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War Office, British Government

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Dab, Jakob   
Dale, Jock   
Danckwerts, Peter Victor14-10-191625-10-1984 
Dansey, Claude Edward Marjoribanks "Z"10-09-187611-06-1947 
Darts, Frederick Joshua   
Day, Stanley Ambrose   
De'Ath, Robert Dudley07-10-191801-02-1960 
Debefve, Emile Alons Marie   
Debuf, Victor14-11-1923 more 
Deery, Stewart   
Delassalle, Jean   
Denham, Joah Selwyn   
Denison, Mallinson Charles   
Derry, Samuel Ironmonger "Sam"10-04-191403-12-1996 
Dewing, Richard Henry "Dick"15-01-189121-09-1981 
Diebold, Lucien16-02-1923  
Dill, John Greer25-12-188104-11-1944more 
Dockerill, Arthur Harry   
Dowling, John "Johny" 00-03-1994 
Dowse, John Cecil Alexander11-11-189116-08-1964more 
Dreyfus, Jaques   
Duggan, John Francis   
Dupuis, Charles   
Duquesne, Paul05-10-191909-04-1945 
Duquesnoy, Marcel23-06-1923  
Durnford-Slater, John Frederick00-00-190905-02-1972 
Durrant, Thomas Frank17-10-191829-03-1942 
Dykes, Vivian "Dumbie"09-12-189829-01-1943