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Who are we looking for:
Many of the awards on TracesofWar do not have a proper description or none at all.

We are looking for volunteers who would love to take care of these descriptions by looking and researching on the internet, in books etc.

We are also looking for people who want to dedicate their time to add people to our list. We are missing so many people who have bravely fought in a war, as well as lists of merits or short biographies on other persons that we do have listed. We strife to complete their story as a sign of respect towards them and their relatives.

What will you do:
When working on the awards, you are only responsible for the description and its sources. Other members of our team take care of the rest, like the translation and placement on the website. If you want to place your description yourself, or contribute to our website in any other way, this is possible after some training, which we will provide.

When working on the lists of persons, you will list new people and add well-researched and legitimate sources. When it comes to existing people on the list, you will contribute to their story by adding something new. This will add to their story and enhances the quality of our website.

What kind of qualities are we looking for?

As a team member of the Awards/Persons, you have to work with your fellow team members at some point, but you work alone for most of the time.

In our line of work, it is vital that the information on our site is true and correct. The war is still a sensitive subject, especially for those left behind. The information that is found or given must be respected and handled with care and professionality as a sign of respect to the men who never came back and those left behind.

Communication and deliberation skills are therefore a must and much appreciated.

You will work under the supervision and guidance of more experienced editors, but as soon as your familiar with the works and comfortable, you will be trusted to work on your own. Help is always provided and appreciated through email of Facebook.

You will not be paid for the work you will be doing, it is all on a voluntary basis.

If you have any questions or would like to register, please send a message to Rik van Velzen via r.vanvelzen@tracesofwar.com.
🎬 Who are we looking for:
Have you been anticipating the third series by the Band of Brothers creators for years, just like us? Have you seen all World War II related series on Netflix and other streaming platforms? On top of that, do you enjoy sharing your opinions and thoughts on movies and series with a larger audience? Then we might be looking for you!

🎬 What will you be doing:
As movie and series critic, you will discuss recent movies and series about WWII that have not yet been reviewed on our website. You might have watched it on your own accord or have received a link or copy from us.

In your reviews, you will be sharing a concise, yet gripping synopsis. In this you will emphasize historic facts, as TracesOfWar is a history website, not a movie website. Besides, you will give a thorough analysis that goes beyond just stating whether the movie was exciting or boring. Your reviews will be judged by our editors and subsequently you will post them on our website.

To judge your capabilities, we would like to receive a test review from you.

Please note: all work is on a voluntary basis.

If you have any questions or wish to apply for the job, do not hesitate to contact Kevin Prenger at k.prenger@tracesofwar.com
Who we are looking for:
Someone who likes to transcribe newspaper articles for our The War Illustrated section.

What will you be doing:
Do you like to help with one of the biggest websites about the Second World War on the internet? Help us enrich our website by adding newspapers articles to it.

You get to pick and choose which articles you want to transcribe. There are still a lot, choose the articles that are closest to your own interest. We will provided the (digital) newspapers where you will be able to work on.

Set your own pace, and enjoy working on your hobby with a group of 80 other volunteers.

Note: all activities are performed on a voluntary basis.

If you have any questions or would like to join, please send a message to Lennard Bolijn at lennard@tracesofwar.com.
Job description:
The writing of historical articles on TracesOfWar Articles on a voluntary (unpaid) basis.

Authors of historical articles write articles on various topics of choice that are related to the history of the Second World War. Objectivity, a good reference to the source and an easily readable language are some of the requirements we place on the articles. We expect an excellent command of the Dutch language from an author.

A starting author is accompanied by an experienced author. In principle, we consider an author who has written three articles to be a permanent author, but he or she will also be supported by our final editors.

To be able to assess whether someone is suitable as an author, we require a trial article upon registration. The subject is determined in consultation.

Further information or registration:
Chief Editor Articles Kevin Prenger (k.prenger@tracesofwar.com)

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