On the General Cemetery in Veendam are nine war graves .
The names of the victims are:

Johannes Kippers, sergeant Marechausse and a member of the Resistance
born 23-06-1899 Veendam
executed on 14-04-1944 Waalsdorpervlakte Wassenaar

Gerrit Jan Koetse , director and member of the Resistance
born 25-06-1906 Veendam
deceased 04-03-1945 Hamburg Neuengamme

Doutzen Kooi, housewife
born 14-03-1914 to Lutkewierum
deceased 13-01-1942 in Groningen
When a shell burst on the Boven Westerdiep Veendam mother Doutzen protected her newborn son. She was struck by shrapnel and died later in the day at the hospital in Groningen.

Lukas Levenga , Farm Worker
born 01-07-1913 Veendam
deceased 28-11-1943 Bremen

Wolther Olthof , Sergeant Asc . C. III Div .
born 01-09-1913 Veendam
deceased 11-05-1940 in Wassenaar

Jurjen Geert Pinkster, Member of the N.B.S
Born 30-10-1913 in New Pekela
deceased 01-04-1945 Veendam

Siemon Strating , skipper
born 11-09-1916 in Groningen
deceased 17-05-1944 Berlin

Jacob Veld, Worker
born 02-05-1895 Veendam
07-03-1941 deceased to Wilhelmshafen

Jan Reinder Venema , Sergeant Dep . L.S.K
born 17-02-1918 Veendam
deceased 10-05-1940 in Rotterdam

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  • Text: Anneke Moerenhout & Bert Deelman
  • Photos: Anneke Moerenhout (1,2,3,4) & Bert Deelman (5)
  • Oorlogsgraven Stichting
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