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United Kingdom (1801-present, Kingdom)

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Tedder, Arthur William* July 11th, 1890
July 3rd, 1967

Tunna, Norman* April 29th, 1908
December 4th, 1970

Aaron, Arthur Louis* March 5th, 1922
August 14th, 1943
Plot: II Row: B Grave: 3

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Nadauld, Kenneth Stanley   
Naden, John Wilfred 26-07-1942 
Nagley, Sidney 07-06-1945 
Nairne, Alexander Barclay28-11-1919  
Naish, Bernard Cyril22-06-1924  
Napier, Arthur Edward 14-08-1944 
Napier, Charles Scott00-00-189900-00-1946 
Napier, Douglas   
Napier, Sir, Trevylyan Dacres Willes19-04-186730-07-1920more 
Nash, Edgar Shepherd Stow   
Nash, Harold 03-08-1943 
Nash, James Harry 06-06-1944 
Nash, Leslie Philip 04-06-1940 
Nason, Claude Fortescue23-02-1904  
Naylor, Benjamin William   
Naylor, T.C.   
Neal, Albert   
Neal, W.   
Neale, John Alfred   
Neale, Peter Walter James 00-00-1999 
Neall, Alfred George "Peter"28-05-188725-12-1965 
Neame, Douglas Mortimer Lewis09-10-190113-06-1988 
Nearne, Eileen Mary "Didi"16-03-192102-09-2010 
Neave, Airey Middleton Sheffield23-01-191630-03-1979more 
Needham, Thomas Ernest 07-01-1941 
Neil, Thomas Francis14-07-192011-07-2018 
Neill, William "Jock" 00-00-1984 
Neilson, Ian Alan   
Nelson, Eric 03-06-1944 
Nelson, George19-05-1901  
Nelson, John Edward Toole21-05-1902  
Nelson, Tom John 22-09-1943 
Nelson, Wilfred 28-03-1943 
Neres, Raymond Philip Pelham   
Neumann, de, Bernard Peter18-09-191716-09-1972more 
Neville, Arthur John   
Neville, Charles Robertson19-09-191910-01-2002 
Newbery, John Desaguliers22-03-1924  
Newbold, Leonard John   
Newboult, Ronald 23-09-1944 
Newby, Albert John   
Newby, Horace 10-05-1945 
Newby, John Edward   
Newell, Geoffrey William 12-01-1943 
Newgass, Harold Reginald03-08-189617-11-1984 
Newitt, Dudley Maurice28-04-189414-03-1980 
Newland, Albert Edgar 15-01-1973 
Newland, Francis Herbert   
Newlands, Eric Henry   
Newman, Augustus Charles19-08-190426-04-1972more 
Newman, Harold   
Newman, Isidore "Julien"26-01-191607-09-1944 
Newman, Mary Sible Joyce   
Newman, Sidney   
Newman, William James   
Newnham, Lanceray Arthur03-08-188918-12-1943more 
Newsam, Eric 08-10-1944 
Newsom, Fredrick George   
Newton, Edgar Bean12-03-191712-11-1999 
Newton, Ferris Arthur00-00-191200-00-1985 
Newton, Harold John Anthony 29-04-1943 
Newton, Robert Buckley   
Niblock, James 18-07-1944 
Nicholas, William   
Nicholls, Arthur Frederick Crane08-02-191111-02-1944 
Nicholls, E.   
Nicholls, Frederick William27-05-188900-00-1974 
Nicholls, Harry21-04-191811-09-1975 
Nichols, Charles Alfred Godfrey01-10-1898  
Nichols, Douglas Owen 14-11-1944 
Nichols, George Edward Teasdale   
Nicholson, Edward   
Nicholson, George William 09-03-1942 
Nicholson, Lawrence "Nick"03-01-1925  
Nicholson, N.   
Nicholson, Randolph Stewart Gresham16-12-189228-07-1975more 
Nicholson, William Emerson   
Nicol, James Lauder00-00-191419-08-1941 
Nicolay, Edward Christian Frederic15-02-190706-12-1941 
Nicolson, Eric James Brindley29-04-191702-05-1945more 
Nicolson, Hugh St. Lawrence  more 
Nightall, James William20-05-192202-06-1944 
Nightingale, Florence12-05-182013-08-1910 
Niven, James David Graham01-03-191029-07-1983 
Nixon, Guy Brinsley 21-03-1945 
Nixon, Thomas Reginald 20-02-1944 
Noble, Alexander   
Noble, Mervyn Barnaby 29-06-1943 
Noble, Thomas "Tommy"   
Nock, Neville Robert   
Nodes, Horace Stanley   
Nolan, Michael John   
Norcock, Reginald 16-02-1944 
Norman, Alfred Godfrey Blake   
Norman, Frederick George00-00-1910  
Norman, Gilbert Maurice07-04-191506-09-1944 
Norman, Mark Richard   
Norman, Montagu Collet 1st Baron of St Clere06-09-187104-02-1950 
Norman, William James 11-12-1940 
Norris, James William 16-11-2009 
Norris, John Sydney Lapage   
Norriss, Leo   
North, Bernard Alexander   
North, Richard Martin   
North-Lewis,Christopher David "Kit"13-03-191825-03-2008more 
Northcote-Green, Roger   
Northey, Francis Philip00-00-192210-04-2007 
Northover, Dudley Leonard 11-04-1944 
Nott, Keith D'Ombrain 08-06-1940 
Novis, Anthony Leslie22-09-190602-11-1997 
Nowell, Gareth Leofric16-08-1912  
Nunn, Ronald 10-06-1944 
Nuttal, James Horrobin 12-10-1944 
Nuttall, Squire 00-03-1991 
Nyman, Hugo Oscar01-01-1924