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War Office, British Government

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Radema, Evert07-08-190306-09-1944 
Randall, Donald Charles 00-00-2001 
Ravenel, Jean Marie26-12-192008-04-1945 
Reed, Owen Perceval Elrington13-09-191008-07-1997 
Rennie, Tom Gordon03-01-190024-03-1945 
Rhodes, Christopher George, 3rd Baronet30-04-191422-06-1964 
Riccomini, James Arthur04-07-191727-03-1945 
Rigg, Pearson   
Riley, Charles George Gibson 'Pat'00-00-191500-00-1999 
Roberts, Horace George Victor08-05-188702-02-1945 
Roderick, John Morgan   
Rooney, Oswald Basil "Mickey"19-11-191611-12-1995 
Rothschild, Nathaniel Mayer Victor, 3rd Baron31-10-191020-03-1990 
Roy, Donald William "The Laird"21-01-190831-12-1997 
Ruxton, Anthony Fane 14-07-1943 
Ryder, Robert Edward Dudley16-02-190829-06-1986more