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United Kingdom (1801-present, Kingdom)

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Tedder, Arthur William* July 11th, 1890
† July 3rd, 1967

Tunna, Norman* April 29th, 1908
† December 4th, 1970

Aaron, Arthur Louis* March 5th, 1922
† August 14th, 1943
Plot: II Row: B Grave: 3

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
A Sailor of the 1939-1945 War 00-00-1942 
A Seaman of the Great War 16-01-1918 
A Seaman of the Great War 12-01-1918 
A Seaman of the Great War 12-01-1918 
A Seaman of the Great War 27-06-1919 
A Seaman of the Great War 03-04-1918 
A Seaman of the Great War 14-01-1918 
A Seaman of the Great War 18-01-1918 
A Seaman of the Great War 16-01-1918 
Aaron, Arthur Louis05-03-192214-08-1943 
Abbot, Fred 30-09-1944 
Abbott, Ernest Ronald01-05-191303-05-1992 
Abbott, John Herbert Ronald   
Abbott, Norman William Stanley15-07-192422-06-1944 
Abbs, Donald Roy   
Abecassis, George Edgar21-03-191310-12-1991 
Abel, Leslie Ernest   
Abel, Robert William Paterson00-00-192523-09-1944 
Abel-Smith, Henry08-03-190024-01-1993more 
Abley, William Thomas   
Abou Ramadan, Abdel Salim 03-07-1941 
Acheson, Viscount, Archibald14-01-191117-02-1966 
Acland, Peter Bevil Edward09-07-190200-00-1993more 
Acton, Charles Edward25-03-189223-12-1917 
Acton, Leonard Sharples 23-11-1944 
Acworth, Richard Alvin "Acky"19-12-191601-03-1971 
Adair, Allan Henry Shafto, 6th Baronet03-11-189704-08-1988more 
Adair, Hugh24-08-192327-10-2013 
Adams, Andrew 22-01-1945 
Adams, Andrew Alexander05-06-192108-11-1993more 
Adams, Arhur Robert   
Adams, C.   
Adams, Harrison Staveley 00-00-1984 
Adams, Jack Sylvester11-05-1917  
Adams, John "Jack"26-09-189021-06-1981more 
Adams, John Alan 23-12-1942 
Adams, Norman Marcus   
Adams, Reginald Arthur   
Adams, Reginald Thomas00-12-192030-06-1942 
Adams, Ronald George Hinings31-12-189628-03-1979 
Adamson, Ronald William00-00-192023-07-1941 
Adcock, Joseph Francis00-00-191221-09-1944 
Adderton, Victor   
Addington, Raymond Thomas Casamajor27-01-191928-10-2011 
Addison, William Nathan12-08-191900-10-1989 
Addy, William Edward 13-11-1942 
Adie, Charles George   
Adkins, Ernest Edward22-06-191216-12-1965 
Affleck, Douglas 30-01-1944 
Affleck, John Robert Clark (Johny)   
Agazarian, Jack Charles Stanmore27-08-191529-03-1945 
Agazarian, Levon Berdj "Charles"00-00-1914  
Agazarian, Marie Monique17-04-192003-03-1933 
Agazarian, Noël le Chevalier "Aggy"26-12-191616-05-1941 
Agnew, Harold 26-01-1942 
Ainger, John Richard   
Ainsworth, Sydney 21-10-1978 
Aird, William   
Airey, Leslie   
Aitken, John William Maxwell, 2nd Baronet15-02-191001-05-1985 
Aitken, Robert   
Aitken, William Maxwell, 1st Baron Beaverbrook25-05-187909-06-1964 
Akehurst, Arthur Maurice 30-06-1945 
Akkinstal, Q.D.   
Albertini, Anthony Victor   
Alcock, John "Jack"04-03-191801-01-1997 
Alden, John Ernest05-02-191400-10-1974 
Alder, Douglas Frank   
Alderson, F.H.   
Alderson, John 08-04-1945 
Alderson, Thomas Hopper   
Alderton, Richard 10-07-1943 
Aldis, Alec George 06-06-1944 
Aldous, Eric Stanley01-01-191816-10-1941 
Aldred, Bernard George 05-01-1945 
Aldridge, Alan 29-07-1942 
Aldridge, Deryck Reginald   
Aldridge, Kenneth Arthur 21-11-1943 
Alexander, Albert V., 1st Earl A. of Hillsborough01-05-188511-01-1965 
Alexander, Harold Rupert Leofric George "Alex"10-12-189116-06-1969more 
Alexander, James Michie 15-02-1944 
Alford, Edward George07-03-190400-00-1987 
Algar, Robert Henley 25-01-1945 
Alkemade, Nicholas Stephen "Nick"10-12-192222-06-1987 
Allan, John Cecil Owen 07-06-1944 
Allan, John Watson "Iain"06-05-191809-07-1988 
Allan, Julian Phelps22-06-189231-01-1996 
Allard, Geoffrey20-08-191213-03-1941 
Allard, Thomas Horace Eric   
Allardice, William Dallas   
Allen, Athole Jack 21-03-2011 
Allen, Cecil Charles Acland15-12-1894  
Allen, Derek Hurlstone 18-05-1940 
Allen, Derrick John   
Allen, Edward Patrick   
Allen, Francis Frederick 03-02-1943 
Allen, Frank Edward00-00-191501-08-1942 
Allen, Frederick Fernley Edmund12-12-191229-06-2005more 
Allen, Hubert Raymond "Dizzy"19-03-191931-05-1987 
Allen, John 07-05-1945 
Allen, John Frederick Woodward00-00-192129-11-1940 
Allen, John Henry17-06-192021-09-1995 
Allen, John Laurence 24-07-1940 
Allen, L. William26-04-1925  
Allen, Michael Seamer15-03-192506-06-2001 
Allen, Robert Swinton24-07-191400-00-1982more 
Allen, Roland William John   
Allen, Ronald James   
Allen, Thomas00-00-191500-00-1979 
Allenby, George Thomas00-00-190809-02-1943 
Allinson, Thomas Dixon   
Allison, Sydney Roy   
Allmand, Michael22-08-192324-06-1944 
Allsopp, David04-08-191709-09-1987 
Allsopp, Henry Richard, 5th Baron Hindlip01-07-191219-12-1993 
Alms, James Hill 26-02-1947 
Ambler, Eric Clifford28-06-190922-10-1998 
Amelia, Mrs. Matty   
Amery, Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett "Leo"22-11-187316-09-1955 
Amies, Edwin Hardy17-07-190905-03-2003 
Amos, Frederick10-05-191400-00-1979 
Amphlett, John Philip15-04-192129-03-1945 
An Airman (1) 29-12-1943 
An Airman (2) 29-12-1943 
Anderson, Alan Ford21-11-191019-12-2002more 
Anderson, Donald John19-04-1919  
Anderson, Eric15-09-191506-04-1943 
Anderson, F.   
Anderson, Frederick Samuel   
Anderson, James Clapham   
Anderson, Jim 07-02-2019 
Anderson, John D'Arcy23-09-190816-04-1988 
Anderson, John Gordon   
Anderson, John Thompson McKellar "Jock"12-01-191805-10-1943more 
Anderson, John, 1st Viscount Waverley08-07-188204-01-1958more 
Anderson, Kenneth Arthur Noel "Sunshine"25-12-189129-04-1959more 
Anderson, Michael Herbert 10-05-1940 
Anderson, Peter00-00-191222-10-1943 
Anderson, William Maurice Eyre "Bill"31-08-190813-12-1986 
Anderson, William St. George   
Andrea, Peter George   
Andrew, Solomon Joseph Harold00-00-1924  
Andrewartha, Charles Donald "Andy"15-04-191606-09-1973more 
Andrewes, Peter Lancelot 13-06-1944 
Andrews, Albert Mailly   
Andrews, Eric William23-10-191921-04-1971 
Andrews, George Edward 09-11-1942 
Andrews, Gyles Antony Owen 25-11-1941 
Andrews, Harold Norman06-01-192002-09-2000 
Andrews, Kenneth James Stuart   
Andrews, Leslie Joseph   
Andrews, Sydney Ernest 09-08-1942 
Andrews, Thomas Sidney 17-03-1944 
Andrews, Wallace Launcelot13-03-190830-07-1944 
Anley, Reginald Charles   
Annand, Richard Wallace05-11-191424-12-2004more 
Annandale, James   
Annear, Charles 14-11-1942 
Ansell, Charles Cecil   
Ansell, Harry Edgar Wreyford 20-05-1942 
Ansell, Keith 21-05-1940 
Anstes, Trevor   
Anstey, John03-01-190706-10-2000 
Antell, Frederick Roy George   
Apling, Robert Henry 08-04-1944 
Appleby, Michael John "Mike"   
Appleford, Joseph Ernest11-01-1917  
Appleton, Ernest Philip   
Appleton, George Edward16-08-192027-07-1941 
Appleyard, Donald Robert Cox 29-12-1943 
Appleyard, John Geoffrey "Geoff"20-12-191613-07-1943 
Appleyard, Kenelm Charles25-03-188420-12-1967 
Arbon, Paul Wade08-02-192121-11-1968 
Arbuthnot, Myles Henry17-08-191116-10-1943 
Arbuthnott, Robert Keith, 15th Viscount21-08-189715-12-1966more 
Archer, Bertram Stuart Trevelyan03-02-191502-05-2015more 
Archer, Ernest Leonard  more 
Archer, Ernest Russell14-09-189117-12-1958 
Archer, Harold Corbin00-00-189200-00-1949 
Archer, Harold Jack   
Archer, J.D.   
Archer, John Beville00-00-189300-00-1948 
Arger, Albert Victor19-07-1900  
Aries, Ellis Walter14-06-191600-06-1976 
Arkinstall, Leslie Joseph   
Armiger, Bertie William21-12-191111-11-1984 
Armin, Arthur Meakin00-00-192023-05-1944 
Armitage, Dennis Lockhart28-03-191205-03-2004 
Armitage, Douglas10-11-192325-06-1943 
Armitage, Frederick Alfred   
Armitage, Robert Selby28-03-191001-06-1982 
Armitstead, Herbert   
Armstrong, Colin Peel McGee   
Armstrong, Harrison   
Armstrong, James   
Armstrong, Ralph William   
Armstrong, William Richard   
Arnfield, Stanley John03-10-191324-09-1954 
Arnold, Hugh Wilson15-01-192117-12-2013 
Arnold, Walter30-08-190612-03-1988 
Arthur, John Edward Wilberforce 28-09-1943 
Arthur, Lawrence   
Ascham, Charles William   
Ash, John Garton16-04-191925-06-2014 
Ashcroft, Alfred Edward David 06-10-1944 
Ashcroft, Victor 28-10-1944 
Ashfield, Glyn 12-12-1942 
Ashfield, Leslie James 15-05-1940 
Ashford-Russell, Brian Harborough19-02-190704-02-2003 
Ashley, Austin Raymond01-01-1918  
Ashmore, Norman Hugh Harry (Henry)   
Ashness, Albert   
Ashplant, George 25-07-1943 
Ashton, Basil Cedric 19-06-1945 
Ashton, Frank25-12-1920  
Ashton, John Norman Stephen00-00-1911  
Ashurst, Norman24-11-1920  
Ashworth, Donald William 20-06-1942 
Aspey, Harold Edward00-03-191627-02-1942 
Astley, Frank Charles   
Aston, Frederick Charles   
Aston, Frederick Cuthbert12-09-191900-03-2003 
Atcherley, David Francis William12-01-190408-06-1952more 
Atcherley, Richard Llewellyn Roger12-01-190418-04-1970more 
Athorn, Thomas William 07-01-1944 
Atkin, Thomas Vincent Haig 10-05-1945 
Atkin, William Herbert   
Atkins, Eric 20-12-1947 
Atkins, Eric Granville19-03-1921 more 
Atkins, William James   
Atkinson, Clarence Victor 14-10-1942 
Atkinson, Gordon Barry07-02-1921  
Atkinson, Harold Derrick19-08-191825-08-1940 
Atkinson, Walter James 13-07-1918 
Attenborough, Thomas   
Attlee, Clement Richard, 1st Earl Attlee03-01-188308-10-1967 
Attwooll, Peter Ralph06-05-192229-12-1944 
Auchinleck, Claude John Eyre21-06-188423-03-1981more 
Auckland, Ronald James18-01-192222-07-2016 
Austin, Frederick Charles