Maas-line - Casemate 110S

This Dutch S-casemate with climbing tube was built in 1939 as part of the Maas-line. This casemate contains many grenade impacts from the fighting on 10 May 1940. Three Dutch soldiers (J.Tromp, Groenenberg & Van der Rijt) were killed in the fightings. Tromp was killed by a direct hit of a large AP grenade, Groenenberg was killed by shelling near the casemate and Van der Rijt was killed in a trench near the casemate.

On 10 May 1940, the 254.ID attacked this region to capture the railway bridge at Mook. Katwijk (com. Cuijk) was defended by the 3-II-36 R.I. and 13 casemates of the Maas-line.

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