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United Kingdom (1801-present, Kingdom)

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Tedder, Arthur William* July 11th, 1890
† July 3rd, 1967

Tunna, Norman* April 29th, 1908
† December 4th, 1970

Aaron, Arthur Louis* March 5th, 1922
† August 14th, 1943
Plot: II Row: B Grave: 3

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Caddy, Hebert Henry 25-06-1940 
Cadell, Maurice Alexander Gordon24-11-191307-07-1951 
Cadman, William Guy19-08-192207-02-1945 
Cadogan, Howard Baskerville06-12-191523-10-1995 
Cagienard, Robert-Roland00-00-192025-04-1944 
Caie, Ernest James 18-10-1940 
Cain, Robert Henry02-01-190902-05-1974 
Cairns, Charles Leslie   
Cairns, George Albert12-12-191319-03-1944more 
Cairns, George Forster   
Cairns, Thomas Egbert 01-05-1945 
Caldefourt, Ronald Dennis 23-06-1943 
Calder, Ronald Reid 04-02-2011 
Caldwell, Mansfield Richard "Hindenburg" 25-09-1943 
Calistan, Charles Vivian 30-07-1944 
Callaghan, Stanley   
Callander, Donald Fraser22-04-191805-04-1992more 
Callow, Oscar Graham   
Calver, Dennis Desmond John   
Calverley, William George 03-11-1918 
Calvert, Arthur   
Calvert, Thomas 02-01-1944 
Calvert, Wilfred Sylvester   
Cambier, Harry Michael Ashbrooke09-09-192110-10-1944 
Cambridge, Alexander (1st Earl of Athlone)14-04-187416-01-1957more 
Cambridge, George F. H., 2nd Marquess of Cambridge11-10-189516-04-1981more 
Camburn, Alec Reginald 01-05-1943 
Cameron, Alexander Maurice30-05-189825-12-1986 
Cameron, Archibald23-11-191826-06-2000 
Cameron, Donald18-03-191610-04-1961 
Cameron, Duncan   
Cameron, Duncan Iain   
Cameron, Norman "Jock"00-00-191700-00-1981 
Cameron, Ralph Alverne Cyril25-08-191807-07-2004 
Cameron-Burnham, Jennie   
Cammaerts, Francis Charles Albert16-06-191603-07-2006 
Campbell, Alexander Fraser02-05-189818-10-1940 
Campbell, Alfred William   
Campbell, Alister Henry 29-08-1945 
Campbell, Duncan   
Campbell, Duncan00-00-190712-04-1942 
Campbell, Harold 25-09-1944 
Campbell, Hugh 05-07-1941 
Campbell, James Alexander   
Campbell, John   
Campbell, John Charles "Jock"10-01-189426-02-1942more 
Campbell, John Davies11-11-192130-07-2015more 
Campbell, Kenneth21-04-191706-04-1941 
Campbell, Lorne MacLaine22-07-190225-05-1991more 
Campbell, Robert James   
Campbell, Stuart Somerville 07-09-1944 
Campbell, William Pitcairn20-06-185622-09-1933 
Campbell, William Tait00-00-191200-00-1999 
Campion, Michael Patrick08-05-191604-12-1943 
Campling, Eric Frank Knowles01-08-192008-04-1944more 
Campling, Richard David 15-02-1944 
Candy, Philip Sadler24-02-189901-11-1914 
Cankett, Leonard George 00-00-1993 
Canning, Oliver   
Cannon, Leslie William "Bull"09-04-190427-01-1986more 
Cannon, Roy Albert Arthur 26-02-1945 
Cant, Leslie Ronald00-00-192224-06-1943 
Cantlie, Colin08-05-1888  
Capes, John Hawtrey20-09-191000-00-1985 
Carberry, John 28-10-1944 
Card, Alan John00-00-192300-00-2007 
Cardell, Nevill Southwell 12-08-1941 
Cardy, Edward George   
Carey, Frank Reginald Carey 'Chota'07-05-191206-12-2004more 
Carey, Hubert John 18-10-1941 
Carey, Walter Evan21-11-192018-02-2016 
Cargill, Arthur Lydenham Tremenheere00-00-191321-06-1940 
Cargill, John Ritchie   
Cargill, William   
Carlill, Donald Herbert   
Carling, Mary Archibald 02-11-1946 
Carlisle, Anthony Francis17-01-1918  
Carlton, Edward C.   
Carman, Kenneth   
Carr, F.   
Carr, Francis Arthur   
Carr, Jack Theobald01-07-190327-07-1984 
Carr, John Richard09-05-191124-10-1982 
Carr, Philip William 10-08-1942 
Carr, Thomas Edward 21-10-1944 
Carr, William Greenwood10-01-190127-01-1982 
Carr-Lewty, Robet Albert06-07-191104-03-1994 
Carrapiett, Ronald Mccoy00-00-192008-04-1941 
Carrigan, John William "Jimmy"00-00-1924  
Carrigan, Robert William 12-02-1943 
Carroll, Francis Leo   
Carroll, Michael John   
Carruthers, William14-10-191400-00-2009 
Carruthers, William Alan 26-06-1942 
Carson, Robert Francis   
Carter, Bernard Law   
Carter, Charles Binden03-09-191925-09-1944 
Carter, Clara 07-05-1945 
Carter, Edwin 21-10-1943 
Carter, Guy LLoyd00-00-190018-07-1944more 
Carter, Hilda Ann May   
Carter, James Norman   
Carter, Mark Medley 15-05-1940 
Carter, Robert Alfred Copsey15-09-191010-11-2012 
Carter, Sydney 17-10-1945 
Carter, Syney A.   
Carter, Thomas Christopher "Toby"27-12-191728-08-2014more 
Carter, William 22-03-1945 
Carthew, Ronald Harold   
Carton, Geoffrey William   
Cartwright, Albert 23-08-1945 
Cartwright, Henry 04-07-1940 
Cartwright, Philip Alexis12-08-190427-04-1941 
Carty, Alfred   
Carudel, Andrew George "Durham" "Armand"   
Carver, Kenneth Maltby00-00-191800-00-1996 
Casano, Michael Peter07-06-191300-07-2006 
Casbolt, Charles Edward "Cas"00-00-1914  
Casdagli, Alexis Theodore   
Casement, Peter Reginald22-03-192112-12-2016more 
Casey, Michael James O'Brien "Mike"19-02-191831-03-1944 
Casper, Bernhard M.00-00-191600-00-1988 
Cassingham, Ernest 12-06-1943 
Casson, Lionel Harwood "Buck"06-01-191508-10-2003 
Castagnola, James "Cass"   
Castle, Harold George   
Castle-Hall, Reginald Alfred00-00-191317-06-1944 
Catlin, James Henry   
Caton, Geoffrey 10-07-1943 
Cattell, Henry George00-00-190900-00-1986 
Catto, 1st Baron Catto, Thomas Sivewright15-03-187923-08-1959 
Catton, Frederick Herbert Charles "Fred"   
Caulfield, Charles 26-10-1941 
Cavanagh, F. 26-09-1918 
Cave, George 04-11-1941 
Cavendish, Andrew Robert, 11th Duke of Devonshire02-01-192003-05-2004 
Cawthra, George   
Ceaton, Ron   
Chadwick, Barton 20-06-1942 
Chadwick, Walter Lees25-02-192000-00-2005 
Chalk, William Robert00-00-191300-00-1993 
Chalkley, Herbert Veale20-06-190807-06-1997 
Challenor, Harold Gordon 'Tanky'16-03-192228-08-2008 
Challington, William Albert   
Challoner, Robert   
Chalmers, George Alexander12-02-192100-08-2002 
Chalmers-Wright, Fergus Camille Yeatman   
Chamberlain, Arthur Neville18-03-186909-11-1940 
Chamberlain, Eric26-07-1912  
Chamberlain, Paul Burton 12-10-1941 
Chamberlain, Richard John 13-10-1941 
Chamberlain, William James 12-03-1941 
Chambers, Ernest   
Chambers, G. 21-04-1946 
Chambers, Herbert Stewart 28-03-1942 
Chambers, Peter Richard   
Champion, John Ghrimes 31-07-1944 
Champness, Leonard William   
Chan, Helen   
Chandler, Alfred Roy08-08-190800-00-1995 
Chandler, Dudley Frederick Hingley   
Chandler, Horatio Herbert00-00-1917  
Chandler, Richard   
Chandler, Thomas Joseph19-06-189119-04-1966 
Channer, Peter James   
Chant, Stuart Whitemore19-03-192005-07-1991 
Chaplin, John Hugh18-06-191116-07-2002 
Chapman, C.C. 27-07-1945 
Chapman, Edward Arnold "Zigzag"16-11-191411-12-1997 
Chapman, Edward Thomas13-01-192003-02-2002 
Chapman, Kenneth Harold   
Chapman, Leslie   
Charles, Edward   
Charlton, Dorian Richard Wingate Graham30-07-191309-09-2007 
Charlton, Edward Colquhoun15-06-192021-04-1945 
Charlton, John Roger Owen   
Charlton, Ronald Edmund00-09-1915 more 
Charlton, Wilson Hodgson09-04-190712-05-1953 
Charney, Frederick Richard Howard 12-09-1941 
Charnock, Harry Walpole00-00-190524-05-1974 
Charrington, Harold Francis07-10-191007-07-1976 
Charrington, Harold Vincent Spencer00-00-188600-00-1965more 
Chase, Ernest Leonard 28-05-1940 
Chase, Frederick John Alliston18-04-191018-04-1910 
Chatterton, George James Stewart00-00-191200-11-1987 
Chatterton, Harry James   
Chattin, Peter Warren 03-09-1944 
Chatwin, Cecil Athos Newcome10-03-189811-05-1974 
Chavasse , Noel Willinc11-04-192000-00-1974more 
Chavasse, Kendal George Fleming28-09-190431-03-2001 
Chennell, Lionel Albert 00-00-1997 
Cherrington, G.   
Cherry, Paul Wilson 07-01-1944 
Cheshire, Cyril   
Cheshire, Geoffrey Leonard07-09-191731-07-1992more 
Chesshire, James Hugh Cecil28-12-191600-10-2000 
Chessun, Laurent Harry00-00-192201-08-1942 
Chesswas, Ronald Mervin   
Cheverton, Thomas Bird 24-03-1918 
Chidson, Montagu Reaney00-00-189300-00-1957 
Chilcott, Roy Anthony 16-02-1944 
Chilcott, Sidney Herbert   
Chilton, Albert Daffurn 17-10-1970 
Chilton, Alec00-00-1922  
Chilton, Patrick Charles Stuart15-02-192119-07-1975 
Chipping, Peter James   
Chisholm, Alexander Frederick 23-11-1943 
Chisholm, John   
Chisholm, Roderick Aeneas23-11-191107-12-1994 
Chitty, William Campbell 14-10-1942 
Chong, Khan Ah 15-08-1947 
Choy, Elizabeth (Yong Su-Moi)29-11-191014-09-2006 
Christie, C. 13-04-1917 
Christie, James Bertie30-07-1921  
Chuck, Herbert George 04-04-1943 
Church, Arthur William 23-08-1941 
Church, Jack Joseph   
Church, James Cunningham   
Church, John "Johnny"17-09-191900-09-2004 
Churchill, Jack   
Churchill, John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming "Jack"16-09-190608-03-1996 
Churchill, Peter Morland14-01-190901-05-1972 
Churchill, Walter Myers24-11-190728-08-1942 
Churchward, Alfred James   
Chute, Rowland Fitzmaurice Eidingtoun02-10-1899 more 
Ciano, Charles Vincent25-04-191202-05-1958 
Clack, Kenneth Arthur 31-03-1944 
Clapham, Edward Eric   
Clark, Dennis   
Clark, Edward Burling   
Clark, Edward Keats Urling04-02-191110-04-1940 
Clark, Edward Sawle 10-11-1944 
Clark, Frank Henry 09-11-1944 
Clark, Franklin Falconer   
Clark, Ian Patterson00-00-191526-06-1942 
Clark, Percy William19-11-188815-02-1943 
Clark, Sidney   
Clark, Sidney Charles   
Clark, Stanley Victor   
Clarke, Andrew Board Stephenson 23-07-1943