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United Kingdom (1801-present, Kingdom)

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Tedder, Arthur William* July 11th, 1890
† July 3rd, 1967

Tunna, Norman* April 29th, 1908
† December 4th, 1970

Acworth, Richard Alvin "Acky"* December 19th, 1916
† March 1st, 1971

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Labram, Horace Mervin05-11-1902  
Lacey, James Harry "Ginger"01-02-191730-05-1989 
Lacon, Reginald William Beecroft   
Lacoste, Gerald Auguste Charles   
Lacroix, Kenneth Vivian   
Laing, Thomas   
Laing-Meason, Patrick Beverley "Paddy" 28-10-1944 
Lake, Herbert Mallet   
Lake, John Roy   
Lake, Peter Ivan "Basil"30-01-191500-06-2009 
Lake, Roy Cyril   
Lakin, Richard Barklie "Lucky Lakin"08-10-191401-03-2011 
Lakomy, Lena   
Lamb, Edward   
Lamb, Eric George   
Lamb, Leonard Sydney   
Lambert, Dennis Norman   
Lambert, Kenneth James00-00-192028-05-1944 
Lambert, Norman   
Lambert, Roger Uvedale   
Lambert, Ronald Truzwell00-00-190411-12-1984more 
Lamit, Ramasammy   
Lamond, William James Melville "Bill"18-10-191612-01-1985 
Lancashire, Roger W.G.   
Lancaster, Owen Felton   
Land, William Thomas   
Lander, John 13-07-1943 
Landler, Sandor   
Landsdowne, Matthew John   
Lane, Brian John Edward "Sandy"18-06-191713-12-1942 
Lane, Doris Beatrice   
Lane, William Arthur   
Lang, W.   
Langan, Edward   
Langford, Eric Joseph00-00-191300-00-1994 
Langly-Smith, Alec Frederick Collingwood04-06-191225-01-1983 
Langman, Victor Michael16-08-192116-11-2009 
Langran, James Thomas   
Lapper, Kenneth Osborne   
Lappin, John   
Lapraik, John Neilson "Ian"13-09-191515-03-1985more 
Larcher, John George Louis   
Latham, John Macduff09-08-188910-12-1965more 
Lathbury, Gerald William "Legs"14-07-190616-05-1978more 
Latutin, Simmon25-07-191630-12-1944 
Laurence, George 09-11-1944 
Laurie, William08-11-190908-10-1996more 
Laurillard, John Alfred Isaac   
Laver, Percy Frederick 29-04-1943 
Laversuch, Victor24-01-1900  
Law, Henry 18-08-1941 
Lawes, Ernest Arthur19-03-192411-04-1973 
Lawrence, Frank Robert   
Lawrence, Thompson Brook "Tommy"00-04-1879 more 
Lawrie, James Chisholm 26-04-1943 
Laws, Adrian Francis10-08-191230-09-1940 
Laws, Frederick Charles Victor "Daddy"00-00-188700-00-1975 
Lawson, George Maxwell24-02-189400-00-1965 
Lawson, John   
Lawson, John Charles Arthur Digby   
Lay, William Reid   
Laycock, John Ernest   
Laycock, Robert Edward18-04-190710-03-1968 
Laycock, Thomas 10-05-1945 
Layne, Walter Henry "Wally"05-12-1916  
Layton, Geoffrey20-04-188404-09-1964 
Le Bargy, Charles Reginald01-09-189325-10-1980more 
Le Gros Clark, Cyril Drummond20-05-189406-07-1945 
Le Patourel, Herbert Wallace20-06-191604-09-1979more 
Lea, Harold Rodney   
Leach, Alan25-03-192105-01-1945 
Leach, Francis   
Leach, Gilbert Francis00-00-191600-00-1982 
Leach, John Catterall "Jack"01-09-189410-12-1941 
Leach, John Ernest   
Leadbeater, Worrall Reginald23-08-191325-08-1992 
Leah, Emanuel   
Lean, John Trevor16-07-1903  
Leaney, William Edward Frank   
Learoyd, Roderick Alastair Brook05-02-191324-01-1996more 
Leary, David Cooper00-00-192128-12-1940 
Leatham, Ralph03-03-188810-03-1954more 
Leathart, James Anthony05-01-191518-11-1998 
Leather, Frederick Brian   
Leather, Johnson   
Leatherdale, Francis Ridley00-00-192223-03-2016 
Leathers, Frederick James, 1st Viscount Leathers21-11-188319-03-1965 
Leavesley, Eddie08-10-191900-01-1986 
LeConte, Edgar Francis08-03-192004-05-1981 
Lee, Alfred   
Lee, Arthur   
Lee, Christopher Frank Carandini27-05-192207-06-2015more 
Lee, David John   
Lee, Frederick John Ronald Patrick "Fred"   
Lee, Harold Herbert15-02-1915  
Lee, John Stephen Grosvenor 08-02-1944 
Lee, Leonard   
Lee, Richard Hugh Anthony "Dickie"00-00-191718-08-1940 
Lee, Thomas   
Lee-Barber, John16-04-190500-00-1995more 
Leeks, Ronald23-10-192300-10-2006 
Leeves, Peter James00-01-1925  
Leggate, James Reginald30-08-191210-03-1999 
Legge, Brian Pauncefoote05-05-1920 more 
Legge, John Thomas Edward   
Leigh, Arthur Charles   
Leigh, William Alfred   
Leigh-Fermor, Patrick Michael11-02-191510-06-2011 
Leigh-Mallory, Trafford11-07-189214-11-1944more 
Leighton, Robert John Braidwood26-08-192200-00-1996 
Leith, John Wannen Tait   
Leith-MacGregor, Robert23-08-191714-11-2008more 
Leith-Marshall, Baroness Swaythling, Jean Marcia01-08-1908  
Leland, Francis John 12-04-1945 
Lemberger, Chil Jonkiel   
Lemon, Peter Coplestone   
Lennard, Wilfred Arthur  more 
Lenson, George Thomas   
Lesslie, Albert Henry00-04-188603-01-1945 
Letchford, Roger   
Lett, John Joseph07-10-192100-00-1991 
Leven, Henry Richard   
Lever, Francis Sydney21-08-1918  
Levett, Jesse   
Lewin, Charles  more 
Lewin, Edgar Duncan Goodenough09-08-191224-11-1983 
Lewin, Raymond Mayhew14-01-191521-11-1941 
Lewis, David J.   
Lewis, Edgar   
Lewis, Eva   
Lewis, Evan Christopher   
Lewis, Harold James21-06-190900-00-1983 
Lewis, Harold Victor09-09-188700-00-1945 
Lewis, Haydon Roy 23-03-1942 
Lewis, Henry Edward   
Lewis, Hugh H.   
Lewis, John Albert   
Lewis, Kenneth   
Lewis, Kenneth Purdon   
Lewis, Norman 05-05-1947 
Lewis, Norman John27-11-190719-10-1988 
Lewis, Pughe Davies07-08-191206-03-1997 
Lewis, Richard George   
Lewis, Roger Curzon   
Lewis, William Edward Lawley23-11-190804-02-1943 
Lewis, William John   
Leyland, Samuel Joseph   
Liddell, Clive Gerard "Jock"01-05-188309-09-1956more 
Liddell, Ian Oswald19-10-191921-04-1945 
Liddle, Arthur   
Lievesley, Harry   
Lilley, Ernest Thomas   
Lilley, George Thomas   
Lillis, Theodore20-02-1920  
Lilly, Ronald William06-06-1924  
Lim, Lau Chao   
Lim, Tan Bak   
Linde, de, Christen Albert13-07-189500-00-1976 
Linde, Van Der, John Peter 07-10-1944 
Lindley, Kenneth Norman   
Lindsay-Peto, Timothy Clement 24-04-1945 
Lines, Ernest Albert   
Ling, Robert Stanley 28-05-1944 
Linnell, Francis John "Jack"16-03-189203-11-1944more 
Linton, James Edward Fryer07-05-190927-12-1989 
Linton, John Wallace15-10-190523-03-1943 
Lippett, Richard Albert James00-00-1899  
Lipscombe, Ernest George13-05-1914  
Lister, Frederick Wooldridge29-03-1920  
Lister, Hugh Evelyn Jackson15-05-190109-09-1944 
Lister, Norman   
Litchfield, Norman Eric07-04-1914 more 
Lithiby, John Stewart   
Little, Arthur William   
Little, George Allan 07-08-1945 
Little, James Hayward  more 
Little, Robert Herbert 12-11-1943 
Liversidge, William Keith   
Livingstone, James Stuart   
Livock, Arthur Henry Denzel   
Llewellin, John Jestyn, 1st Baron Llewellin06-02-189324-01-1957 
Lloyd, Anthony Bertram 26-09-1944 
Lloyd, Morgan Francis Pryce 13-03-1959 
Lloyd, Roger Exley27-07-1923  
Lloyd, William Eric 14-07-1943 
Lochead, Leslie Leonard12-09-1917  
Lock, Chin Yong   
Lock, Eric Stanley00-00-192003-08-1941 
Lock, Henry George Watts   
Locke, Wilfrid Harry   
Lockett, John Thomas   
Lockett, Peter Joseph 06-06-1944 
Lockey, Norman   
Lockhart, Leslie Keith "Rob"00-00-189700-00-1966more 
Lockhart, William Guy10-06-191628-04-1944 
Loder-Symonds, Rovert Guy01-03-191311-11-1945more 
Lofthouse, Tom23-04-191616-08-1986 
Loftus, Joseph William Edward   
Logan, Frank Alan   
Logan, Robert Ancel   
Lomas, Harry (No. 10 Squadron)   
Lomas, Harry (No. 158 Squadron)   
Lomax, Cyril Ernest Napier00-00-189300-00-1973more 
Londesbro, John William "Jack"08-07-1907  
Long, Donald George00-00-191831-01-1943 
Long, James Leslie Robert "Les Cookie"21-02-191512-04-1944 
Long, Peter Alan   
Long, Thomas Joseph   
Longe, Desmond Evelyn08-08-1914  
Longhurst, Leonard James   
Longley, Rupert Percy   
Longman, Robert Charles   
Longstaff, Robert   
Longton, Denis   
Lonon, Frederick Arthur George   
Lonsdale, Douglas Herbert Scott 03-01-1943 
Lonsdale, Richard Thomas Henry "Dickie"27-12-191323-11-1988 
Lonsdale, Rupert Philip05-05-1905  
Lord, Colin   
Lord, John Cecil   
Lord, John Clifford26-04-190821-01-1968 
Lorimer, John Thornton   
Lorne, Thomas27-06-192124-08-1990 
Losco, Andrew Anthony Vincent 05-04-1945 
Loseby, Sydney   
Louis, Paul Gerald   
Love, Edwin George "Ted"   
Love, Raymond Charles   
Loveday, Douglas Harold00-00-192304-08-1943 
Lovegrove, Hubert   
Lovegrove, William Henry "Bill"   
Loveitt, Raymond Herbert   
Lovell, Anthony Desmond Joseph09-08-191917-08-1945 
Lovell, Derek 02-03-2019more 
Lovell, Horace Godfrey   
Lovell, Peter Wilson00-07-192100-03-1966 
Lovell, Raymond William   
Loveridge, Michael Arthur 10-10-1946 
Loverseed, John Eric04-12-191000-00-1962 
Lovet, Walter Robert 10-05-1945