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War Office, British Government

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Haan, Pierre-Louis   
Hahn, George William   
Haines, George Ernest 00-09-1994 
Harden, Henry Eric23-02-191223-01-1945 
Harrington, Jack Lonsdale   
Hasler, Herbert George "Blondie"27-02-191405-05-1987 
Hayes, Graham00-00-191613-07-1943 
Head, Charles Searle   
Heath, George   
Heath, Reginald Frank   
Heckmann, Robert30-04-192709-04-1945 
Heible, Louis29-05-192425-09-1994 
Hentschké, Gilbert   
Herbert, R.G   
Hill, Roderic Maxwell01-03-189406-10-1954more 
Holland, William Anthony "Dutch"   
Honey, Peter   
Hood, Alexander25-09-188811-09-1980more 
Hopkins, Frederick Walter 14-07-1943 
Hopson, Donald Charles31-08-191526-08-1974more 
Hopwood, Howell Gaston Lloyd "Bill"   
Horsfield, Kenneth30-09-192018-08-1944 
Hory, Roger05-06-1919  
Houghton, Joseph Blundell Johnson 23-10-1942 
Hughes, Frank03-04-191800-00-1979 
Hughes, Richard Glanville   
Hunt, George Thomas   
Hunter, Thomas Peck06-10-192302-04-1945 
Hutchins, V.J.