After the occupation of Denmark, 10th April 1940, and faced with the ongoing fights in Norway (Operation Weserübung) as well as the preparations for the big attack against France and BeNeLux the Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres Walter von Brauchitsch saw a need for a new honour for his soldiers.

He established a new prominent not wearable award "namentliche Nennung im Wehrmachtbericht" (in today´s German: Namensnennung im Wehrmachtsbericht), or in English "naming in the armed forces report", on 27th April 1940 (published in: HVBl. from 06.05.1940, part C, 27 edit., p. 189, no. 520).

Von Brauchitsch stated the following in his establishing decree: "In future the names of soldiers who excelled them at combat actions in an outstanding way will be named. This is a very special honour. Thus only deeds will be recognized wich call such a special attention from others that they justify a public mentioning in front of the German people.
The task of the generals in command is to judge if the deed does correspond to these high claims. In calm times an other criterion should be used then in times of important combat actions."

The awarding was registered in the Wehrpaß/Soldbuch and personal file.
This honour braught the mentioned soldier a special popularity, because he was mentioned by name and picture in newsletters and radio shows. But in reality it was less worth than the Knight´s Cross of the Iron Cross or the Honour Roll Clasp of the Army.
According to the explanatory notes of the OKH for the commanders the mentioning of the name in the armed forces report (Wehrmachtbericht) did not automatically lead to the naming in the Ehrenblatt des Deutschen Heeres (Honour Roll of the German Army). If the commanding general regarded the deed as so exceptional that the soldier should be named in the Honour Roll of the German Army, this had to be requested separately.

Of the round about 1,631 German soldiers from senior private to field-marshall named in the Wehrmachtbericht some 832 were members of the army and 47 members of the Waffen SS, or together 54 % of the awarded.

Allmendinger, Karl* March 3rd, 1891
† October 2nd, 1965

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Waldenburg, Freiherr von, Siegfried30-12-189827-03-1973more 
Walther, Gerhard17-06-192018-05-1944more 
Warschnauer, Horst28-12-191926-12-1948more 
Weber, Alois (WH-Infanterie)26-07-190319-06-1976more 
Weber, Horst Benno Fridigern08-08-191908-01-2007more 
Weber, Xaver25-03-191618-02-1943 
Wegener, Wilhelm29-04-189524-09-1944more 
Weichs, von, Maximillian12-11-188127-09-1954more 
Weidling, Helmuth Otto Ludwig02-11-189117-11-1955more 
Weimer, Kilian Otto12-05-190421-09-1979more 
Weinknecht, Friedrich05-10-189526-10-1964more 
Weissenberger, Theodor21-12-191410-06-1950more 
Weiß, Walter05-09-189021-12-1967more 
Wengler, Maximilian14-01-189026-04-1945more 
Westphalen, Otto12-03-192008-01-2008 
Wick, Helmut Paul Emil05-08-191528-11-1940more 
Wietersheim, von, Wend18-04-190019-09-1975more 
Wilcke, Wolf-Dietrich11-03-191323-03-1944more 
Winter, Werner26-03-191209-09-1972more 
Wirsching, Maximilian23-11-191918-04-2004more 
Wisch, Theodor Peter Johann "Teddy"13-12-190711-01-1995more 
Wisliceny, Günther Eberhardt05-09-191225-08-1985more 
Witte, Helmut06-04-191503-10-2005more 
Wittmann, August20-07-189529-03-1977more 
Wittmann, Michael22-04-191408-08-1944more 
Wittrock, Josef22-01-191329-12-1957 
Witzig, Rudolf14-08-191603-10-2001more 
Wohlfarth, Heinrich Wilhelm Herbert "Parzival"05-06-191513-08-1982more 
Wuppermann, Otto Joseph Siegfried15-12-191615-04-2005more 
Würdemann, Erich15-01-191412-07-1943more 
Wöhler, Otto12-07-189405-02-1987more