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United Kingdom (1801-present, Kingdom)

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Tedder, Arthur William* July 11th, 1890
† July 3rd, 1967

Tunna, Norman* April 29th, 1908
† December 4th, 1970

Aaron, Arthur Louis* March 5th, 1922
† August 14th, 1943
Plot: II Row: B Grave: 3

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Pacey, John Eric 24-09-1944 
Packe, Michael St. John21-08-191620-12-1978 
Paddon, Brian24-08-190800-00-1967 
Paddyfoot, S. 05-04-1917 
Pagan, Joseph 10-05-1945 
Page, Allen Geoffrey16-05-192003-08-1980 
Page, Cecil Frank Arthur 18-09-1944 
Page, E.V.   
Page, Ernest Henry John 15-08-1944 
Page, Frederick Menzies 31-01-1943 
Page, Henry   
Page, Michael Stuart "Mike"05-08-191220-09-1944 
Page, Roy David   
Page, Thomas Alfred 13-10-1944 
Paget, Albert Edward S.L.23-05-187902-08-1917 
Paget, Bernard Charles Tolver15-09-188716-02-1961more 
Paice, Peter Reginald 26-11-1943 
Paige, Walter Edward04-02-191701-12-2006 
Pain, Eric John   
Pain, Roland Charles 15-08-1944 
Paine, James Reginald   
Paine, Reginald   
Palfrey, Joseph 23-04-1944 
Palliser, Arthur Francis Eric20-07-189022-02-1956more 
Palmer, Raymond18-03-1923  
Palmer, Robert Anthony Maurice07-07-192023-12-1944 
Pankhurst, Leonard Thomas26-08-190201-12-1996more 
Pantall, Richard William White   
Panter, Frank Henry Thomas05-04-190615-06-2000 
Panter, Stanley Charles   
Paradise, J.T.   
Parbury, Ernest00-00-188000-00-1957 
Parbury, Paul 14-07-1943 
Parish, Ernest George 22-01-2006 
Parish, Graham Leslie29-08-191216-09-1943 
Park, Albert E.   
Park, Frederick George   
Parker, Edward Donald20-05-191016-01-1943 
Parker, Eric William00-00-1921  
Parker, Frank Barry "Sam"05-08-192320-06-2011 
Parker, Hubert Jack 31-01-1942 
Parker, James   
Parker, Kenneth Bruce00-00-191515-10-1940 
Parkes, William John "Bill"00-00-191117-09-1944 
Parkin, Alfred Major 15-09-1942 
Parkin, Austin Bruce Holmes12-08-1911 more 
Parkin, Charles Edwin 26-07-1943 
Parkin, John Henry Devereux22-04-189800-00-1966more 
Parkin, Leslie Hugh William 22-02-1942 
Parkin, William Henry 28-03-1941 
Parks, Frederick Thomas   
Parks, John Thomas   
Parnall, Alan Geach   
Parr, Philip Oliver   
Parr, William   
Parry, Allen James Maule00-00-191620-01-1992 
Parry, Douglas Alfred George 00-00-1999more 
Parry, George Edward Maule 06-06-1944 
Parry, William Edward08-04-189321-08-1972 
Parsloe, Owen Edward   
Parslow, George Charles William 22-06-1943 
Parsonage, Frank   
Parsons, George Alexander 09-10-1944 
Parsons, Ian McNaughton   
Partington, John Claude00-00-192009-06-1941 
Partridge, George Thomas 07-09-1944 
Partridge, Henry Mears00-00-190025-07-1918 
Partridge, John Eely23-03-191401-02-2010 
Partridge, Richard Thomas  more 
Pascall, Douglas Charles   
Pass, Joseph 25-06-1943 
Passco, R.   
Passmore, William Maurice   
Passy, Cyril Wolrich 00-00-1971 
Patchin, Robert Fletcher Squires   
Paterson, Brian "Blinkers"21-03-191912-07-2004 
Paterson, James Alfred16-10-191927-09-1940 
Paterson, James Kinnell00-00-191604-07-1943 
Paterson, Victor Roberton 21-09-1942 
Patey, Leslie Arthur James   
Patilla, Colin Seaton22-04-191910-12-1983 
Patmore, Leslie 04-02-1945 
Paton, Alexander   
Paton, Angus   
Patrice, R. 13-08-1920 
Patrick, George Edward00-00-192104-07-1943 
Patrick, Kenneth Noble Kerr00-02-1915  
Patterson, Charles Elliott Sinclair27-11-191902-03-2008 
Patterson, Gordon Nelson   
Patterson, Ian Norman 21-12-1944 
Patterson, Jack   
Patterson, John Inglis   
Patterson, William Milne 07-06-1944 
Pattison, Cecil   
Patton, George03-06-191412-01-1999 
Pauer, William Lambert00-00-189707-09-1945more 
Paul, Brian Charles 18-11-1943 
Paul, J. 23-12-1917 
Paulin, Meredith Jackson   
Paxton, George Archibald Mackay 14-12-1945 
Paxton, Robert Henry 31-03-1944 
Payne, George Stephen   
Payne, Harry Arthur 20-06-1942 
Payne, Reginald Victor John 02-12-1944 
Payton, Michael   
Payton-Reid, Robert31-07-189701-11-1971 
Peace, Gibson00-00-191613-04-1945 
Peacey, Montague Neville   
Peach, S.G.   
Peachey, Norman Arthur 01-05-1943 
Peacock, Clarence "Lofty"18-11-191008-04-1958more 
Peacock, Edgar Henry William11-02-189800-03-1955 
Peacock, Edwin Cavill   
Peacock, Reginald John00-00-191805-02-1943 
Pearce, Arthur George Edward00-00-192216-02-1942 
Pearce, Charles Frazer   
Pearce, Frederick Laurence09-08-189803-12-1975 
Pearce, Frederick William 25-12-2015 
Pearce, I.V.   
Pearce, John 29-10-1916 
Pearse, Harold Victor01-07-1898 more 
Pearse, Leslie Lewis22-04-1915  
Pearson, Alastair Stevenson "Jock"01-06-191526-03-1996 
Pearson, Arthur   
Pearson, David   
Pearson, Ernest James00-00-1920 more 
Pearson, George   
Pearson, Herbert James05-10-1923  
Pearson, Hubert Ellis 19-09-1944 
Pearson, Joan Daphne Mary26-05-191125-07-2000 
Pearson, John Cyrus 26-07-1944 
Pearson, John George08-06-191800-00-1979 
Pearson, Roderick Percy   
Peauly Gower, de, Pauline Mary22-07-191002-03-1947 
Pedley, Michael George Foster   
Peel, John Michael Murant   
Peel, Nicholas Richard 24-11-1941 
Peel, Stanley N.   
Peglar, Stanley Wilfred   
Pegram, Frank Henderson "Rammer"25-02-189008-03-1944 
Peile, George Howard   
Peirse, Richard Edmund Charles30-09-189205-08-1970more 
Pelly-Fry, James Ernest22-11-191106-12-1994 
Pemberton, David Alwyne 03-11-1940 
Pendrill, George Edward Alfred 18-12-1941 
Peng, Lee Shin   
Penman, David Jackson14-10-191927-11-2004 
Penman, James Honeyman 31-07-1972 
Penman, Maurice   
Penman, William Mitchell 03-10-1943 
Penney, William Ronald Campbell "Ronny"16-05-189603-12-1964more 
Pennington, David   
Pennington, Denis Arthur03-03-192131-12-1995 
Pennington, John Ray 13-01-1943 
Penrose, Alan   
Pepper, Neville Ernest Wetherell 03-06-1941 
Peppiatt, (since:1941; Sir) Kennet   
Peppiette, Paul Charles 06-03-1945 
Percival, Arthur Ernest26-12-188731-01-1966more 
Perkins, Albert Sydney 27-08-1944 
Perkins, Richard Marshall   
Perkins, Ronald Percy David   
Perrett, Harold William   
Perrin, Ronald James 03-08-1943 
Perrin-Brown, Christopher14-10-191703-03-1995 
Perring, Charles   
Perry, David Lionel   
Perry, Douglas William 13-04-1943 
Perry, George Isaac Charles   
Perry, Richard C.   
Perry, William Henry 20-09-1944 
Persse, Sydney Henry 14-07-1945 
Peterkin, Claude Hamilton 18-10-1940 
Peterkin, William Alexander   
Peters, O. 09-04-1917 
Peters, R.N.   
Pethick, Arthur Frank 28-02-2002 
Petrie, Christopher Henry18-04-1889 more 
Petrie, Thomas Parker 00-00-1974 
Petrie-Andrews, John Rushbrooke   
Pettit, Cedric Charles   
Pettit, Edward Ronald26-09-190904-08-1944 
Pettman, Albert Richard   
Petty, Roy Charles 26-11-1944 
Peulevé, Henri Leonard Thomas "Harry"29-01-191620-03-1963 
Peveler, Donald   
Philby, Harold Adrian Russell "Kim"01-01-191211-05-1988 
Philips, Richard Hanning14-02-190429-01-1998 
Phillips, A.D.   
Phillips, Charles Douglas 23-07-1941 
Phillips, Eric John   
Phillips, George Chesterman05-10-1904  
Phillips, George Haddon   
Phillips, James William Bristowe   
Phillips, John Douglas00-00-192212-12-1943 
Phillips, Peter Ashley 05-03-1944 
Phillips, Sidney Albert   
Phillips, Stuart William07-08-1913 more 
Phillips, Thomas G.   
Phillips, Thomas Spencer Vaughan "Tom Thumb"19-02-188810-12-1941 
Phillips, William00-00-191710-01-2012 
Phillips, William John Henry08-07-1905  
Philp, Richard Thomas00-00-192115-08-1941 
Philpot, Oliver Lawrence Spurling06-03-191306-05-1993 
Phipps, A. 26-03-1915 
Phipps, Desmond Ivor   
Phipps, George Thomas 10-05-1945 
Pickard, Percy Charles16-05-191518-02-1944 
Pickard, Stanley Gilbert   
Pickering, Arnold05-09-191800-06-1988 
Pidduck, Dennis Frederick07-10-192424-09-1944 
Pierce, Claude Anthony de Mowbray Romile   
Piercy, E.   
Pike, David Ivor   
Pike, Seymour Charles "Peter"   
Pike, William Jordan 15-11-1942 
Pikesley, Richard   
Pilbro, Alexander Charles   
Pilgrem, A.F.   
Pilkington, Eric Ernest16-09-1923  
Piller, Reginald William George   
Pilley, John Herbert 08-12-1941 
Pim, Anthony Stanley Mortimer 23-01-1945 
Pinder, Harold Senhouse21-04-188920-12-1974more 
Pinder, Thomas Arthur   
Pine-Coffin, Richard Geoffrey "Wooden Box"02-12-190828-02-1974more 
Pinkerton, George Cannon11-06-1909  
Pinkham, Phillip Campbell00-00-191505-09-1940 
Pinkney, George15-06-190200-09-1990 
Pinniger, John Bertram   
Piper, Arthur Howard "Peter"00-00-1916 more 
Pipkin, Leonard Charles   
Pippin, Thomas George   
Pirie, Donald Anthony   
Pirie, William Taylor   
Pitcher, Ernest Herbert (James)31-12-188810-02-1946more 
Pithers, James Daymen   
Pitt, Henry 25-06-1940 
Pitt-Hardacre, Barbara   
Pitt-Hardacre, Cecil12-03-1900