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What kind of website is this?
TracesOfWar is a STIWOT project. The subject is the history of global warfare, told from military, political and social viewpoints. This website is the compilation of the previous websites,, and The website is divided into five domains: Articles, Points of Interest, Current Events, Persons and Awards. In the part Themes, parts of these domains are compiled thematically. We are striving to present the contents of the website in two languages, Dutch and English.

Which wars are dealt with here?
Although the emphasis is on World War Two, we aim to deal with other wars as well in each domain. The domain Points of Interest is way ahead here. An overview of added wars and periods can be found here. In the right upper corner of the homepage you can choose whether you want to read about the First or Second World War or show information on all periods.

What is STIWOT?
STIWOT, established in the Netherlands, is short for STichting Informatie WereldOorlog Twee or foundation for information on World War Two, which concerns itself with the free distribution of information on WW2 and other historic wars, predominantly through the internet. More information about STIWOT and its activities can be found on the website.

Who contributes to this website? is entirely produced and updated by an international team of about 50 enthusiastic volunteers. An actual overview of all contributors can be found here. Contributors to the website are independent and have no connection with political ideas of movements whatsoever.

Contributions to the website

How can I make an active contribution to the website?
STIWOT and TracesOfWar are always looking for new contributors on a voluntary base. You can get to work for us as author of articles about WW2 for instance or as a photographer of points of interest related to the history of war fare. For more information visit the actual overview of vacancies here or contact us using this form.

How can I contribute to this website in another way?
Not everyone is able to find sufficient time to cooperate in this internet project. Should you want to support us nonetheless, you can become a STIWOT donor. Your financial support will also enable further development of More information, including the benefits of a donor, can be found here on the STIWOT website. Your company can also support our website and the foundation, to this end you can contact us here.

Domain Articles

Why do I miss an article on a certain subject?
Writing a well founded, readable and informative article is time consuming. Although various authors write articles for us on a steady base, this website is far from complete. Do you have a suggestion for a certain subject, you can tell us using this form. Possibly one of our authors will include it in his or her planning. Of course you can get going yourself as a guest author or make a contribution as a guest. In that case, you can contact us with this form.

Why is World War Two the only subject?
Our editorial staff lacks sufficient manpower and knowledge to start dealing with other historic wars as well. In the future we will make changes to that. Think you can help us? Please contact us.

Domain Points of Interest

Why do I miss certain points of interest?
It is impossible to list each and every point of interest relating to wars. Nevertheless, we strive to supply information as complete as possible. Should you think an important point of interest is missing, please use this form to tell us.

Where do I find visitors information?
We do not list actual information such as entrance fees or opening hours as it is impossible for our staff to keep this information up to date. Questions about this information can be put to the particular organization or museum. Where applicable, you will find a link to a particular organization on the website.

Why doesn't Google Maps show the exact location of a site
In this domain, use is made of the services of Google Maps. To this end, needs the exact address of a site. It can happen sometimes, a certain site is located on an unknown road or one without numbers. This may cause a deviation of the exact location in Google Maps. Despite this error, the actual location of a site is never far from the location listed by Google Maps.

Domain Current Events

How can I forward current (press) releases to you and when will they be published?
You can send current (press) releases to us by email to Each message is checked first by one of our staff members, so it will not immediately appear on the website.

How are books and films rated on this website?
Our reviewers rate films and books with stars ranging from 0 to 5. The rating is as follows:

0 = Bad
* = Poor
** = Moderate
*** = Good
**** = Very good
***** = Excellent

Domain Persons and Awards

I miss a person or award or certain information is incomplete. Where can I send additional information to?
Additions, including pictures can be sent to: Take notice: we only accept additions supported by dependable sources. You can send scanned sources in an appendix.

Questions and feedback

I cannot find certain information on the website. Can I turn to you for questions as regards to content?
Questions as to content can be submitted using this form. We try to answer your question as soon as possible ourselves or refer you elsewhere. As to questions about World War Two, it may be expedient to browse the STIWOT forum. This forum is attended by a large group of people with interest in World War Two and there is a fair chance, you will find an answer to your question. For an interesting, a-political discussion relating to World War Two, it is a convenient spot as well.

How do I pass on historical inconsistencies to you?
Although our authors consult various sources when writing an article, we cannot guarantee certain facts match the information in your sources. Should you come across certain substantive errors or uncertainties, you can notify us using the button "feedback" on the right of the article. We only accept your feedback though if it is substantiated by one or more sources. Errors as to content in the other domains can be forwarded using this form.

How do I pass on spelling mistakes to you?
It may happen you come across a spelling mistake or a weirdly constructed sentence while reading an article. cannot guarantee all information on the website to be faultless. Should you encounter spelling mistakes in the domain Articles or in book or film reviews, please notify us by using the feedback button to the right of the artcle. Should you encounter them in other domains, please use this form.

How do I pass on error messages?
Our website is being maintained meticulously and tested thoroughly but technical errors cannot be avoided. Should you encounter an error message during a visit to our web site, please inform us about the message or bug by using this form. Our technical staff will soon see to a solution of the problem.

Using information from the website

Am I allowed to use articles and/or pictures for my presentation or essay?
Pupils and students can freely use our texts and pictures for essays, presentation and the like; provided you include our website in your list of sources. Should you want to copy large parts of an article, please contact us.

Am I allowed to use text and/or pictures for my website or any other form of publication?
Reproduction of text or pictures for your own website or any other form of publication is prohibited without prior written permission from the STIWOT management. We can only grant permission to reproduce texts and pictures produced by our own contributors. For more information on copyright, see this page.


How about cookies and my privacy
Reproduction of text or pictures for your own website or any other form of publication is prohibited without prior written permission from the STIWOT management. We can only grant permission to reproduce texts and pictures produced by our own contributors. For more information on copyright, see this page.


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