German Bunker Bpt. 14a Markostand

This German bunker, Baupunkt 14a Markostand, was built in World War II as part of the Festung Hoek van Holland, part of the Atlantic Wall. It was the headquarters of the defense-section Hoek van Holland.

The bunker is of the type M152, with a passage to another bunker (type 621) and 3 bunkers of the type M151. The bunker was built on September 27, 1942 and was in charge of the entire festung Hoek van Holland.

Drone footage (by Micha Konings) of this location can be seen here.

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  • Text: Gerard Passchier & Melvin Speelmeijer
  • Photos: Jonay Perez Santana (1) & Gerard Passchier (2,3,4,5)
  • Micha Konings