monument with the names of the civilian casualties in Bunschoten Spakenburg.

A small court of honor with six Dutch War Graves and a seventh grave of a fallen Canadian.

A grave monument for 6 civilian casualties who fell during the fighting on April 21 and 22, 1945. Four of them were students of the Dr. H. Bavinckschool, which school installed this monument. A seventh person, who died just after the war, is also buried here.

A monument in memory of the two inhabitants who fell in the May days of 1940.

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  • Text: TracesOfWar
  • Photos: Willem Visser