Memorial 82nd Armored Reconnaissance batallion

Next to the War Memorial of Samrée a placard is attached to the wall in commemoration of the 82nd armored reconnaissance battalion that fought in and around Samrée during the Battle of the Bulge. Four soldiers of the battalion are honoured in particular:

John T. Graham
Everett. W. Christensen
Isaac Suhon
John McMahon

At the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge the American 7th Armored Division raised a depot for food, fuel and ammunition in Samrée. The German 116th Panzerdivision ‘Windhund’ took the depot on December 20th 1944. In January 1945 the 2nd Division recaptured the depot after a few days of battle.

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  • Text: Kees Boks
  • Photos: Kees Boks