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508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division "All American", U.S. Army

Grid List
Abbott, Edgar R. June 17th, 1944
Plot: C Row: 16 Grave: 30

Abraham, Robert "Bob"* July 16th, 1914
March 10th, 2004

Adams, Donald R.* February 20th, 1920
September 20th, 1944

Adams, Jonathan E., Jr. "Jock"* September 8th, 1917
September 20th, 1984

Akins, Hugh J. "Rosie"* 1923
October 4th, 1944
Plot: F Row: 3 Grave: 4

Albright, Barry E.* March 8th, 1918
November 5th, 1950

Alexander, Boyd A. September 17th, 1944
Plot: M Row: 14 Grave: 7

Alexander, Mark James* January 23rd, 1911
May 21st, 2004

Alfonso, Jafet* 1918
September 20th, 1944

Alvarez, Manuel Lopez (US Army)* June 6th, 1926
September 19th, 1944

Anderson, Eugene E.* May 16th, 1923
September 30th, 1944

Angeloff, Carl A. September 20th, 1944
Plot: C Row: 20 Grave: 1

Anhut, Charles R.* 1923
September 21st, 1944

Apodaca, Juan O.* April 7th, 1925
October 19th, 1944

Appleby, Gene J. September 17th, 1944

Askren, William V. September 20th, 1944

Atherton, Roger L. September 20th, 1944
Plot: F Row: 2 Grave: 22

Axline, Sherman Eugene* July 20th, 1925
September 20th, 1944
Plot: F Row: 2 Grave: 15