Wall Stones Nieuwe Herengracht 33 Amsterdam

This wall stones on the Nieuwe Herengracht 33 remind the people of Amsterdam to the history of this building.

The two texts stones were until 1932 in the facade of Weesperstraat 33, where in 1751 the brotherhood Mishenet Zequenim founded a home for needy old Jewish men. In 1794, the fraternity became owner of the larger building on the Nieuwe Herengracht 33, which then came into use as a home. In 1932 the Royal Antiquarian Society made ​​sure the two stones fromthe demiloshed old building in the Weesperstraat were immured in the Nieuwe Herengracht. In February 1943 the elderly residents were deported by the Germans and shortly afterwards the texts of the two bricks defaced. The surface was sealed with a layer of cement.
The recovered bricks are unveiled on 4 May 1995 by the Amsterdam city councilor Annemarie Grewel.

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