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United Kingdom (1801-present, Kingdom)

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Tedder, Arthur William* July 11th, 1890
July 3rd, 1967

Tunna, Norman* April 29th, 1908
December 4th, 1970

Acworth, Richard Alvin "Acky"* December 19th, 1916
March 1st, 1971

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Rabino, Francis Aloysius   
Rae, Norman Archibald   
Raeside, William 22-11-1943 
Rafferty, Brian Dominc01-09-191929-03-1945 
Raikes, Robert Henry Taunton00-00-188500-00-1953 
Rait, Cecil Malcolm   
Ralph, Leonard   
Rampling, Eric Francis   
Rampling, Kenneth Johnson04-07-191222-03-1944 
Ramsay, Alexander Robert Maule29-05-188108-10-1972more 
Ramsay, Richard   
Ramsay, Sir Bertram Home20-01-188302-01-1945 
Ramsay, William Alexander   
Ramsbotham, Herwald, 1st Viscount Soulbury06-03-188730-01-1971 
Ramsden, Hesketh Adair14-11-189823-04-1940 
Ramsden, Sylvester07-01-1926  
Ramsey, Harold   
Ramshaw, John Richardson   
Randall, Donald Charles 00-00-2001 
Randle, John Neil22-12-191706-05-1944 
Ranger, Geoffrey Harold 16-12-1941 
Rankin, James07-05-1913  
Rankin, John Marquis   
Rankin, Richard Robert Campbell   
Ransford, Clifford Lees   
Ransom, Les05-04-192208-02-2021 
Ransome, Godfrey  more 
Ratcliff, John Hart09-05-1913  
Ratcliff, Leonard Fitch  more 
Rathbone, Reginald Blyth   
Ravenhall-Stickley, Elsie June23-06-190119-01-1984 
Raw, Sydney Moffat19-08-189804-02-1967 
Rawcliffe, William   
Rawlings, Henry Bernard21-05-188930-09-1962more 
Rawlins, Stuart Blundell   
Rawlinson, Eric Wilfred   
Rawnsley, Cecil Frederick "Jimmy"00-00-190412-02-1965more 
Rawson, Trevor Lumb   
Rawstorne, George Streynsham22-01-189515-07-1962more 
Ray, Walter Henry Broke02-05-1899  
Raymond, Cyril William North13-02-189920-03-1973 
Rayner, Sidney George 10-05-1945 
Read, Frederick Herbert   
Read, George Arthur   
Read, Raymond G.   
Reader, Walter John 12-03-1944 
Reay, Horace   
Redfearn, Christopher   
Redfern, Alan Gardiner 12-11-1943 
Redfern, Leslie   
Redford, A.   
Redford, George Hossack04-06-192118-11-1944 
Redhead, Thomas   
Redman, Harold25-08-189900-00-1986 
Redman, Joseph 00-00-1998 
Ree, Harry Alfred15-10-191417-05-1991 
Reed, Charles Phillip   
Reed, Harold00-00-191302-02-1997 
Reed, Henry Herbert00-00-191121-06-1941 
Reed, John (Pioneer Corps)   
Reed, Owen Perceval Elrington13-09-191008-07-1997 
Rees, D.T.   
Rees, Ernest Horace   
Rees, Kenneth James31-03-1924  
Rees, Lionel Wilmot Brabazon31-07-188428-09-1955more 
Rees, Richard Geraint   
Reese, Arthur Leslie09-01-191300-00-1985 
Reeve, John Talbot Wentworth   
Reeves, Peter   
Reffell, John Arthur   
Rehman, Abdur   
Reid, Daniel Craig00-00-192200-00-1999 
Reid, David Wilson00-00-190600-12-1989more 
Reid, George Duguid10-07-192305-04-2008 
Reid, Harry Smith20-04-192114-03-1951 
Reid, John Anthony Mawson   
Reid, Noel 00-00-1968 
Reid, William21-12-192128-11-2001 
Reilly, Thomas29-07-190614-12-2003more 
Reisz, Stephan Rafael "S.Rice"00-00-191420-11-1944 
Reith, John Charles Walsham, 1st Baron Reith20-07-188916-06-1971 
Relhan, Harold Clairmonte   
Rendle, Charles Ernest   
Rennie, John Robertson 20-07-1942 
Rennie, Richard Edwin   
Rennie, Tom Gordon03-01-190024-03-1945 
Renny, Frederick Thomas 30-01-1943 
Renvoize, Ernest James   
Renvoize, Ernest James   
Reynish, Glanvil Owen   
Reynolds, Benjamin Frank 12-12-1943 
Reynolds, Bernard Talbot 31-10-1940 
Reynolds, Edward   
Reynolds, Edward Womersley27-06-191716-12-1955 
Reynolds, Francis Geoffrey   
Reynolds, Jack 22-08-2019more 
Reynolds, Victor James20-07-190609-01-2010 
Rhodes, Christopher George, 3rd Baronet30-04-191422-06-1964 
Rhodes, Kenneth   
Riccomini, James Arthur04-07-191727-03-1945 
Rich, John Charles   
Richards, Alfred Joseph21-06-187921-05-1953 
Richards, Arthur Clifford   
Richards, Brinley Perry22-01-192013-11-1994 
Richards, Frank Alan   
Richards, George Owen21-04-192127-05-2009 
Richards, Terence Richard 28-04-1944 
Richardson, Arthur Tait   
Richardson, Frederick Charles   
Richardson, George Martin   
Richardson, Harold Walter   
Richardson, John Charles   
Richardson, Leonard "Len" 26-11-1945 
Richardson, Thomas Errington 10-05-1945 
Richardson, Thomas Smith   
Riches, Paul00-00-192109-02-1944 
Richey, Paul Henry Mills00-00-191623-02-1989more 
Rickinson, Leslie Arthur26-05-191713-05-1943 
Ridgway, Bernard Allan09-10-191517-10-1985 
Ridgway, Frederick John   
Ridler, Derek Hughes01-09-191600-09-2002 
Rigby, Robert Stacey Marks 15-07-1942 
Rigg, Pearson   
Riley, Albert Thomas 03-01-1943 
Riley, Francis Christopher 12-05-1944 
Riley, Frederick George   
Riley, Michael   
Rippingale, Thomas Woodruff17-09-1914  
Rippon, Thomas Arthur   
Rippon, Thomas Brakespear   
Ritchie, Neil Methuen28-07-189711-12-1983more 
Ritson, Ernest Vivian "Teddy" 20-09-1944 
Rivett, Samuel William   
Roach, Horace Arthur Austin   
Roan, Douglas Thomas30-11-1926  
Robb, Angus   
Robb, Angus Gordon Waddell05-06-1906  
Robb, Frank   
Robb, W.   
Roberts, Albert Edwards 15-03-1944 
Roberts, Alec Wheeler   
Roberts, Arthur James Hart00-00-1916  
Roberts, Charles Douglas  more 
Roberts, David Alwyn   
Roberts, Edward Hatchings   
Roberts, Frank James 21-01-1944 
Roberts, Frederick  more 
Roberts, George   
Roberts, George Philip Bradley "Pip"05-11-190605-11-1997more 
Roberts, Horace George Victor08-05-188702-02-1945 
Roberts, Hugh15-03-1917  
Roberts, Hugh   
Roberts, John   
Roberts, John Stanley   
Roberts, Keith Constantine   
Roberts, Leslie   
Roberts, Peter Scawen Watkinson28-07-191708-12-1979more 
Roberts, Ronald Alex   
Roberts-West, John Raymond 25-11-1941 
Robertson, George   
Robertson, Hector 10-04-1943 
Robertson, Herbert Montague   
Robertson, Ian   
Robertson, Richard24-06-1915  
Robertson, William Albert 26-03-1942 
Robinson, A.G.   
Robinson, Basil Vernon00-00-191223-08-1943 
Robinson, Cecil Gordon Scott   
Robinson, Charles William   
Robinson, Edward   
Robinson, Garner00-00-1921 more 
Robinson, Henry Harold 04-05-1917 
Robinson, Hubert Hedley   
Robinson, James   
Robinson, Matthew06-04-1908  
Robinson, Michael Lister08-05-191710-04-1942more 
Robinson, Richard William 15-08-1944 
Robinson, William   
Robinson, William 23-07-1943 
Robinson, William Holden   
Roche, Lawrence Patrick Redmond   
Rock, William   
Rockey, George Henry James   
Roddam, Thomas20-11-190600-00-1986 
Roddy, Francis Augustus21-09-189115-03-1944 
Roden, George Alan 02-12-1943 
Roderick, John Morgan   
Rodgers, Ian Thomas L.   
Rodier, Mark Fleming   
Roe, Herbert Maurice04-06-191706-05-2014 
Roe, Victor Arthur00-00-192306-03-1945 
Rogers, Francis 03-09-1942 
Rogers, John Gordon 30-05-1940 
Rogers, Maurice Albert Windham17-07-191903-06-1944 
Rogers, Norman Francis   
Rogers, Norman Henry   
Rogerson, John Inshaw 17-08-1944 
Rollinson, John Dudley 29-01-1944 
Rolph-Smith, Desmond Malcolm   
Rolton, Leslie George00-00-192231-07-1944 
Romanes, Alexander Jamieson 13-08-1945 
Romilly, Esmond Marcus David10-06-191830-11-1941 
Ronaldson, Thomas Hugh   
Ronson, H.   
Rooke, David Bedford14-12-1915  
Rooney, Oswald Basil "Mickey"19-11-191611-12-1995 
Roope, Gerard Broadmead13-03-190508-04-1940 
Rooskey, Joseph Andrew05-12-1900  
Roper, Frederick George19-02-190917-03-1993 
Roper, Philip John   
Roper-Curzon, Lord Teynham, Christopher John Henry06-05-189605-05-1972 
Rosa, Husan B.00-00-1891  
Rosam, Edward William George00-00-191131-01-1943 
Rose, Jack18-01-191719-10-2009 
Rose, Leonard Graham   
Rose, Thomas Douglas00-00-191928-09-1944 
Rosenberg, John Noel   
Roseveare, John Couch Adams "Tim"16-02-191400-00-2000 
Rosier, Frederick Ernest13-10-191510-09-1998 
Roskell, William   
Roskill, Stephen Wentworth01-08-190304-11-1982 
Ross, Alister McWilliam   
Ross, Arthur William   
Ross, David Burgess  more 
Ross, James Tennant00-00-192328-10-1944 
Ross, John Graham 01-01-1993 
Rossall, Francis   
Rothschild, de, Edmund Leopold02-01-191617-01-2009 
Rothschild, Derek Dearing00-04-1909  
Rothschild, Nathaniel Mayer Victor, 3rd Baron31-10-191020-03-1990 
Rothwell, John Whiteley 20-03-1945 
Roudledge, John 21-07-1943 
Rowbotham, I.   
Rowden, Diana Hope "Paulette"31-01-191506-07-1944 
Rowe, George   
Rowlands, Cyril   
Rowlands, John Samuel23-09-191504-06-2006 
Rowley, Peter12-07-191800-09-2002 
Rowlinson, Charles Joseph00-00-191400-00-1993 
Roy, Donald William "The Laird"21-01-190831-12-1997