Block House (Bunker) Wassermann

On the island Schiermonnikoog a complete blockhouse village was constructed with the purpose of air defense, including radar and listening equipment. The blockhouse Wassermann has been developed to serve as the basis for a huge radar antenna. Next to that there was capacity for an electricity generator and data translation/interpretation. The standard for this type of the blockhouse construction has become known as L480. The radar antenna consisted of a 40 meters tall steel cylinder with mounted antennae. This type of radar carried the name "Wassermann-S(chwer)" [Schwer = heavy]. This enabled the management of approaching airplanes in the airspace within a range of 300 kilometres [over 186 miles].

The steel mast however has never been placed. The Wassermann blockhouse on Schiermonnikoog is not only a rarity as far as its type is concerned, but is at the same time a symbol for this memorable act of resistance.

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  • Text: Natuurmonumenten
  • Photos: Alex Ossel (1) & Ernst-Jan Jonkers (2,3)