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At TracesOfWar we love military historical maps. We use these regularly in our in-depth articles. This page contains a chronological overview of the maps of our illustrators.


Obersalzberg: retreat or Alpine fortress
The Berghof and surrounding buildings. Source: Marcel Kuster,


Molotov line / Battle for Westerplatte


Strijd om fort Eben-Emael / KW Line
Overview of the battle for Eben-Emael and surroundings. Source: Bert Heesen,
Source: Marcel Kuster


Attack on Pearl Harbor

Evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Greece
Overview of the evacuation. Source: Bert Heesen /

The rise and fall of Panzerarmee Africa (1941-1943)

Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of the Soviet Union


Battle for Stalingrad
Fall Blau. Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar.
Stalingrad. Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar.

Operation Uranus. Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar.
Operation Ring. Source: Marcel Kuster TracesOfWar.

Sabotage of the heavy water production in Norway
The routes traveled by the teams from Operation Grouse and Gunnerside to the factory in Vemork. Source: Roger Paulissen, TracesOfwar
Sailing route and location of the sinking of the SF Hydro. Source: Roger Paulissen, TracesOfWar


Maisy Battery / Battle for the Elle
Location of Maisy Battery. Source: Bert Heesen /
Overview of the battlefield. Source: Roger Paulissen,

Operation Market Garden

Battle for Overloon and Venray
The American operation plan. Source: Roger Paulissen,
British plan of attack for Overloon. Source: Roger Paulissen,

Battle of the Scheldt
Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar
Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar

Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar
Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar

Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar


Battle for the Twentekanaal

Liberation of the northeastern part of the Netherlands
Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar
Overview of the front in the last months of 1944 with the focal point north of the Ruhr area. Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar

Overview of Operation Veritable. Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar
Simonds' plan for Operation Blockbuster. Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar

Brigade-general Mills-Roberts’ plan of attack. Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar
Chart showing the drop- and landingzones of Varsity. Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar

Outline of the Allied advance northwards. Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar
Drop zones in Drenthe during Operation Amherst. Source: Marcel Kuster, TracesOfWar

VIP prisoners of the SS in the Alpenfestung / Battle for the Seelower Höhen
Overview of the route taken by the SS prisoners to Hotel Pragser Wildsee. Source: Roger Paulissen,
Source: Marcel Kuster

Battle of Berlin / Nazi ship Wilhelm Gustloff
Advance of the Red Army, April 16-21, 1945. PZA: Panzerarmee STL: Shock Troop Army GTL: Guards Tank Army GL: Guards Army Source: Roger Paulissen, TracesOfWar
Geographical overview of the Wilhelm Gustloff disaster. Source: Roger Paulissen, TracesOfWar

Siege of Breslau[/gwid]