After the occupation of Denmark, 10th April 1940, and faced with the ongoing fights in Norway (Operation Weserübung) as well as the preparations for the big attack against France and BeNeLux the Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres Walter von Brauchitsch saw a need for a new honour for his soldiers.

He established a new prominent not wearable award "namentliche Nennung im Wehrmachtbericht" (in today´s German: Namensnennung im Wehrmachtsbericht), or in English "naming in the armed forces report", on 27th April 1940 (published in: HVBl. from 06.05.1940, part C, 27 edit., p. 189, no. 520).

Von Brauchitsch stated the following in his establishing decree: "In future the names of soldiers who excelled them at combat actions in an outstanding way will be named. This is a very special honour. Thus only deeds will be recognized wich call such a special attention from others that they justify a public mentioning in front of the German people.
The task of the generals in command is to judge if the deed does correspond to these high claims. In calm times an other criterion should be used then in times of important combat actions."

The awarding was registered in the Wehrpaß/Soldbuch and personal file.
This honour braught the mentioned soldier a special popularity, because he was mentioned by name and picture in newsletters and radio shows. But in reality it was less worth than the Knight´s Cross of the Iron Cross or the Honour Roll Clasp of the Army.
According to the explanatory notes of the OKH for the commanders the mentioning of the name in the armed forces report (Wehrmachtbericht) did not automatically lead to the naming in the Ehrenblatt des Deutschen Heeres (Honour Roll of the German Army). If the commanding general regarded the deed as so exceptional that the soldier should be named in the Honour Roll of the German Army, this had to be requested separately.

Of the round about 1,631 German soldiers from senior private to field-marshall named in the Wehrmachtbericht some 832 were members of the army and 47 members of the Waffen SS, or together 54 % of the awarded.

Allmendinger, Karl* March 3rd, 1891
† October 2nd, 1965

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Baacke, Karl15-05-190702-04-1944more 
Baade, Ernst-Günther20-08-189708-05-1945more 
Bach-Zelewski, von dem, Erich01-03-189908-03-1972more 
Bacherer, Rudolf19-06-189506-07-1964 
Back, Hans-Ulrich26-08-189614-02-1976more 
Balck, Hermann17-12-189329-11-1982more 
Balthasar, Wilhelm02-02-191403-07-1941more 
Banze, Karl-Heinrich24-02-191131-12-1945 
Barkhorn, Gerhard20-03-191911-01-1983more 
Barth, Karl (Lw-Küstenfliegergruppe)29-12-191409-11-1942more 
Baum, Otto15-11-191118-06-1998more 
Baumbach, Werner27-12-191620-10-1953more 
Bayerlein, Fritz Hermann Michael14-01-189930-01-1970more 
Bechler, Helmut02-06-189809-01-1971more 
Becker, Carl Hans Wilhelm Ludwig16-01-189524-03-1966more 
Becker, Helmuth (SS-Totenkopf-Division)12-08-190228-02-1953more 
Becker, Karl-Heinz (Fallschirmjäger)02-01-191403-10-2000 
Becker, Ludwig (Nachtjagdgeschwader 1)22-08-191126-02-1943more 
Becker, Martin12-04-191608-02-2006more 
Behnke, Gerhard23-12-191009-05-1962more 
Behrend, Hermann-Heinrich25-08-189819-06-1987more 
Bentivegni, von, Franz-Eccard18-07-189604-04-1958more 
Bercken, von, Werner08-02-189729-02-1976 
Berlin, Wilhelm28-04-188915-09-1987 
Betzel, Clemens09-06-189527-03-1945more 
Bigalk, Gerhard26-11-190817-07-1942more 
Birnbacher, Heinz26-05-191005-12-1991more 
Bittrich, Wilhelm "Willi"26-02-189419-04-1979more 
Blanc, von, Adalbert11-07-190707-11-1976more 
Blancbois, Gustav-Adolf13-09-191715-01-1993more 
Blaskowitz, Johannes10-07-188305-02-1948more 
Bleichrodt, Heinrich Carl Bernhard Rudolf "Ajax"21-10-190909-01-1977more 
Bleyer, Eugen-Heinrich20-11-189618-03-1979 
Bock, von, Moritz Albrecht Friedrich Franz Fedor03-12-188004-05-1945more 
Boddien, von, Oskar19-04-190006-01-1942more 
Bodenhausen, Freiherr von, Erpo12-04-189709-05-1945 
Boeckh-Behrens, Hans27-11-189813-02-1955more 
Boege, Ehrenfried-Oskar11-11-188931-12-1965more 
Bohn, Wolfgang12-01-191726-04-1945 
Bonte, Friedrich  more 
Borowietz, Willibald17-09-189301-07-1945more 
Brandenberger, Erich15-07-189221-06-1955more 
Brauneis, Erich16-03-189420-08-1954more 
Bregenzer, Josef30-06-190916-07-1944more 
Breith, Friedrich25-05-189209-07-1982 
Breith, Hermann07-05-189203-09-1964more 
Briesen, von, Kurt03-05-188320-11-1941 
Brinkforth, Hubert15-04-191605-06-1942 
Brommann, Karl20-07-192030-06-2011more 
Bruck, Helmut16-02-191325-08-2001more 
Brücker, Otto-Hermann17-10-189912-12-1964more 
Bräuer, Bruno Oswald04-02-189320-05-1947more 
Buchterkirch, Ernst-Georg10-09-191417-08-1971more 
Buck, Albert23-01-189506-09-1942more 
Bulla, Ludwig09-08-189626-02-1964more 
Burdach, Karl28-07-189130-12-1976more 
Burmeister, Arnold28-02-189902-07-1988more 
Busch, Hans Konrad05-03-191513-04-1998more 
Buschenhagen, Erich08-12-189513-09-1994more 
Bülow, von, Otto16-10-191105-01-2006more 
Bäke, Franz28-02-189812-12-1978more 
Bär, Heinrich "Pritzel" "Heinz"25-03-191328-04-1957more 
Bätge, Niels19-04-191312-12-1944more 
Böhlke, Hellmuth07-02-189308-04-1956more