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United Kingdom (1801-present, Kingdom)

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Tedder, Arthur William* July 11th, 1890
† July 3rd, 1967

Tunna, Norman* April 29th, 1908
† December 4th, 1970

Aaron, Arthur Louis* March 5th, 1922
† August 14th, 1943
Plot: II Row: B Grave: 3

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
O'Sullivan, Patrick   
O'Brien, Joseph Somerton09-04-191207-09-1940 
O'Brien, Patrick   
O'Conner, Edward00-00-1923  
O'Connor, David   
O'Connor, Edward00-00-1923  
O'Donnell, John 26-11-1944 
O'Donnell, P   
O'Donoghue, Charles00-00-191401-04-1943 
O'Driscoll, Finan18-07-191616-01-1942 
O'Flaherty, Laurence James   
O'Grady, Arthur Edward   
O'Hare, Patrick John   
O'Leary, Arthur Alexander04-01-192121-04-1987 
O'Meara, James Joseph20-02-191904-06-1974more 
O'Neill, Bernard William 08-05-1945 
O'Neill, Hugh Francis 'Peggy'00-00-1920 more 
O'Neill, James   
O'Neill, John Joseph   
O'Sullivan, D. 23-04-1918 
O'Sullivan, Hugh Barry 00-07-1956 
Oakes, Arthur Stanley00-00-192025-01-1943 
Oakes, Eric Raymond   
Oatts, John Douglas 26-11-1941 
Obeney, Edward Charles 10-05-1945 
Odd, Ronald William   
Odell, Edward Nelson   
Odgers, Sydney Edward  more 
Ogburn, Eric Frank 15-12-1946 
Ogilvie, Donald Gordon03-11-191613-06-1943 
Ogilvie, Patrick Bruce Bine14-01-191011-12-1944 
Ogilvy, Charles Alexander "Alastair"30-11-191523-02-1995 
Oldham, Douglas Edward   
Oldham, Jack Cocker   
Oldman, Harold 10-08-1945 
Oliphant, Thomas Arthur Hood 13-08-1950 
Olivant, Cecil Herbert22-07-190127-08-1941 
Olivant, Richard John07-12-188719-06-1981more 
Oliver, Claude Danolds29-12-190327-09-1987 
Oliver, Donald Charles 24-05-1943 
Oliver, Frederick Emmanuel19-08-192425-11-1968 
Oliver, Geoffrey Nigel22-01-189826-05-1980more 
Oliver, George William00-00-1904  
Oliver, George William RAF   
Oliver, William Padfield   
Olver, Harry Vernon18-03-189225-08-1943 
Olver, Peter   
Onion, Samuel29-06-191310-05-1945 
Onslow, Richard George00-00-190416-12-1975 
Oram, Harry Percy Kendall23-10-189400-11-1988 
Oram, William Philip 04-10-1946 
Ord, Robert Edward16-09-191705-09-2004 
Orme, Alan Bert 24-05-1943 
Ormiston, Frederick   
Orpen, Walter David 22-03-1942 
Orr, Cecil William Bannon   
Orr, Hubert Gerald 25-09-1944 
Orr, Matthew 08-01-1945 
Orr, Stanley Gordon28-09-191611-08-2003 
Orton, Newell "Fanny"00-00-191517-09-1941 
Orwin, Peter Francis Barclay 18-08-1941 
Osborne, Gordon   
Osborne, Lionel Russell   
Osborne, Vincent Arthur   
Oswick, John Roger Gunston26-11-192126-08-2016 
Ottewill, Peter Guy 00-00-2003 
Otway, Terence Brandram Hastings15-06-191423-07-2006 
Outfin, Richard Malherbe00-00-190829-04-1944 
Ouvry, John Garnault Delahaize   
Ovans, Michael Edward00-00-1911  
Overton, Frederick   
Owen, Brian John Francis23-08-192215-10-1992 
Owen, Charles Maxwell   
Owen, Derek Edward 04-10-1946 
Owen, John Griffith 13-10-1943 
Owen, Richard Middleton00-00-191929-04-1942 
Owen, Sidney Edward 28-10-1944 
Owen, William 27-10-1944 
Owen, William 26-06-1942 
Owen, William Aston   
Oxborrow, John Edgar Percival09-01-192212-09-1944 
Oxley, Leonard Ernest   
Oxspring, Robert Wardlow "Oxo"22-05-191908-08-1989more 
O´Neill, James Joseph 05-05-1943