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Lennard Bolijn Chairman

Lifelong interest in military history. Started in 2015 as an email handling contributor, later editor-in-chief. Chairman of STIWOT as of 2020.

Ewoud van Eig Secretary

Jeroen Koppes Treasurer

Started as a technical volunteer in 2002. Now responsible for the technical management of all STIWOT websites and also as treasurer on the board of the foundation. Furthermore, I make (photo)reports and I occasionally write an article for


Frank van der Drift Advisor board

Kaj Metz Staff Member TracesOfWar

Kevin Prenger Editor-in-chief Articles

From 2004 to 2018 I was project manager of Nowadays I am editor in chief of the domain Articles on TracesOfWar. For this website I also write articles and reviews. My attention is mainly focused on the history of the Holocaust and Nazi Germany. Personal stories about the war also have my interest. Except for TracesOfWar I write for I've also published two books in English. 'War Zone Zoo' is about the Berlin Zoo and the Second World War. 'Christmas under fire, 1944' tells about Christmas during 1944, at the front, at home and in the camps. More information at:

Rik van Velzen Editor-in-chief Persons & Awards

Fedor de Vries Staff Member TracesOfWar

Arjan Vrieze Staff Member TracesOfWar


Simon Armstrong Contributor TracesOfWar

Gerd Van der Auwera Chief editor Articles

Jhonny Bastiaensen Contributor TracesOfWar

Jos Birx Contributor TracesOfWar

Tim van Blerck

Petrus Bolin Contributor TracesOfWar

Randy Brandt Contributor TracesOfWar

Dick de Bruijne Contributor TracesOfWar

Jordi Caballero Contributor TracesOfWar

René ten Dam Chief editor Articles

Since 2005. Interest in war deaths, from different perspectives. Specialized in Dutch funerary heritage, both in the Netherlands and overseas.

Wesley Dankers Author Articles

Samuel de Korte Author Articles

Bert Deelman Contributor TracesOfWar

Bram Dermout Contributor TracesOfWar

Francois Dumas Contributor TracesOfWar

Ever since my father and mother started telling me stories about their life in the war years, I have been interested in WW2. That must have been 1957 or so, only 10 years after it ended. It has been my 'hobby' in various disguises ever since (scale models, books, battlefield visits, photography, museums) and now that I am retired I hope to have a little time to share some of my knowledge. I think history must be kept alive, correct and passed on to future generations, and those who fought for us must remain in our thoughts.

Arjo Eijgelsheim Contributor TracesOfWar

Marieke Feller Translator Articles

Gerrit Hazenberg Contributor TracesOfWar

Bert Heesen Illustrator military maps

Jimmy Hilgen Contributor TracesOfWar

Dagomar Jansen Contributor TracesOfWar

Annabel Junge Reviewer + author Articles

Also writer of articles in magazines, and books. My interesses include WorldWar I up to and including the Cold War with emphasis on World War II.

Stephane Kayser Contributor TracesOfWar

Peter Kimenai Author Articles

Cor Korpel Translator Articles

Vincent Krabbendam Contributor News

Adri Kramer Contributor TracesOfWar

Ruben Krutzen Editor Articles

Marcel Kuster Illustrator military maps

Christian König Contributor TracesOfWar

Jean Labout

Leo G. Lensen Chief editor Articles

Stefan Meekers Contributor TracesOfWar

Dennis de Munck Contributor TracesOfWar

George Möller Chief editor Articles

After my study Dutch language and literature (specialization: seventeenth-century language and literature) I worked for one year as an assistant publisher at Gary Schwartz in Maarssen (publisher of art books). After that I worked for more than twelve years in the printing industry as proofreader and project manager. Subsequently I worked for over 22 years at C&F Report as editor-in-chief and project manager. Retired since May 1, 2020. I am also active as a volunteer at handball club Aristos in Amsterdam and as editor of Handball Inside, the only Dutch handball magazine, that appears four times a year. I am interested in Dutch (art) history and have recently started to try to decipher and read old handwritten manuscripts from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century.

Jeroen Niels Contributor TracesOfWar

Nico Nienhuis Contributor TracesOfWar

Matthias Ouwejan Editor Articles

My interest in WW2 goes way back. My granddad got me into the subject when I was 12 years old and I have developed my knowledge ever since. Between 2009 and 2016 I lead international groups in the summer through former concentrationcamp Bergen Belsen. The trips would take about 10 days in which we dived into different parts of the holocaust history. In 2017 I became author for Traces of War, a platform I love for the amount of information it contains. Writing articles keeps my passion for history alive, after finishing my master degree in history back in 2014 (military history). My key areas of interest are the German side of the war (holocaust and warfare) and personalities (gives a great insight in perceptions and feelings). My articles for tracesofwar focus on those interests, but I also write about specific units like the SAS or British operations in North-Africa. Normally I work as a consultant in digitalisation and help local government organisations to transform into the digital world. My focus is on the human side of change and I help people to understand why change is necessary and how to improve their working culture. In my free time I do voluntary work for 3 other organisations: Wijherdenken (a initiative to bolster commemoration amongst young people, see facebook/instagram), YMCA Nederland (as chief of international relations) and Y Service Club Zwolle (helping student exchange over the world). The rest of my time goes to sports, which I do at least 6 times a week. I love to do survivalrunning, biking, running, calisthenics or climbing and hiking.

Anne Palmer Contributor TracesOfWar

Arnold Palthe Chief editor translations

Roger Paulissen

Evan Pinter Contributor TracesOfWar

Pieter Schlebaum Editor Articles

John Mark Shorack Contributor TracesOfWar

John Smeets Reviewer

Han Smits Reviewer + contributor quiz

Fyodor Telin Contributor TracesOfWar

Gio Theunissen Contributor TracesOfWar

Johan Tjallingii Contributor TracesOfWar

Luuk van Rinsum Reviewer

Barry van Veen Contributor STIWOT Travel

Thijs de Veen Translator Articles

Since the Summer of 2019 I am active as a volunteer for Traces of War. About once per month I translate one or more articles from Dutch to English. Besides the articles below, I've also translated the following interviews: and

Wilco Vermeer Contributor TracesOfWar

I am involved with the websites of STIWOT since 2001 and also with STIWOT as an organisation in several functions. I mainly focus on doing historical research and writing historical articles about these inquiries.

Marie-Christine Vinck Contributor TracesOfWar

Willem Visser Contributor TracesOfWar

Suzan Vrieze Social media manager

Liesbeth Vrieze-Risseeuw Contributor TracesOfWar

Luc van Waeyenberge Contributor TracesOfWar

Christopher Wege Contributor TracesOfWar

Marcel Wijnstok Contributor News

Ed Woertman Contributor Quiz

Jelle Ywema Contributor TracesOfWar

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Henny van Loenen Contributor TracesOfWar

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