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United Kingdom (1801-present, Kingdom)

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Tedder, Arthur William* July 11th, 1890
July 3rd, 1967

Tunna, Norman* April 29th, 1908
December 4th, 1970

Aaron, Arthur Louis* March 5th, 1922
August 14th, 1943
Plot: II Row: B Grave: 3

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Facer, Jack   
Fagan, Leslie William Dudley 22-10-1943 
Fairbairn, Andrew Napier06-11-192113-10-2007 
Fairbank, John Merryn Atkinson   
Falconar, Henry George Richard   
Falconer, George Fettes   
Falconer, Sidney Godfrey 08-05-1944 
Fancy, John "The Mole"09-03-191316-09-2008 
Fane, Charles Neville 21-05-1940 
Fane, Robert Gerald00-00-188215-05-1917 
Fanshawe, George Drew   
Fardell, Geoffrey Charles   
Farenden, Frank James Edward   
Farley, Richard John   
Farley, Walter Ronald24-06-190921-04-1942 
Farmer, John Ernest00-00-192228-09-1943 
Farmer, John Hind12-01-191729-10-2012more 
Farmer, Lewis Frederick George 12-08-1943 
Farmery, Clifford John 21-01-1944 
Farmiloe, Robert Bryce10-05-191915-11-1945 
Farnes, Paul Caswell Powe16-07-191828-01-2020more 
Farnfield, Gilbert Lescombe15-11-190511-11-1961 
Farningham, Alexander Ian   
Farquarson, Douglas Ian   
Farquhar, Gilbert Blackett   
Farr, Alan Samuel   
Farr, John Henry27-04-191324-01-1973 
Farran, Roy Alexander02-01-192101-06-2006more 
Farrar, Thomas Huntley   
Farrell, John   
Farrow, Ernest Charles 13-06-1945 
Farrow, Gordon Ralph   
Farrow, John   
Farry, John   
Farthing, Wiliam John23-04-1914  
Fasson, Francis Anthony Blair "Tony"17-07-191330-10-1942 
Faulkner, Lennox Dane 12-04-1943 
Fautley, Vera Maude Rose   
Fawdry, Edward James   
Fawell, James William   
Faye de Renouf, Edward28-07-188815-09-1972 
Fearn, Neville  more 
Feist, Wallace James 22-01-1947 
Felkin, Samuel Denys18-08-1894  
Feltham, Leonard William15-09-192104-06-2009 
Fenney, George Henry Johnson   
Fenton, George   
Fenton, Harold Arthur09-02-190900-00-1995 
Fenton, Ken18-07-192019-11-1976 
Fenton, Leslie Carter   
Fenton-Livingstone, Robert George   
Fenwick, Ian 07-08-1944more 
Fenwick, Ralph   
Ferguson, Donald   
Ferguson, Robert Forster   
Fergusson, David Balfour   
Fermor, Brian Frederick 00-11-1993more 
Fern, Gilbert Frederick   
Fernandez, Eyel 07-07-1943 
Fernandez, Leslie Percival00-00-191800-00-2009more 
Fernyhough, George William02-10-1916  
Ferrie, William Pat 25-04-1946 
Ferrier, Alexander Mitchell05-09-191800-02-2001 
Ferriss, Henry Michael01-08-191716-08-1940 
Festing, Francis Wogan28-08-190203-08-1976more 
Fey, Phillip Frederick 25-09-1944 
Fidoe, Walter   
Field, Arthur   
Field, Arthur Maurice12-12-1910  
Field, Francis 04-07-1943 
Field, Walter Thomas   
Fielden, Edward Hedley "Mouse"04-12-190308-11-1976 
Filer, Eric William   
Filer, Ernest Francis   
Files, George Edward   
Finbow, E. 12-04-1918 
Finch, Henry Frank   
Finch-Noyes, Anthony Keith Ellis00-00-192000-00-2007 
Finch-Noyes, George Edward Desmond 13-06-1940 
Findlay, Leonard14-11-190514-05-1973 
Findlay, Walter25-03-192020-07-1944more 
Finn, Robert Cyril   
Finney, William   
Firbank, Thomas Joseph13-06-191001-12-2000 
Firth, Charles Leslie21-05-190008-07-1971more 
Firth, John "Jack"17-07-191019-08-2005 
Fischer, Z. 15-10-1945 
Fish, Leonard  more 
Fisher, Anthony George Anson28-06-191508-07-1988 
Fisher, David Sutherland 02-02-1943 
Fisher, Donald Rutherford Dacre00-00-189000-00-1962 
Fisher, Harold Arthur 29-06-1940 
Fisher, Jack 10-05-1945 
Fisher, John   
Fisher, Lionel Ewart00-00-191409-02-1942 
Fisher, Ralph Lindsay18-06-1903  
Fisher, Robert Lucius Cary   
Fisher, William Ernest (Willy)   
Fitch, Isaac John03-10-190325-07-1944 
Fitch, Walter Frederick20-11-189201-11-1918 
Fitchett, Arthur James 23-06-1943 
Fitzgerald, Maurice O'Brien   
Fitzgibbon, Paul Aster22-10-191400-12-1993 
Fitzpatrick, Michael Benedict   
Flack, Leonard John 26-12-1944 
Flanders, John Robert 30-07-1942 
Fleet, Norman Boulton00-00-1916  
Fleming, John Edward   
Fletcher, Edward Corston00-00-190022-08-1918 
Fletcher, Eric David Arnold 23-09-1944 
Fletcher, Robert Stephen Crossley   
Fletcher, Walter Edmund 05-01-1941 
Fletcher, Walter Edward   
Fletcher, William 14-02-1943 
Fletcher, Wyndham John Stapylton05-08-191004-06-2006 
Flood, Thomas   
Flower, Richard Arthur 00-00-1993more 
Floyer-Acland, Arthur Nugent07-09-188518-02-1980 
Flynn, James kevin00-00-191414-04-1941 
Flynn, John   
Foard, Ernest Harry00-00-191525-12-2019 
Foden, Ezra White   
Fogaty, Tom Noel Heywood   
Fokes, Ronald Henry "Ronnie" 12-06-1944 
Foley, Edward John   
Foley, Francis Edward (Frank)24-11-188408-05-1958more 
Foley, Paul Robert30-04-191019-02-1980 
Foot, Reginald Sydney   
Foote, Henry Robert Bowreman05-12-190411-11-1993more 
Forbes, Arthur Patrick H., 9th Earl of Granard10-04-191521-11-1992 
Forbes, Athol Stanhope04-04-191218-08-1981 
Forbes, Frederick Alastair   
Forbes, John William Seivwright 15-03-1942 
Forbes, Roualeyn Duncan Foster 27-04-1959 
Forbes, Sir, Charles Morton22-11-188028-08-1960more 
Forbes-Harriss, Clifford Roy 09-09-1944 
Ford, Douglas18-09-191818-12-1943 
Ford, Frederick George   
Ford, Frederick Ronald 29-04-1943 
Ford, Harrison Peace 13-06-1940 
Ford, Harry George 20-12-1942 
Ford, James01-01-1917  
Ford, Samuel   
Ford, Spencer George 20-05-1940 
Forde, Derek Nigel17-10-191716-01-1979 
Foreman, Arthur 19-11-1943 
Foreman, Arthur Henry 28-10-1944 
Forgan, David Wellington 04-12-1943 
Forrest, Alfred   
Forrester, Michael31-08-191700-10-2006more 
Forrester, Stuart Bruce00-00-192316-04-1945 
Forster, Basil Robert William  more 
Forster, Ivy00-00-190700-06-1997 
Foss, George Henry 20-10-1946 
Foss, Ronald John   
Foster, Charles Frederick   
Foster, Charles William 29-12-1940 
Foster, Clarence William 20-10-1943 
Foster, David Kay00-00-192228-05-1944 
Foster, Edward Barwell30-06-190800-01-1997 
Foster, James Henderson11-11-190406-01-1945 
Foster, Leslie Allan 04-06-1940 
Foster, Nigel Arthur 02-09-1942 
Foster, Ronald Charles11-02-191421-07-2011 
Foster, William Arthur "Arthur"24-06-1916 more 
Foster, William George12-12-188013-09-1942more 
Fothergill, Eric Ritchie03-03-1914 more 
Fotheringham, Charles00-00-192404-04-2016 
Foulkes, Eric Lewis 26-11-1943 
Foulkes, William Allen   
Fountaine, Eadric Clifford29-08-190603-01-1942 
Fovargue, Stephen John25-05-191717-01-1999more 
Fowler, D.   
Fowler, Edmund John Roberts00-00-192220-01-1942 
Fowler, Hedley Nevile "Bill"08-06-191626-03-1944 
Fowler, Leslie Gordon00-00-192215-03-1945 
Fowler, Robert Tom 09-10-1944 
Fowles, Frederick James 00-00-1982 
Fox, Douglas Park 12-06-1943 
Fox, Leslie Owen04-12-190426-12-1982 
Fox, M.L.   
Fox, William   
Foxall, William Graham00-00-1914  
Foxley, Albert Cecil00-00-192022-12-1942 
Foxley-Norris, Christopher Neil16-03-191728-09-2003 
Frampton, Walter James 28-05-1940 
Francis, Eric 31-03-1944 
Francis, John Albert 26-06-1943 
Francis, Norman Lucien07-01-192604-11-2010 
Francis, Robert Harvey   
Francis, William   
Francks, Reginald George Serle   
Frank, Anthony Mutrie02-02-191730-10-2008more 
Frankish, John William   
Franklin, William Henry02-10-191112-12-1940 
Fraser, Archibald   
Fraser, Bruce Austin, 1st Baron of North Cape05-02-188812-02-1981more 
Fraser, David Alexander   
Fraser, Douglas Cecil Andrews   
Fraser, Ian Edward18-12-192001-09-2008more 
Fraser, John Alexander12-02-189629-10-1943 
Fraser, Joseph Frederick00-00-191511-08-1946 
Fraser, Simon Christopher Joseph, 15th Lord Lovat09-07-191116-03-1995more 
Fraser, Walter Ian00-00-191731-05-1944 
Fraser, William Lionel   
Fray, Frederick Clive   
Frazer, Simon Robert Moorsom   
Freeborn, John Connell01-12-191928-08-2010more 
Freel, James Michael   
Freeman, Desmond Clayton 24-09-1944 
Freeman, Lawrence24-11-1923  
Freeman, Raymond Alan00-00-192600-00-2007 
French, Edward George Owen 06-09-1943 
French, Maurice 14-11-1943 
French, Stanley 19-11-1944 
Fricker, Edward G.   
Friendship, Alfred Henry Basil10-06-1919  
Frish, Anthony George03-08-1920  
Frith, Eric Herbert Cockayne   
Frith, Robert Brereton 17-03-1941 
Frith, Robert William00-00-192328-07-2003 
Froggatt, Ernest 21-01-1942 
Frost, Henry Shelmerdine 05-03-1941 
Frost, Ingolf Peter00-00-1925  
Frost, John Dutton "Johnny"31-12-191221-05-1993more 
Frost, Walter James   
Froud, Gordon   
Frow, Brian George06-10-192230-09-2002 
Fry, Arthur Ernest   
Fry, Charles Williams00-00-191213-03-1941 
Fry, John William 26-01-1943 
Fulbrook, Albert Bartholomew   
Fulford, David 02-11-1942 
Fulford, R.   
Fuller, Albert E.   
Fuller, George Robert   
Fullerton, William Arthur 30-05-1942 
Fullthorpe, William Edward   
Fulton, G.K. 18-08-1947 
Fulton, John Duncan Bertie23-07-187611-11-1915