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United Kingdom (1801-present, Kingdom)

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Tedder, Arthur William* July 11th, 1890
† July 3rd, 1967

Tunna, Norman* April 29th, 1908
† December 4th, 1970

Acworth, Richard Alvin "Acky"* December 19th, 1916
† March 1st, 1971

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Waby, Edward 10-05-1945 
Waddicor, Albert Edward   
Waddilove, Elijah00-00-189100-02-1954 
Waddington, Frank Ogden00-00-191723-04-2016 
Wade, Michael Mullen 10-05-1945 
Wade, Trevor Sidney "Wimpy"00-00-192003-04-1951 
Wade, William Robert   
Wadeson, Roy Aylmer 00-05-1944 
Wadge, Eric James   
Wagland, Jamed Leslie William04-11-191302-04-2005 
Wagner, Alan Derek 18-07-1944more 
Wain, Cyril David16-08-190630-01-1991 
Waine, Stanley Arthur09-06-1924  
Wainwright, John Alfred   
Wainwright, John Frances Schofield28-11-1921  
Wainwright, Thomas James "Tom"   
Waite, Albert Henry12-01-191802-06-1999 
Wake, St. Aubyn Baldwin01-11-188201-10-1951 
Wakeford, Richard23-07-192127-08-1972 
Wakeham, Philip George25-02-190300-00-1979more 
Wakenshaw, Adam Herbert09-06-191427-06-1942 
Walden, George Percival   
Walden, Leonard   
Waldron, Maurice Victor24-05-1900  
Walenn, Gilbert William "Tim"24-02-191629-03-1944 
Wales, Cyril Archibald21-02-190800-00-1981 
Wales, Jack Bertram08-01-191707-12-1956 
Waley, Sigismund David16-03-188704-01-1962 
Walker, Arnold Edgar "Blondie"04-04-191709-11-2008more 
Walker, Arthur Francis Gregory 03-11-1944 
Walker, Arthur Joseph Samuel   
Walker, Cecil   
Walker, Cephas Percy00-00-190400-00-1972 
Walker, Cowan Dunn   
Walker, Douglas Harvey 15-12-1942 
Walker, Fred29-07-192406-10-2015more 
Walker, Frederick John03-06-189609-07-1944more 
Walker, Henry Gill   
Walker, John Hamilton   
Walker, John Robert   
Walker, Joseph Frederick15-10-189721-08-1966 
Walker, Mary Anne Dorothy "Mary Annie" 00-05-1977 
Walker, Peter Russell00-00-191400-00-1980 
Walker, Reginald Leonard   
Walker, Ronald Arthur 09-07-1944 
Walker, William Horace 02-08-1941 
Walker, William Robert   
Walkup, Henry Ronald Vincent   
Wall, Richard Nap 14-05-1940 
Wallace, David Bruce 24-09-1944 
Wallace, George James   
Wallace, John Henry04-11-1909  
Wallace-Millar, Henry Taylor   
Wallens, Ronald Walter01-02-191614-11-1995 
Waller, James06-09-1911 more 
Waller, Robert Peel00-00-1895  
Wallis, Charles Brian Berry 24-07-1942 
Walsh, Agnes00-00-189600-00-1993 
Walsh, Daniel   
Walsh, John Wilfred 18-01-1943 
Walsham, Arthur Frank17-08-190801-11-2001 
Walter, Peter Challice   
Walters, Ian   
Walters, Stanley Williams   
Walton, Bernard William John   
Walton, Frederick Charles   
Walton, George 10-05-1945 
Walton, William Arundel   
Walton, William George Evans 09-09-1944 
Wan, Lan Sik   
Wanklyn, Malcolm David28-06-191114-04-1942 
Wansborough-Jones, O. A.   
Warburton, Adrian "Warby"10-03-191812-04-1944 
Warburton-Lee, Bernard Armitage13-09-189510-04-1940 
Ward, Ellacott Lyne Stephen22-08-190502-10-1991 
Ward, Frank   
Ward, Hubert Anthony   
Ward, Joshua Alfred   
Ward-Perkins, John Bryan03-02-191228-05-1981 
Warde, Ambrose Harry23-08-192130-07-2011 
Wardener, de, Hugh Edward08-10-191529-09-2013 
Waring, John   
Waring, John "Pongo"   
Warner, Edward18-11-188302-05-1915 
Warner, William Charles   
Warnes, Geoffrey22-10-191422-02-1944 
Warr, Peter Esmond   
Warrack, Graeme Matthew27-06-191313-01-1985 
Warre, John Anthony04-12-1912  
Warren, Charles15-11-191819-10-2005 
Warren, Derek 12-05-1944 
Warren, James Walter 20-02-1944 
Warren, Percy Alfred   
Warren, Thomas Charles   
Warren, William Henry Farrington19-10-187713-04-1918 
Warwick, Harold Frank   
Warwick, James Brown00-00-192119-09-1944 
Waters, Richard Aitken   
Waters, Thomas12-10-191430-09-1955 
Watkin, Cyril Frederick   
Watkins, Robert Talbot13-07-191315-03-1973 
Watkins, Tasker18-11-191809-09-2007more 
Watkins, Thomas   
Watkins, William David Gordon   
Watkins, Winifred "Betty"16-08-1916  
Watkinson, Alfred Henry William   
Watkinson, Charles   
Watson, Alexander00-00-190900-00-1974 
Watson, Anthony  more 
Watson, George 21-02-1945 
Watson, John Bernard Robert14-01-191713-03-2011 
Watson, Joseph Stanley   
Watson, Michael   
Watson, Peter06-07-192110-06-2016 
Watson, Peter Raymond   
Watson, Sir, Daril Gerard17-10-188801-07-1967 
Watson, William   
Watson, William Humphries   
Watson, Wilmer George   
Watt, Angus   
Watts, Clifford30-03-1923  
Watts, Douglas Edward Kitchener23-11-1920  
Watts, Douglas Joseph   
Watts, Eric J.   
Watts, Ernest Miller 29-08-1941 
Watts, Frederick Henry Arthur26-02-192006-08-2007 
Watts, Kenneth John 10-05-1945 
Watts, Philip Guy05-11-192009-08-1961more 
Watts, Sidney Henry Charles 14-07-1943 
Watts-Read, Archibald Martin 13-03-1941 
Waud, Kenneth Leslie   
Wavell, Archibald John Arthur00-00-191624-12-1953 
Wavell, Archibald Percival, 1st Earl Wavell05-05-188324-05-1950more 
Way, Gordon Redvers   
Waylen, Francis Roy 10-07-1943 
Wears, Albert Edward22-10-1897  
Weatherby, John Frederick   
Weatherill, Douglas Alfred 'Punch' 24-06-1944 
Weaver, John Howard   
Weaver, Percy Stevenson 31-08-1940 
Webb, Alfred Denys  more 
Webb, Donald Gerald   
Webb, Geoffrey Fairbank09-05-189817-07-1970 
Webb, George Clifford 14-04-1945 
Webb, George Francis Herbert 02-05-1945 
Webb, Gordon Geoffrey Henry00-04-192000-02-1991more 
Webb, John Francis "Jack"05-02-191705-04-2009 
Webb, Peter J.   
Webb, Richard Henry Lumley25-11-190406-06-1979 
Webb, Thomas James Henson17-02-191520-12-1981 
Webb, Walter John Stanley 04-11-1942 
Webber, Frederick   
Webber, John James "Jim"   
Webster, Alexander   
Webster, Alfred Ambrose   
Webster, Arthur Henry   
Webster, Bertram 00-00-1988more 
Webster, Frederick David 31-03-1942 
Webster, Ronald James   
Webster, Stanley Herbert   
Wedgbury, Ivor Jack 03-06-1944 
Wee Kheng Chiang22-07-189000-00-1978 
Weekes, John Richard Borrodell 16-11-1940 
Weeks, Sidney   
Weir, Adrian John Anthony 28-02-1944 
Weir, Archibald Graham00-00-188601-05-1941 
Weir, Archibald Nigel Charles 07-11-1940 
Welch, William Gordon   
Welchman, Charles Henry 01-09-1940 
Weldon, Aubrey   
Wellard, Ronald Harry   
Weller, Geoffrey Ross 01-09-1940 
Wells, Carrie   
Wells, Richard John 16-03-1942 
Wells, Stanley   
Wellum, Geoffrey Harry Augustus04-08-192118-07-2018 
Welsh, Terence Deane 00-00-1980 
Welsh, William Lawrie10-02-188102-01-1962more 
Wemyss, Henry Colville Barclay26-04-189102-04-1959 
Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, William Thomas George25-05-190421-09-1979 
Were, Charles Stephen18-02-189400-00-1978 
Wesson, Richard Eward 06-01-1944 
West, Gilbert Smith   
West, James Rowland 13-04-1942 
West, Thomas   
West, Violet Dorothy Annie   
West, Wilfred Harold23-08-190005-08-1984more 
Westcott, Federick William Herbert   
Westerden, George Leonard   
Westgate, John Herbert 16-08-1942 
Westlake, George Herbert21-04-191818-01-2006 
Westnutt, Frank Holden   
Weston, Jesse Samuel   
Weston, William Basil03-01-192403-03-1945 
Wharton, Eric Lloyd29-10-1882  
Whateley, Leslie Violet Lucy Evelyn28-01-189904-07-1987 
Whatley, Reginald Thomas   
Wheatley, Dennis Yeats   
Wheatley, Percival Ross 00-01-1988 
Wheaton, Arthur   
Wheeler, Albert Edward 20-03-1943 
Wheeler, Allen Henry00-00-190400-00-1984 
Wheeler, Desmond Edwin Braddon   
Wheeler, James Henry   
Wheeler, Jeffery George   
Whetstone, Lindsay Beckingham22-04-1900  
Whiley, Richard 24-10-1942 
Whistler, Lashmer Gordon "Bolo"03-09-189804-07-1963more 
Whitby, Ronald Augustus Wilson00-00-1914  
White, Albert Angel   
White, Albert Cartledge 16-06-1947 
White, Anthony John00-00-191808-04-1941 
White, Claude Edward   
White, Denis Charles   
White, Edgar   
White, Ernest George   
White, Frank Edward00-00-192021-10-1943 
White, George Frederick00-00-185218-12-1943 
White, Graham Charles Newman15-10-1913  
White, Harold Edward23-05-192325-03-1990 
White, John00-00-191614-06-1941 
White, John Ernest   
White, John Henry 18-11-1943 
White, Leonard 00-00-1995 
White, Raymond Ernest00-00-191718-09-1944 
White, Robert Hamilton   
White, Robert Stirratt 29-06-1943 
White, Thomas Emmanuel00-09-192109-09-2000 
White, Thomas William 18-01-1943 
White, William Henry Allan Reginald   
White, William John 25-05-1944 
Whitehead, Clifford26-04-191504-07-1942 
Whitehouse, Frederick James24-02-1914  
Whitehouse, John "Jack"   
Whitewright, Edmund Ireland04-05-188500-00-1959 
Whitfield, Gordon   
Whitham, Joseph (Joe)08-10-191919-03-1979 
Whitley, William Marriner 22-09-1943 
Whitmee, Brian Andrew Condor   
Whitmore, George William Sheers